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Ch. 14 Business practice test

____ the primary focus of social media
people are
the most cited reason for using social media is
to stay in touch with family and friends
David has been referred to as a “digital native”. This designation is given to anyone
under the age of 32
Nancy, an adult, uses Facebook to message friends in Europe and shares pictures with them via Instagram making her one of the approximately _____ of online US adults who use social media.
Calvin’s business would like to use social media for marketing purposes. Which of the following is true about marketing messages on social media?
social media marketing messages are not like traditional marketing messages
when businesses sell to ____ they frequently use webinars and online informational promotional materials
other businesses
the public relations officer for GHJ Corp. is writing a _____, which is a website that allows the company to share information about products or services
Derrick is creating a digital audio file for people to listen to or watch online on tablets, computers, MP3 players, or smartphones that explains how to install his company’s vehicle theft-guards. He will use which of the following media sharing sites to do this?
Joyce wants to put the video she made about her company on an internet site where it will most likely be availble for the largest audience. She has chosen to put it on _____ which is the largest video site on the internet.
a podcast is a
digital audio or video file
a ____ is like a radio show that can be distributed through the web
nancy wants discounts to events, services, and activities in her area so she subscribes to Groupon which is a ____
social media site
jeff is considering buying a tool from eBay. Before he does, he reads the consumer opinions about the seller because he is one of the _____ percent of consumers who trust online consumer opinions
Thelma, a professional woman, is starting her own business and would like to network with other professionals. The best social network site for this would be
timothy would like to establish a strong online presence so he will utilize social networking sites to do so. Which of the following is not one of the top four social networking sites used by business?
tricycles, Inc. has opened a ____, an interactive community bulletin board, to permit users of adult-sized tricycles to share their experiences, improvements made to the company’s model, and other information in a discussion format.
when a business uses a website to solicit ideas for a new products or services from customers it is _____
maria, a business professional, can’t decide which social networking site she should use to promote herself and her solo law practice. She has decided to use LinkedIn because it _____
is for professionals
Barney and Betty are public relations staff members for Big Rock Mining which would like to begin mining operations near the outskirts of a small city. In order to incur the favor of the community, Barney and Betty are creating a social media plan. The objectives of this plan should be all of the following except
Before Barney and Betty begin to build their social media plan for Big Rock Mining they should
listen to determine opportunties
_____ gather(s) quantitative statistics on unique visitors, number of views, and ratio of visitors to posted comments to the individual owning the site can know how to improve the site, and gather other useful information
____ provides quantitative measurements in terms of the number of fans and likes.
Key performance indicators are quantitative measurements used to
measure and define the progress of an organization toward achieving its social media objectives
To start an e-business, Carrie will need computers and software, which belong to the ___ specialized e-business resource category.
Resources for an e-business include human, material, informational, and financial with specializations in each of these areas. Web masters and programmers belong to which specialized e-business resource classification?
Investors in e-businesses provide ___ resources.
____ is the use of labor in a foreign country to provide services for the company, such as providing technical assistance to customers.
Myrtles Turtles provided free overnight shipping to customers who ordered online but has recently discontinued free shipping in an effort to increase profits by
decreasing expenses
Terry’s e-business sells bicycle tires to the public. It also has a blog which accepts third-party advertising, an e-magazine to which it sells subscriptions, and makes referrals to brick and mortar businesses for bicycle repairs and receives commission for the referrals. Which of these activities would be considered a revenue stream?
advertising, subscription fees, sales of products
Thurston looks at electronic equipment on the Best Buy website but goes to the store to look at the physical item and buy it. This demonstrates what aspect of e-business?
a firm’s website may lead to increased sales in its physical stores
Online auction sites like eBay have a primary revenue stream derived from
fees charged for selling products on the site
Many businesses create websites to provide information to customers who would otherwise call the company offices to speak to a customer-service representative in an effort to increase profit by
reducing expenses
Many banks encourage customers to “go paperless” and conduct the majority of their transactions with the company via its website. Companies benefit from customers substituting paper transactions and statements for electronic by
decreasing expenses
The best definition of a business model is that, as applied to business, it represent.
group of common characteristics and behaviors
William is opening a hamburger restaurant that he has determined will be similar to McDonald’s and Burger King by offering about the same products and needing about the same type of employees. His plan includes using the similar ____ because it has been tried and found to be successful.
business model
Danny’s Dairy uses an e-commerce software program that permits stores to enter their own orders for auto parts on its website. Danny’s Dairy uses a ____ business model.
Terry’s Taxes provides tax preparation services to tax preparers who send their information to Terry’s online, pay for the services online, and receive their assistance online. This is most likely a ___ model.
