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chap 1 study guide

tools gather information from sources such as e-mails, text messages, and tweets and make the information instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies.
________ tools enable groups of people to connect and exchange ideas.
Social networking
The gap between those who have easy access to the Internet and technology those who do not is known as the ________ divide.
People are motivated to use their free time for altruistic purposes for all of these reasons EXCEPT ________.
________ results when leisure time and available tools allow us to engage in creative acts.
Citivogne surplus
Mastery is defined as ________.
feeling confident and excited about learning new skills
Autonomy is defined as ________.
working without continual direction and control
Using the Internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called ________.
QR stands for ________.
quick response
________ solicits online input from consumers.
Sharing products rather than owning them individually is known as ________.
collaborative consumption
A popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is ________.
The term computer ________ is used to describe someone who is familiar enough with computers to understand their capabilities and limitations.
________ provides the instructions that tell a computer what to do.
Unwanted or junk e-mail is called ________.
All of the following are examples of being computer literate, EXCEPT ________.
knowing only how to use your computer for e-mails
________ is a field of study focused on the management, processing and automatic retrieval of information.
Information technology
The process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern is called data ________.
Which of the following examples is the result of mining raw data to produce useful information?
Netflix providing you with a list of videos you might enjoy
Which of the following software can best be used to help create digital art?
Adobe Illustrator
Faculty at universities often use course management software such as ________ so that students can communicate outside of class and have easy access to class materials.
The goal of ________ technology research is to provide solutions to physical and health-related problems.
Google Glass uses a projector that bounces a beam of light off a prism and projects the image directly on your ________.
One potential application of ________ is to provide sight to the blind.
biomedical engineering
________ is software which recognizes and simulates human emotions and responds as a human would.
Affective computing
Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is computer ________.
________ is our normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information.
Augmented reality
Which is NOT a technology that has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis?
QR codes
Cognitive surplus means that we now find many people with
excess time and free tools for collaboration
Collaborative consumption is when people get together to
increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it.
Crowdfunding helps startup businesses by
gathering financial contributions from supporters.
The crisis of a growing digital divide is being addressed by
the Next Einstein Initiative project.
Medication delivered through pills with embedded sensors
allows the physician to track the patient’s heart rate.
The MACH Coach project shows that
computers can help people with interpersonal skills development.
Which of the following allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patterns?
data mining
Computer forensics uses computer systems and technology to
gather potential legal evidence.
IT is the abbreviation for
information technology.
Social networking
is incorporated as part of political strategy by many politicians.
Web 2.0 has led to a shift from just consuming content toward
producing content.
Examples of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing include
KIckstarter and MobileVoice.
Being computer literate includes being able to
a. avoid spam, adware, and spyware.
b. use the web effectively.
c. diagnose and fix hardware and software problems.
d. all of the above.
Computer forensics
analyzes computer systems to gather potential legal evidence
The Khan Academy is
a free technology tool used for education
Autonomy is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.
Purpose is the simple understanding that you are working for something larger than yourself.
Cognitive surplus is the combination of leisure time and creativity tools.
Zipcar is an example of ownership.
Ushahidi is a crisis-mapping tool that makes information instantly available to anyone in the world
Autonomy is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.
You cannot be computer literate unless you have knowledge of higher-level computer skills, such as computer programming
Hardware refers to the programs that give instructions to the computer.
A virus is electronic junk mail.
Crowdfunding is asking for large donations from a few people
Computer forensics analyzes computer systems in gathering potential legal evidence.
Many hospitals use nonimplant versions of identity chips on the wristbands of patients.
Affective computing is a field of study focused on the managing, processing, and automatic retrieval of information.
Mastery of software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter, is essential to creating digital art.
Information technology is the study of managing, processing, and retrieving information.
Examples of information technology careers are telecommunication and software deployment
VeriMed is an implantable identity chip containing the name, address, and medical conditions of the person wearing it.
The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime database enables detectives to analyze information about similarities between crimes.
Data warehousing is the process of searching large datasets to find patterns. FALSE

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