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Chap1 and 2 Human Resources

What is the definition of a Front Line Supervisor?
A supervisor who manages hourly employees who make goods or provide services
What is a Working Supervisor?
A Working Supervisor takes part in the work task itself along with the supervision of their employees.
What is the difference of a First Line Supervisor compared to a Working Supervisor?
The first line supervisor manages employees who provide services or produce goods. They supervise and motivate employees to perform their jobs properly Working supervisors are supervisors who do work along with the employees they supervise. They are less in the office but spend most of their time with employees They have more technical knowledge .
What is a Opportunity Thinker ?
An Opportunity Thinker concentrates on constructive ways of dealing with circumstances that arise
What is an Obstacle Thinker ?
Obstacle Thinkers focus on why the situation is IMPOSSIBLE and RETREAT.
What does a written Code of Ethics establish in the Workplace ?
Sets moral principles in the workplace or rules of conduct that sets the tone
If a decision is legal
If its fair
If it doesn’t hurt any one
Being honest with those who your decisions can effect
Peace of Mind
Total Quality Management is
Participative Process that empowers all levels of employees to work in groups to establish guest service expectations.
Boomerang Management occurs when
the supervisor reverts from a management point of view to a worker’s point of view
Authority in hospitality management can be defined as
having the right to make the necessary decisions and take necessary actions to get the job done
Working Supervisors are
are in close contact with the people they supervise
The Supervisors role
a to be responsible for the quantity of the products and services
b meet employees needs
c be responsible for the output of the people supervised
d all of the above
A supervisors who leads and manages hourly employees is know as the
First Line Supervisor
Standardization of work procedures ,tools , and conditions of work is known as
Scientific Management
The Theory X view of workers states that
People dislike work and must be coerced and threatened with punishment to get work done
The Theory Y view of workers states that
workers view work is as natural as play , and people will work of their own accord toward objectives that fill personal needs
What is a Transformational Leader ?
Motivates through rewards and acts as a coach and leads by example
What are the characteristics of effective leaders?
They have drive and a desire to influence others. The believe in honesty and moral character. Display self confidence.
What are the four primary sources of Power of effective leaders?
Legitimate Power
Coercive Power
Expert Power
Reward Power
(Positive Power is Not)
What is an Informal Leader ?
Someone with the authority granted by virtue of a person’s position within an organization.
What questions should one ask ones self if a decision is ethical?
Can I live with my decision?
Is the decision fair?
Is the decision legal?
Have I been honest with those affected?
What does the Human Relations Theory Emphasize?
The importance of workers as individuals
An Organizational Chart shows what for viewing
Lines of authority and responsibility
What is Participative Management?
Management that allows workers to take part in the decisions that affect them
What obligations do Supervisors have towards customers ?
Sees that their needs and desires are met, train workers in Guest Relations and Rpresents the Enterprise Well
True Autocratic leaders with Coercive Power view employees as
Easily replaceable and Theory X people where they are classified as people who dislike work and must be coerced and threatened with punishment to get work done
Leadership styles matched for examples
Leadership styles matched for examples
Bureaucratic = Relies on Rules and Regulations
Laissez- