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Challenges of Change Programme & Their Management

Employees with a low morale and their lack of trust over senior management after seeing many turnaround efforts and their failure did not believe in the change managers’ initiatives. Their cooperation was hard to get. The change managers communicated their approach to everybody and kept themselves open to new inputs, ideas and questions. There was transparency. Those engaging in power plays and jockeying for positions were asked to leave.

Employees were empowered with discretionary authority to do what they judged to be most appropriate; before that, they were asked to destroy all rule books. They were promised bonuses on an overall improvement. Surprise gift cheques were presented much before their schedule. Those who did not understand the message and importance of contributing to the change were sternly told to leave. Rewards were linked to teamwork and results, and their distribution was also sooner made without bureaucracy.

Their initiatives on cost-cutting, revenue generation and immediate positive results convinced the employees about bright prospects of a successful change. For on-time performance, $ 65 to $100 was paid immediately

Performance appraisals were done every month on 1-4 rating scale and managers were rated on teamwork and quality of work. Enough time was given to improve and those who did not improve were given boot. Goals were set to bring the wages, salaries and employee benefits to the industry average over six years.