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Why do economists describe the US economy as a mixed-market economy?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Market economy implies free entrepreneurship, a critical role of the market in the regulation of economic relations, and minimal state interference in business activity. Private property has a significant impact on factors of production in the USA. However, the role of the state remains substantial in the economic life of the …

Which investment type typically carries the least risk?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill Precious metals, real estate, antiques and government bonds are among material values that do not lose their expense over time and therefore are reliable for investment. They hold capital, but do not multiply it. Reliability and high return on investment at the same time are unlikely, so it is worth to …

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What does off-market mean in real estate listings?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Off market in real estate contains not provided in open access offers for the sale of realty. This type of trade was formed as a result of seller’s desire to maintain confidentiality in the sale of the dwelling, usually elite. It is almost impossible for buyers to find such offers without …

What did large southern plantations depend upon for a successful economy?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill The economy of plantations was based on the export of crops, so its success depended on many factors, such as established export links and productivity of the land. Southern plantations also existed at the expense of not paid slave work; that was the reason why Southern states were against the abolition …

”The freer the market, the freer the people.” Do you agree or disagree?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell A free market implies minimal state interference, so prices are determined by demand. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Product quality is a key factor in competitiveness, and manufacturers have to innovate for adapting to customers’ preferences. The free market makes the shortage of goods impossible because demand creates supply. On …

What are the first steps in the marketing research phase for a startup?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill The first step in the marketing research process is to determine the type of business and target audience expectations, and study the situation on the market. Then you have to collect information about competitors, their position in the industry, and customers’ needs that are not met. Analysis of these data will …

How to count money fast?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Sort all the notes in according to their denomination, then count all the banknotes of the same denomination and multiply the quantity by the cost. Do this with all the notes and then add the received numbers. In order to count change in head fast, you need to practice every day.

How long do you have to get insurance after buying a used car?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill Your car must be insured when you are driving, but you cannot buy insurance if you do not own a vehicle. In some states, laws concerning driving are more lenient, and you can drive without insurance after the purchase of a car for some time, but think about whether you should …

How long does economy shipping take?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Economy shipping does not necessarily mean that you have to wait for your order for a long time; everything depends on what is to be delivered and the distance between the point of departure and the point of delivery. Under favorable conditions, it takes several days but usually a week or …

What are 3 economic questions?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill Economics has three questions that reflect the choice of the most effective option for the distribution of manufacturing factors. The first of them is what should be produced? It means that producer has to determine which goods and in what quantity is demanded. The second question is how it should be …

What was the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell In 1787, considering adoption of a new constitution, there was a need to achieve certain compromises to avoid disagreements between states. The North states stayed ahead of the South in terms of industry development; they insisted upon taxation on imports and exports in order to prevent competition from the southern states. …

How is economic growth measured?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill The most common way of economic growth measuring is to evaluate it as a final characteristic of the national economy for certain period, measured either by growth rates of real GDP or by the rate of GDP growth per capita. Why is economic growth important? Economic growth is an indicator of …

Which education level has the highest return on investment (ROI)?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Return on investment is one of the most important factors in choosing an educational institution, besides abilities and preferences. With a rational calculation, you can determine what amount of money expenses you have to deal with and if you are going to take a loan, how quickly it will be possible …

Which best explains how contractionary policies can hamper economic growth?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill The adoption of the fiscal policy by a government depends on the economic state of the country and, accordingly, on ways to balance the economy. Expansionary policy is applied in the period of the economic recession; in order to increase GDP, the government reduces taxes and increases government spending and transfer …

What would happen if currency in all countries had fewer denominations?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell In this case, the variety of currencies and exchange rate would be unavailing, and only one currency could be entered. The monetary policy of all states would be interconnected, and if countries implement it independently, denominations in countries will become different, so such a phenomenon could be very short-lived.

What is economy shipping?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill Economy shipping means the cheapest option of transportation, which is chosen by a company at the expense of time in order to save money. This type of haulage is justified only in several cases; usually, it is used by newly emerged business, or companies that are experiencing a period of crisis, …

How to cancel Progressive Insurance online?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell It is possible to cancel Progressive Insurance in several ways, such as visit your insurance agent’s office and gain the assistance of an expert, call the company, or cancel online. Many customers choose the last option, as it implies no direct contact with people. You need to have car insurance policy …

How do YouTube gaming channels get money?

Answered by Jacquelline Hill Apparently, everybody wants to make money with the favorite business, but what if your hobby is to play games, which seems to be an unprofitable occupation? One of the most obvious ways for getting earnings is to create your own YouTube gaming channel. Then a logical question arises – how much …

How does a TV show make money?

Answered by Catherine Caldwell Everybody knows how movies get profit, but the question how do TV shows make money? still is confusing for many people, because sometimes shooting of series could be very expensive while we are able to watch it for free. Let’s try to recreate the way of money receipt to the TV …

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