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CGS2100 Exam 1

The ___ is a worldwide collection of computer networks that allows people to communicate and exchange information quickly and easily
Sell or advertise and communicate
Bussiness’ use the WWW to ___
All of the following are created using these programming languages
Web Server
Web pages are stored on a ____
____ networks use radio frequency signals to transmit data between individual computers and devices that are physically connected to a network.
Search ____ search the Web for the words or expressions you enter as search criteria.
Internet Explorer
Bing is a product of ____.
A URL’s ____ is a standardized procedure the computers use to exchange data.
____ and ____ are two of the most common protocols used on the Internet.
IP address
A(n) ____ is a unique number that identifies the server or computer connected to the Internet.
address box
To display a specific Web page, you can enter its URL in the ____.
____ images are miniature pictures of all open tabs in your Web browser.
The ___ is an Internet Explorer feature that you can use to store and organize a list of Web pages you want to revisit and keep available.
Personal Computer
The term “PC” refers to computers that ____.
Architecture or Configuration
The design and construction of the hardware of a particular computer is referred to as its ____.
Binary digits
A computer interprets every signal as either “on” or “off, ” using numbers known as ____.
The ____ system translates the decimal numbers 0-255 into binary data representing a letter or character on the keyboard.
____ are instructions to a computer on how to process data.
The ____ is mounted on the motherboard and is responsible for executing instructions to process data.
____ are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard.
BIOS(Basic input/output system)
____ is the set of instructions that tells a computer to initialize the motherboard, how to recognize devices connected to the computer, and to start the boot process.
____ changes every time you add or remove hardware; therefore, it is often referred to as semipermanent memory.
A(n) ____ file contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task
Hard Disk
The most common magnetic storage device is the ____.
Your computer needs ____ devices to accomplish input and output functions.
Most flat panel monitors use ____ technology.
A monitor is a(n) ____ device
The most popular printers for business use are ____ printers.
Comp. Recognizes&use immediately
When you plug a USB connector into a USB port, ____.
The ____ is a strip that contains buttons to give you quick access to common tools and running programs.
Recycling Bin
The ____ holds deleted items until you remove them permanently.
The ____ displays icons corresponding to services running in the background on your computer.
The term ____ refers to applications that a computer uses to complete tasks.
Pointing Device/Mouse
To interact with objects on your desktop, you use a ____.
Screen Tip
When you point to icons on the taskbar, a(n) ____ displays to tell you the name or purpose of the object.
A ____ is a group or list of commands
A(n) ____ is a container that helps to organize the contents of your computer.
A(n) ____ is a collection of data that has a name and is stored on a computer
Removable Mediums are….
A computer distinguishes one drive from another by assigning each a drive ____.
The hard disk is usually assigned to drive ____.
To select files that are listed together in a window, click the first file in the list, hold down the ____ key, and
then click the last file in the list.
To select files that are not listed together, click one file, hold down the ____ key, and then click the other
Which character separates the main part of a filename from the extension?
When you ____ a file, you create an uncompressed copy of the file in a folder you specify

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