Terry’s Tax Service provides tax preparation services to tax preparers who send their information to Terry’s online, pay for the services online, and receive their assistance online. This B2B model focuses on
facilitating sales transactions between businesses
Forest Flowers in Washington State publishes a catalog but also has a website that utilizes e-commerce software to permit customers to enter their own orders for seeds and bulbs that are delivered within three days of the order being placed and paid for. This is a ___ model.
Online firms like Zappos.com take a B2C business model approach and
try to build a long-term relationships with their customers
Zulily.com, an online B2C clothing business, uses data about buying preferences and customer profiles to do all of the following except
offer lower prices
A(n) ___ e-business model performs e-business activities to generate revenues by matching online buyers and sellers to facilitate exchanges.
Lee Sin lives in China and uses the Web, which makes him one of the currently estimated ____ people in the world using the Web.
3 billion
With 3 billion Internet users in the world, what percentage of these users are American?
E-business is affected by many internal forces. Which of the following is not an internal force affecting e-business?
the economy
Many websites use ___ to track users’ movements and clicks on the Internet without the user being aware that they are being monitored.
A maleficent software designed to infiltrate a computer without the user’s consent is known as
Total Business Training provides training workshops for businesses selling to other businesses through the Internet. Due to the type of training it provides, it most likely provides training via
Kerry’s Internet Consulting (KIC) business provides corporate clients information, data analysis, and answers on its KIC website. This consulting company is using a ___ model.
Target Stores’ online site focuses on consumer business which indicates that it uses a ___ model.
Rebecca handwrites thank you notes to customers of her real estate business and makes welcome baskets which she personally delivers to every new home buyer she represents once they move into their new home. She also sends birthday cards and Christmas cards to the sellers and the buyers. She is willing to invest time and money in attracting and retaining customers because she knows that
one loyal customer’s repeated purchases for life will be well worth the expense
E-businesses are affected by both internal and external forces. Some of the eternal forces affecting e-businesses include all of the following except
available financing
Joseph is trying to explain “social media” to his grandfather. His grandfather asks for a definition of “social media.” Joseph correctly answers that
there are many definitions of “social media”
Marek is trying to determine when pictures he has were taken. He knows that he had them posted to his personal website before Facebook and Twitter were created. The pictures were most likely taken
in the early 1990s or before
A _______ is defined as a social network based on the relationships among people.
social media community
Tracy wants to use the social media that most businesses use to connect and communicate with other businesses rather than with customers for his new e-business. To do this he will most likely use
Many social media sites have adopted consumer ratings to permit businesses and individuals to judge the popularity of their site and the items they post. Which of the following companies was one of the early adopters of consumer ratings?
____ permit members of the community to be the editors and gatekeepers of the site content.
Individuals who were born after 1980 and are tech savvy, digital natives are known as
Python is a software that is commonly utilized to create computer games. The Python company maintains a website where users can share information and contribute content. One benefit of this website is that all members of the community are editors and gatekeepers which ensures that the content is correct and updated. This webpage is especially helpful for new users of Python who are learning how to create computer games using the software. This website is an example of a(n):
____ can be most closely associated with “outsourcing tasks.”
The last step in building a social media plan is
implement and integrate the plan
The most popular objectives for a social media plan for most companies include all except
increasing profitability
____ is the first step in building a social media plan.
listening to determine opportunities
Katy Perry is reported by Advertising Age as being Twitter’s most popular individual with more than 62 million followers. The number of followers for anyone on Twitter would be considered a _______ social media measurement tool.
Reading online forums and blogs and listening to podcasts are ___ activities.
Social media measurement tools provide ___ measurements.
Sentiment analysis measurements are used to test customer satisfaction by many businesses. Which of the following is not a sentiment analysis measurement?
number of website visitors
_____ is the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the products and services that satisfy society’s needs through the facilities available on the Internet.
Secondary objectives of social media planning objectives include
improving search engine ranking and increasing website traffic
When building a social media plan, a company develops ____ that describes a typical customer in terms of age, income, gender, and ethnicity.
a customer profile
The search for the right social media tool(s) usually begins with
the company’s social media objectives
A social media plan is different from traditional advertising campaigns because
it doesn’t necessarily have a start and stop date
Companies often integrate online promotions with ___ by doing such things as adding a Twitter icon at the end of a television commercial so potential consumers can access Twitter for more information.
more traditional or offline promotions
A key performance indicator a business may use to determine the success of its social media plan may be
the number of followers on twitter
____ is a measurement that uses technology to detect the moods, attitudes, or emotions of people who experience a social media activity.
sentiment analysis
A basic assumption that a business should make when designing a social media plan is
social media is not free and can be quite expensive
Social media activities should be reviewed and the results compared against
predetermined benchmarks
In an effort to reduce the cost of specialized resources that are used in e-business, many firms have turned to

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