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Ch. 7-12

two strengths and one threat
After 8 years of working for a company that installed underground sprinkling systems for golf courses, Jake was ready to venture into his own business. As he prepared his SWOT analysis, he evaluated where he stood at this time. He was fortunate to have $100,000 financing to get the business under way. He knew of three skilled installers who were willing and interested to work for him, and he was aware that new construction was at an all-time low, with several residential properties being foreclosed. In reviewing his list, you would categorize these events as __________.
companies had to cut managers and lay off many workers.
The recent financial crisis created problems for companies because:
Middle management
Ben oversaw the work of six pharmaceutical sales managers in the southeast region of the U.S. Each sales manager managed a team of 8-10 pharmaceutical sales representatives that developed relationships with doctors, clinics, hospital pharmacies and local drug stores. Ben met regularly with four others in his company whose jobs were similar to his position. How would you describe the level of management Ben has achieved?
Increase sales of our top-end product from 2000 in the first quarter to 3000 during the same period by 2017.
Which of the following control standards is stated most effectively?
A leader will always attempt to keep operations from changing.
Which of the following is not characteristic of a leader?
Dave facilitated a hiring committee for his advertising company. Six employees (including two managers) met together to discuss applicants and select the finalists for a copywriter position in the public relations department. Although the head of public relations would have the final nod on the candidate that would ultimately be hired, the evaluative work of the committee was very important because this group would send forward those persons they believed would be good work colleagues. In setting up this type of hiring process, the head of public relations was utilizing a(n) __________ style of leadership.
Accounting department
The controlling function closes the loop for managers. It answers the question: “Did we succeed in what we set out to do?” Which of the following business departments has a very important role in the controlling function?
determining what knowledge is most important.
The first step in developing a knowledge management system is:
mission statement.
“We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.” This statement is a part of Dell’s:
Contemporary managers will focus on global issues and green issues, and continue to emphasize the team approach to work.
Select the statement that best substantiates why we say, “The role of management is changing.”
be team players.
The role of managers at Best Buy has evolved. Today’s managers must
Best Buy believes that giving employees in the Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) program the freedom to schedule their own work time is the most effective way of meeting both organization and employee goals. The four functions of management involved in ROWE include all of the following except
When John Thompson became a manager in the ROWE program, he had to change his leadership style to
Control will decrease as the manager gets to higher levels in the organization and work becomes less standardized.
A manager’s need to exert tight controls on subordinates (span of control) is most accurately captured by which of the following statements?
During the past recession, Cali-Bration Company created a __________ organization, when it restructured and eliminated several middle management positions and broadened the span of control for the remaining managers. As it emerged from the recession, Cali-Bration realized that technology permitted the remaining employees to be just as responsive to customer needs as the firm was prior to restructuring.
determine the work that needs to be done.
The first step in the process of organizing a business is to:
informal structure.
Even though he is not a manager, Mr. Bilko is the one to see in the company when there is something you need. He will get it quickly, and can avoid the red tape that often delays action. Mr. Bilko is also the one to see if you need advice or help. Mr. Bilko is an important member of the firm’s:
informal organization
A.J. was a newly hired attorney for Idle Time Gaming, Inc. Even though he reported directly to the president of the company, A.J. noticed that the president always had time to converse with the director of sales, calling on him to get a pulse on legal/regulatory issues that, as the company attorney, A.J. could have probably handled. A.J. also noted that the HR manager’s administrative assistant was the go-to person for a number of things that would make life easier at work. A.J. was recognizing the _________________ culture at Idle Time Gaming.
ABC Company desires a successful product launch for its new product venture. Looking outside of its industry, the company solicited the advice of companies JKL and MNO, known for successful product introductions in past years. The business term used to describe the practice of looking toward others to develop a model approach is called _____________.
The process of setting up individual departments to do specialized tasks is called:
hierarchy of authority
The principle of _______________ means that each person should know to whom they report, and that managers should have the right to give orders and expect others to follow.
for efficiency, the employees can coordinate work within the function.
Accountants at Idle Time Gaming, Inc., have a big job! Although they work with state-of-the-art systems that create financial statements every day, the interpretation and analysis of those statements can take several hours. The accounting department consists of financial, managerial, and tax accountants. One advantage of departmentalizing the accountants is ______________.
cross-functional team
In order to build the next generation of gaming software, Idle Time Gaming, Inc., put together a ______________ structure. The structure consisted not only of employees but also suppliers, distributors, and customers, who joined the company experts to pursue the company’s objectives.
job enrichment
An HR director was reviewing the job description for a new position in the Information Technology department of his company. He quickly jotted down a few comments that he would later share with the department manager. Among other things, his comments included suggestions for incorporating more skill variety into the job and a little more autonomy as to how the job might be accomplished from start to finish. As a student of business, you recognize that the HR director believes that a person holding this position would be motivated by ________.
Herzberg’s hygiene factors include:
increase productivity at work
With respect to the development of scientific management, Frederick Taylor’s objective was to ________.
The Hawthorne Effect.
