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Change management plan

Crystal, a telecommunications company with high employee strength, is planning to implement a range of emerging electrification technologies in a bid to increase the product offerings in the market. At Crystal, change is likely to occur and the company has to make sure that the right steps are taken in preparing for the change. This paper will discuss the strengths and weaknesses Crystal has that may Impact the changes that the organization plans to make. The paper will also discuss the Importance of effective change management and leadership. Managers and organization decision makers know, perhaps better than anyone, that we’re living in a world of change. It’s been aid many times the only constant is change, and there’s evidence that the pace of change continues to accelerate,” (International Journal of Business Research, 2007). Before Crystal can implement any changes, Crystal must analyze each department that helps the company run. One reason this Is Important Is to get a sense of how each department is ran and how effective that Is. For crystal, the departments that needed the most attention were the Marketing and Sales and Delivery departments.

The Marketing department lacked communication and teamwork while the Sales and Delivery department had

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issues resolving conflict. Both departments could keep Crystal from succeeding in the changes made and have a lasting impact as well on the organization as a whole. The leaders of the organization had to discover why these two departments are struggling and what needs to be done to Improve the situation. The main problem with the Marketing department was that there was no communication and lack of teamwork.

This was mainly because the employees in this department were working in different parts of the country and this made it difficult to interact with one another. The problem with lack of communication and teamwork also lead to the employees lacking In training and mentoring, which made was resolving conflicts. Problems that may have occurred or feelings that employees may have had were only allowed to be brought up during the semi-annual performance reviews. The employees in this department could not express feelings or behaviors about personal issues or other employees except during this time.

This probably created communication problems throughout the department and that could have an effect on performance. Now that Crystal has determined what departments are in need of urgent attention, the change management plan can be developed. Being that the Marketing department needs the most improvements, the change management plan should be sure to include communication and commitment as important factors. “In any activity, employees need clarity on what is being asked of them; what they are required to do, what they are allowed to do, and what results are desired.

In short, they need to know the expectations,” (International Journal of Business Research, 2007). The company must develop a communication plan between managers and subordinates in order for performance to be enhanced. One way that Crystal can do this is by allowing the employees and the respective manager to have scheduled one-on-one reviews along with team reviews that may impact performance as well. Without communication, the employees cannot work effectively. “Leaders need to focus more on creating different channels and contexts for others to talk rather than on talking too much themselves,” Ronald of Business Communications, 2006).

By creating ways that the employees can communicate between one another and management, employee could be enhanced and make help make the change process easier. Another reason why communication would be important is to help in resolving conflicts that may occur. Both the Sales and Delivery and Marketing departments did not have effective conflict resolution processes that could be used. The Sales Department only wanted issues to be raised during the semi-annual performance reviews and that was not good. Things may happen long before this review takes place and something needs to be available as a resource to solving the problem.

Building a conflict resolution team for each department would be valuable. Like the other departments, Sales and Delivery and Marketing would both be able to discuss NY issues at any given time if a process like this were made available. This would cause communication to increase as well as make the Jobs more flexible. “An employer who is serious about change management, Hyatt says, has to have a structured, proactive approach that includes communication, a road map for the sponsors of the change, training programs that go along with the overall project and a plan for dealing with resistance,” (HER Magazine, 2007).

A training program would also need to be put in place for the employees in the Marketing department. Being hat this department has poor performance and the employees feel as if performance would be better if Job roles and objectives were defined, a training program would be very beneficial to this department. It would give the employees a sense of direction and also put the employees on track for the change the will occur. A training program would prepare the employees for what will happen in the future and keep the employees satisfied as well.

One factor that would be beneficial to Crystal would be Total Quality Management should be the main activity to focus on for an organization (Gomez & Balkan, 2004). Under total quality management, all the employees and organizational units would understand the importance of working together to satisfy the customer. Since Crystal’s mission is to provide customers with the best and most reliable telecommunications services, using TTS would help bring management and employees together to work on making the products the best in the industry.

To make sure that the customers are satisfied and feel like the product is the best purchase, the employees and management have to be on the same page in working on this goal. TTS would allow this to happen and create better relationships between employees and management. A model that may be useful for Crystal is Cotter’s Eight Step Model. “The model addresses some of the power issues around making change happen, highlights the importance of a felt need’ for change in the organization, and emphasizes the need to communicate the vision and keep communication levels extremely high throughout the process,” (Cameron & Green, peg. 00, 2004). The eight step model would allow the organization to focus on what the main leadership problems are, make the changes that need to be made, and keep communication active during the process. With Crystal, leadership would really need to be looked at, especially in the Marketing and Sales and Delivery departments. The managers in these departments have been using tactics that are not good and it has hurt the performance of the department. If new leadership can be appointed or current managers were re- trained, several issues could be resolved and help the departments.

Cotter’s Eight Step Model consists of the following: 1. Establish the Change 2. Create a Coalition 3. Develop a clear vision 4. Share the Vision 5. Empower people to clear obstacles 6. Secure short-term wins 7. Consolidate and keep moving 8. Anchor the change If Crystal can implement this model for the change, it would be an excellent resource to any other changes that may occur for the organization in the future. “Leadership is the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members,” (Machines & Ogling, peg. 16, 2004). The best style of leadership for Crystal to use during the change is to have an achievement oriented leader. “The leader sets challenging goals, expects employees to perform at their highest level, continuously seeks improvement in employee performance, and shows a high degree of confidence that employees will assume responsibility and accomplish challenging goals,” ( Machines & Ogling, peg. 423, 2004). Since Crystal is experiencing problems with performance and communication, this type of leadership would be obliging in making improvements with employees individually as well as in the departments.

It would allow the employees to take responsibility for their performance and help employees achieve goals that will be favorable to the organization. Leadership model may be a high-quality tool that the organization can use in the true when changes take place. The path goal theory model shows how the some leadership styles may not be effective in certain situations (Machines & Ogling, 2004). At some point, Crystal will be placed with another problem, that arises from a change that is about to take place, and a specific leadership style will have to be used in order to make the mandatory improvements to reach the desired goal. The path- goal model contends that effective leaders are capable of selecting the most appropriate behavioral style (or styles) for that situation. Leaders might simultaneously use more than one style at a time,” (Machines & Ogling, peg. 23, 2004). This model is beneficial because Crystal would have to be flexible and be prepared for change at any given time regardless of any tribulations that may come up. To monitor progress, management should do reviews regularly and make sure that the employee is improving frequently.

By having an individual review, this give management and the employee an opportunity to express any feelings or concerns that may be affecting work performance. Basically, it would keep the communication channels active and let both the employee and management stay in contact with one another. Along with individual employee reviews, management should conduct a department/team review to get as sense of how the chemistry is throughout the department. This will allow the manager to see how certain employees work with one another and if there are employees who may need to be switched to different teams.

Mainly, it gives the manager a blueprint for any improvements that may need to be made and why. Overall, Crystal is like any other organization that experiences change. In order for the organization to reach the goal set, change has to occur, but the organization has to be prepared for it. Crystal is accustomed to change and therefore knew that there had to be a plan put into action in order for the change to be successful. Through the simulation, Crystal was faced with tough decisions to make and had to do what was best for the company.

With a change management plan, a company that is similar to Crystal could face the same problem. Change management plans are important because there is a certain way that things are done when changes occur and that helps organize the process. In the next five to ten years, Crystal could face huge problems with management if things do not become more flexible and resistant to hang. Employees could become unruly because of being able to aid in decision making or the demand of the products may decline and employees may have to be laid off or fired.

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