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Ch. 6 Interest groups

Which interest group depends on government spending and lobby policy makers?
Road construction companies
Which of the following statements about the population of Texas is incorrect?
Texas has both a large poor and upper-income population.
Direct contact between an interest group representative and an officer of government is an example of
Which of the following statements about the lobbying activities of special interest groups is incorrect?
They lobby only members of the state senate.
Which of the following statements about interest groups is incorrect?
Interest groups are considered political parties that nominate candidates for office.
Which of the following is not a positive aspect of interest groups?
Narrow interests
Which of the following is employed to express the values of interest groups?
Business and agriculture interest groups are interested in all of the following
securing benefits called subsidies. keeping their taxes low. receiving government contracts to increase profits.
Education and local government groups lobby for all of the following
increasing salaries and benefits for their public employees. supporting their governments. obtaining more local control or less state control over their affairs.
Labor unions seek legislation for all of the following except
making it easier to organize.enforcing workplace safety packages.obtaining generous workers’ compensation.
Governor Rick Perry hired lobbyist __________, to protect the interest of the Texas Department of Transportation.
Robert Black
What type of interest group seeks the betterment of society as a whole or the reform of the political social or economic system in ways that do not directly affect their member’s pocketbooks?
Noneconomic interest groups
Which of the following is a way interest groups can be classified?
Economic. Mixed interest. Noneconomic
A(n) __________ is an individual who benefits from the work of an interest group but who does not participate in the collective actions that made the benefits possible.
free rider
Noneconomic interest groups benefit from _______because it translates into greater political clout in the Texas’s legislature.
large membership
Which is a reason why individuals are not motivated to participate in noneconomic interest groups?
Economic well being for all
Interest groups pursuing social equality and economic goals are classified as what type of group?
Mixed or hybrid organizations
Which of the following is not classified as a mixed interest group?
Public interest
People join interest groups
to receive the monthly or quarterly magazine or newsletter.to be a member of a network of like-minded people.in order to protect their economic, recreational social or political interests.
___________ is the promotion of a particular public policy position.
Which of the following is not classified as a non-economic interest group?
The primary goal of interest groups is to
influence all branches of government at all levels.
Why is it difficult for any one special interest group to dominate Texas state politics?
There is a wide diversity of interests.
When interest groups employ lobbying officeholders to file suits in court, get their advocates appointed to state boards, and testify before legislative committees, these are examples of
direct means of influencing government.
Which branch of government is responsible for the implementation of public policy?
Executive branch or administration
The power to make decisions on the basis of personal judgment rather than specific legal requirements defines
_______ is to legally transfer authority from one official or institution to another.
Special interest groups use the court system because of all of the following
the court system can give a more favorable interpretation of the law than that given by the enforcing agency. lawsuits are less expensive than trying to influence the legislature. the court system serves as a way to delay application of costly rules.
The blurring of lines between the state and a special interest group is called
Which of the following has occurred when a public official makes a decision that might result in a personal economic advantage?
Conflict of interest
_______ is the good of the whole society without bias for or against any particular segment of the society.
Public interest
is not an interest group activity?
Nominating candidates for office
Interest groups will seek to build a positive public image by which of the following means?
Hiring public relations firms.Print and broadcast advertisements.Demonstrating good citizenship
__________ is the fabrication of public support for issues supported by industry and special interest groups but which give the impression of widespread public support.
Astroturf lobbying
When an organization decides to endorse and recommend that its members vote for the candidate more disposed to support their values this is an example of
A lobbyist inviting a public official to lunch or a party to establish a positive relationship is an example of
Before a legislative session begins a lobbyist must have successfully completed all of the following
memorizing the faces of the members their non-legislative occupation and the counties they represent. establishing rapport through contact with the members of the legislature.knowing the legislative issues including the arguments of opponents.
A successful lobbyist will attempt all of the following except
try to gain support or at least neutrality from legislative leaders on one’s group’s proposals.secure endorsement of the chair of each committee through which one’s legislation must pass.secure the positive endorsement of community representatives for legislation sought by local governments.
Who hired HillCo to block the “sanctuary cities” bill in the legislature because they viewed it as a threat to their business interest?
Bob Perry and Charles Butt
The Texas Register is used by a state agency to provide
notice of intent to make a rule.
Which of the following are least likely to subscribe to the Texas Register?
Ordinary citizens
__________ has (have) characterized the relationship between major industries in Texas and the state’s political leadership.
crony capitalism
Twice in the past 15 years CBS has run programs about __________ on 60 Minutes alleging that the Texas Supreme Court identifies with specific interests?
“justice for sale”
In the case of Caperton v. A.T. Massey the U.S. Supreme Court
began to set parameters for the most egregious examples of conflicts of interest.
The right of the public in the United States to petition their government is found in which constitutional Amendment?
First Amendment
All of the following are exempt from lobbyists’ reports
compensation received to prepare for lobbying.office expenses.costs associated with events to which all members of the legislature are invited.
According to state law when registering lobbyists are required to reveal to the state
for whom the person lobbies.information about their clients and employers.the policy areas of concern.
According to state law which of the following statements about lobbying is incorrect?
All lobbyists must file financial reports with the Secretary of State.
Which state agency has the responsibility to establish standards of conduct for lobbyists?
Texas Ethics Commission
The members of the Texas legislature must be provided with a list of registered lobbyists and their clients by
February 1 of each legislative session.
Which industry groups in Texas had the largest number and maximum value of contracts signed with lobbyists?
Energy/natural resources
Which characteristic of the structure of government in Texas makes it difficult for one interest to dominate the whole government?
Separation of powers.Appointed officials with fixed terms.Checks and balances
Studies regarding the power of interest groups consistently show that
where political parties are weak interest groups are strong.
The history of one-partyism in the state created all of the following
less incentive for average Texans to participate in political affairs.a history of elitist rule.strong special interests.
Why is it that the current system of a part-time legislature is unlikely to change?
Current legislators have been successful under the current system.The public is unlikely to support change.Lobbyists prefer the current system.
Texas law states that ex-legislators
can become lobbyists with no restrictions.
The media is a _________ link between the people and the government.
Which is the public’s watchdog institution?
The media
According to the text which is most likely to occur?
An elected representative would probably not vote contrary to clear-cut constituent desires to please a special interest.
When a special interest is seeking a change in policy that affects the balance of power in the political social or economic system there will be
much greater participation and conflict.
Which of the following concerning campaign contributions is incorrect?
Most campaign contributions for the state legislature and statewide offices come from small donors.
Which of the following concerning campaign contributions for state house and senate candidates is correct?
Total contributions for senate races were less than the total for house races.
The ability to contact an official either in person or by phone is called
Late train contributions are
campaign funds given to the winning legislative candidate.
Governor Perry executive order to vaccinate pre-teen girls with the HPV vaccine was considered an example of a
conflict of interest.
Research shows that the main element that determines the political power of a group is
how much public officials need the group.
An organization created by interest groups to promote common goals is identified as what type of organization?
“Iron Triangles” are composed of which of the following?
Legislative committee members. high-ranking bureaucrats. and representatives of special interests
Loose alliances of interest groups are called
issue networks.
A mass alliance of like-minded groups and individuals seeking broad changes in the direction of government policies is called a(n)
political movement.
The right to bear arms was established by the ________ Amendment.

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