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Case Study Management of an Oncology Unit

How should Ms. Lo Respond?
I need you to find the reports as quickly as possible.
Which action should the charge nurse implement in response to this information?
Contact the healthcare provider immediately to report the lab test results verbally.
What is the best response by the charge nurse?
You may obtain data from the charts until the staff nurse assigned to your client has time to give report.
A PN may be assigned to care for a client with which nursing diagnosis?
Impaired physical mobility related to arthritis.
Which of the clients experiencing pain management problem is the most appropriate assignment for the PN?
Complaining of constipation after using opioid analgesics for 1 week.
What actions should Ms. Lo implement first?
Observe the suspected abuser’s behavior to confirm the nurse’s suspicions.
How should Ms. Lo respond?
Random drug testing protects all the staff and clients from unsafe practice.
Which client care assignment makes use of this nurse’s expertise?
Monitor a client with thrombocytopenia receiving platelets.
Which client should be assigned to the RN rather than the PN?
Unwilling to observe his new ileostomy stoma and pouch.
Which client care activity should be assigned to the PN from the float pool?
Provide postmortem care.
What action should the charge nurse implement?
Review the tasks assigned to the UAP to help determine priorities.
How should Ms. Lo respond?
Allow the student to assist the PN with postmortem care, but remind him that the UAP may not delegate client care.
Which task can be delegated to the UAP who is assisting the nurse in the performance of tracheostomy care?
Apply the oxygen mask over the tracheostomy.
What action should Ms. Lo implement?
Return to the client’s room with the student and explain the meaning of the DNR status to the client.
After speaking with the client about the change in DNR status, what action should the charge nurse initiate first?
Notify the healthcare provider of the client’s wishes.
What action should the charge nurse implement first?
Page the emergency response team.
Which instruction is most important to emphasize with the primary RN caring for the client?
Perform circulation checks every 15 minutes and report any changes.
What management error has just occurred?
The RN delegated care to the UAP which should have been performed by the RN.
Which action should Ms. Lo take first?
Assign a RN to assess a newly admitted client diagnosed with brain cancer.
What action by the charge nurse has the greatest priority?
Advise the primary nurse that a new admission will be arriving shortly.
With whom should Ms. Lo collaborate to revise the nursing plan of care for this man’s mother?
The hospital chaplain.
Which action should the charge nurse implement?
Provide a list of hospices that are available in the area.
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