The tendency for people to behave differently when they know they’re being studied is referred to as:
Recently Tommy switched jobs from a large firm, to a medium-sized firm. As one of four project managers at the new firm, Tommy recognizes that employees have much more respect for his expertise than he perceived at the larger firm where there were a minimum of 25 project managers. According to Maslow, which need in his hierarchy is important to Tommy?
increase her inputs in hopes her efforts will be noticed
Becca works for a large management-consulting firm, as a junior level consultant. She recently learned that another consultant who was hired at the same time has already received a step-up promotion. Becca knows that she has contributed to well-received projects and her projects have received accolades from clients. According to equity theory, Becca may choose to ________.
Theory Y
At Flo Valley Manufacturing, workers are encouraged to find their own solutions to problems, and to implement their solutions when practical. They work with little supervision because management feels they are committed and creative workers. Flo Valley’s policy reflects a ________ attitude about workers.
scientifically determine the most efficient way to perform a task and then teach people exactly how to perform it.
Frederick Taylor believed the best way to improve worker productivity was to:
At the ice cream shop where Kayla works, all shoppers are greeted with the same script: “Welcome to Chill-A-While. My name is ________. How may I help you?” All shoppers must be greeted in less than three minutes after they have entered the shop. Which management theorist would have approved of this method of operation?
develop interesting jobs which might require problem solving and decision making
Herzberg’s research purposefully directed managerial thinking to ________.
Safety needs
If there are constant rumors that a business is in financial crisis, employees might lose internal motivation. Which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy reflects this situation?
Physiological need
A person who is currently unemployed is probably in which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy?
When Maggie joined Techno-Nerds, Inc., she automatically joined an employee team. Team members each had base salaries, but they were also compensated through a __________ system, where they would receive bonuses for team improvements over the last time the team’s performance was evaluated.
prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, and other areas on the basis of race, religion, creed, sex or national origin.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act:
contingent employees
At a local university, over 50% of the faculty are part-time employees, who have similar credentials as full-time employees but do not have permanent positions. These employees are seldom offered benefits and are not represented by the educators’ union. HR experts would designate these professionals as __________________.
the minimum academic and experience qualifications for the job
When performing a job analysis, the human resource manager will write a job description, as well as a job specification. The job specification consists of _________.
fewer layers of management make it more difficult for employees to be promoted to higher levels of management.
The effect of downsizing and the resulting flatter corporate structures is that:
by commission.
Henry Aguerra is interested in making a lot of money. He is a very good salesperson. People tell him he could sell sand in Saudi Arabia! He is a very hard worker, and is willing to work a lot of hours to make the kind of money he wants. Henry should most likely look for the kind of job that is paid:
Progressive companies who want to attract and keep good employees are now offering their employees ________ benefits, such as onsite dry cleaning services, shoe repair, onsite medical care, and even free breakfasts.
performance appraisals.
Decisions about promotions, compensation, additional training, or firing should all be based on:
it is often difficult to find a qualified candidate that doesn’t need training after being hired
One of the reasons that companies experience challenges finding employees when positions become open is ____________.
job rotation and off-the-job training
When A.J. was hired by Idle Time Gaming, Inc., he accepted an opportunity to be part of the management training program. Besides on-the-job coaching, a common aspect of management development programs is ____________.
Fair Labor Standards Act
The ________________ was the federal legislation in the United States that established the minimum wage in the United States.
When baseball players went on strike, an individual was brought in to help resolve the dispute between management and players. This third party was involved to make suggestions, but legally could not make any decisions about how the players dispute should be settled. This is an example of:
National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)
When Joe Kerr began working at his local bakery, he felt there was a need for the workers to sit down with management and talk about some of the problems facing the workers at their job. Joe found out there was a union representing the bakery workers, but that management didn’t take them seriously, and refused to sit down with the union and negotiate. After some research Joe found out that under the __________________, workers had the right to expect management to negotiate with them.
the range of options between the initial and final offer that each party will consider before labor negotiations dissolve.
A bargaining zone is:
agency shop agreement
Under a(n) ______________ companies can hire nonunion workers who are not required to join the union, but who must pay a special union fee.
are making considerably more than executives in European countries.
When compared to their European counterparts, U.S. corporate executives:
quid pro quo
At Titus Industries, a middle manager who had just completed her basic probationary period was called by her supervisor for her first performance evaluation. The conversation became rather unpleasant when the supervisor alluded to his disappointment that the new manager was not spending more time with him away from work, where they could get to know each other in a more intimate manner. In fact, he commented that such an effort might just solidify her continuing employment. The type of sexual harassment that the new manager was subjected to is called ___________.
When Dave Sutton went to work for a printing shop, he thought he was going to have to join the union representing the shop. However on his first day of work he was told that while there was a union representing the workers, he was not required to join, and he didn’t have to pay any dues to the union if he chose not to join. Dave evidently works in a state with a right-to-work law that allows a(n) ___________ shop.
of craft unions.
The AFL was an organization:
Taft-Hartley Act
Marriette Rene lives in Alabama and works in a factory making heating and air conditioning equipment. When she first got the job, she was afraid she was going to have to join a union, but soon found out that Alabama is a right-to-work state, and she can’t be required to join. This is because the _____________ permits states to pass laws prohibiting compulsory union membership.

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