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CH 16: Managing Information and Technology BUS 101

The key advantage of RFID technology is that it allows the seller of a product to track and monitor the buyer’s use of the product.
_____ is an Internet marketing strategy that attempts to involve customers and others not employed by the seller in activities that promote a product.
Viral marketing
One advantage of the e-marketplace is that it allows sellers and buyers to contact and negotiate with a large number of market participants.
A _____ uses software and/or hardware to prevent unwanted access to a computer or computer system.
E-marketplaces are primarily used by participants in the B2C market.
The main purpose of RFID chips is to transmit a serial number that uniquely identifies a person, product, or device.
Abel Webb works for the Greater Garrisonville Power Company. His job involves creating confidential reports and other documents that he posts to an internal server. While employees can view and even download these confidential materials using a web browser, people outside the company have no access to them. This suggests that Garrisonville Power is using an intranet.
A query automatically delivers information quickly and conveniently to an end user’s computer desktop.
The physical components used to collect, store, organize, and process data and to distribute information is referred to as software.
Due to intellectual property restrictions, unauthorized music sharing is considered
In an effort to secure online payments, B2C e-commerce IT managers use
secure socket layers.
Many businesses have been reluctant to embrace cloud computing, citing _______ concerns.
security and reliability
The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in China was about
_____ are skilled computer users who try to gain unauthorized access to other people’s computers.
Hardware consists of computer programs that provide instructions to a computer, so that it can perform a desired task.
Viral marketing uses computer viruses to deliver unsolicited advertisements to a user’s computer.
The online version of TurboTax™ uses a(n) _____ to take a client through the process of filing his or her tax return. By asking a series of questions, the online site leads the client through tax preparation. A person who may not necessarily have the expertise to prepare his or her own taxes can rely on the firm’s software to complete the task.
Expert system
Deleting email messages from your inbox on a regular basis is an effective way of eliminating the possibility that others will be able to read your messages.
Once cloud computing overcomes customer concerns with security and reliability issues, it may change the way most firms acquire and use information resources.
Viral marketing is not as effective as traditional buzz marketing, because the latter tactic allows for messages to reach a wider audience at a faster speed.
Since Internet advertising experienced a slight decrease beginning in 2009 with the onset of the recession, B2C companies should consider other alternatives for advertising their products.
Websites that incorporate interactive and collaborative features in order to create a more interesting and useful experience for their users is called
Web 2.0
A small firm that manufactures specialized automobile parts would be unable to participate in an e-marketplace, since accessing such markets requires expensive specialized communications equipment that only larger firms can afford.
Spyware installs itself on your computer without permission and then tracks your computer behavior.
All of the following are forms of Internet traffic EXCEPT
graphical-user interface
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