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business process
a network of activities for accomplishing a business function
swimlane format
graphical arrangement in which all of the activities for a given role
specific tasks that need to be accomplished as part of the process
a subset of the activities in a business process that is performed by an actor
which a is a person, group, department, or organization
activities =
start of a business process is symbolized by:
a circle with a narrow border
end of a business process is symbolized by
a circle with a thick border
a collection of data that is stored within the business process
data flows
they represent the movement of data from one activity to another
a box with a plus sign in it represents
a subprocess, and is used when the work to be done is sufficiently complex as to require a process diagram of its own
the ratio of benefits to costs
What is the defining characteristic of the outermost components (hardware and people) of the IS framework?
they take actions
the software and procedure components of the IS framework are both
sets of instruction
component of the IS framework that provides instructions for people is
data is the bridge
between computer side on the left and the human side on the right
who is the actors in the IS?
hardware and people
work formerly done by people following procedures has been moved to computers that perform the work by following instructions in software
automation of a process activity consists of:
moving work from the HUMAN SIDE TO THE COMPUTER SIDE
recorded facts or figures
an example of data
height, weight, works 9 hours per day
what data characteristics are necessary for quality information?
accurate, timely, relevant, just barely sufficient, worth its cost
accurate information
is correct and complete
timely information
available in time for its intended use
relevant information
information that directly pertains both to the context and to the subject
a problem
the perceived difference between what is and what ought be
egocentric thinking
centers on the self
empathetic thinking
consider their view as one possible interpretation of the situation and actively work to learn what other people are thinking
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