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Case Study For Student Analysis Essay

Properly planned recruitment and selection procedures result to attraction of competent, motivated and qualified workforce.  To have an effective running of an organization, it is critical that the best selection takes place.  A detailed process is used to evaluate the best of all. Without following such a process, one may end up with an unqualified, confused and unmotivated labor force.  Enough detail should be provided to trainees so that they can be acquainted to the processes and operations that take place in an organization.  An organization can acquire competent personnel but the manner in which the induction is carried out can be unsatisfactory and give a bad reputation to an organization.

A recruitment effort can be done to help relieve a workload but various aspects need to be put into considerations. The initial advertisement, selection and induction play a major role to acquire and maintain a good person in the organization.

The central problem that results is waste of resources and funds that are directed towards the process.  It is therefore necessary that a recruitment team needs to be competent, efficient and keen on following the laid down procedure. Without such good coordination, it can result to frustrating the management as well

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the employees.

It is a frustrating event when you have delegated duties to one of the supervisors, trusting that he/she would carry out the duty properly and the end result is unsatisfactory. As a senior, one is left wondering what would have led to such an outcome.  A thorough insight of the process that took place, gives a picture of what may have gone wrong.  As a general practice, an organization can be effective in acquiring and maintaining the staff numbers and hence lead to identifying a most effective method of doing it.

Induction as a stage in recruitment covers the process through which an employee is taken up into work.  An induction process will include an introduction of the new people to the area, colleagues, equipment, and this may also require an introduction to the management staff and immediate supervisors. An elaborate process will help the individual to be oriented to all relevant officers, departments and other important facilities that one may be in need of. This will adequately avoid being stranded, and build confidence and relaxed or conducive environment for a recruit.

It is necessary to learn of the organization’s culture and therefore a provision of a policy booklet should be made.  This equips one with important information on their practices, aims, missions and objectives.  One gets to know of the terms and conditions that go with the signing of the contract. The rules and regulations are made known and this enhances discipline and good relationship at the workplace.

A human resource manager should put aside funds for training of employees. This is important and can be on the job or off the job.  Time-offs to attend conferences, demonstration, moral support as well as financial support motivates these. Members are sponsored to attend training sessions and this improves an organization’s productivity and potential.

A selection process that needs a drug tests for example, is very relevant to acquiring a good candidate. Normally drug-related issues have been witnessed in the past and a thorough approach to full examinations is of critical concern. The output of a trainee under the influence of drugs may not be the same as that of those who do not take the drugs.  If drug screen were considered, omitting such a process would compromise acquiring the right individuals.

Without complete details in the application forms, it may not be possible to learn maximum details about applicants.  This therefore, does not meet the specifications that are needed.  It therefore compromises the general qualification of such applicants. Relevant details that are found missing may not give a good implication about the person and should be disqualified.

Proper administration should also do good follow-up on the performance and execution of duties.  The misuse of rooms allocated for a specific activity should be discouraged and this would translate to indiscipline and non-conformance. Areas set aside for an activity such as training for orientation should be strictly as allocated and the procedures that take place there in should be professionally done.

An organization with the most effective recruiting strategies offer candidates high quality options which include a potential for advancement and builds a good reputation and corporate culture.  Behavior based interviews, training and experience evaluations, ability tests, biographical data, and motivational fit inventories are in use in many organizations.  To experience higher business outcomes and employee outcomes the management should try to met the needs of their employees.

There are contributing factors to insufficient and improper recruitment, selection, and induction processes. Firstly the recruiters have failed to critically understand the need to follow the procedure of attracting, and acquiring a qualified candidate.  This has been as a result of training on the recruiters so that they are skilled on carry out the task.

Management has also failed in some areas on the performance of their supervisors and recruiters.  They should be keen to follow recruitment sessions to identify areas of non-performance and laxity at work.

A failure of an elaborate indication procedure may de-motivate a trainee and hence the environment may still appear strange and unfriendly.

Where the basic process is compromised, time is wasted and resources go into the drain.  The costs of advertising, recruiting and reviewing of application forms is time and money consuming and requires good management.  If the manner in which the selection takes place is not adhered to it looses its meaning and leads to frustration on the management.  Besides the loss incurred by such mischief, the organization concentrates its energies on the recruitments and this takes their time which would otherwise have been used on administrative duties.  Neglecting or ignoring key areas of recruitment can lead to acquiring unqualified, incompetent and unreliable persons.  This would translate to low productivity; low quality and the organization may incur great losses.

Without giving recruits a policy booklet, they are not able to learn important details about culture and practices in the organization.  They are also denied the freedom to know of the rules and regulations, terms and conditions and rights as an employee in the organization.  If this is not circulated, their confidence is not enhanced and they are without the know-how about the activities that take place in the organizations.

To avoid extra expenses in an organization well-trained and competent recruiters should be sought.  They should be able to conduct the process in a systematic and fair manner.  Their major concentration on the different areas of concern about job description, job specification and personal specifications should be analyzed effectively.

It should be the responsibility of the management to ensure that candidates have the policy booklets or that they have assigned departmental head to even go through it with the candidate.  This would go a long way in letting them know of detailed information about the organization.  The information therein helps them get along well & be confident about the organization.

The basic process requires good planning and will require advanced arrangement for selecting, induction & training.  When these processes are taken with great seriousness, it has a positive influence of growth and productivity of the organization.  As an example, where recruits are taken through an orientation and induction process, they are able to learn about various sections of the organization, tearooms, lavatories as well as organizational behavior, and culture as a whole.

It is therefore necessary that recruitment and selection procedures are competent and this will help choose the right candidate to an organization. It also ensures that the organization complies with the employment legislation.


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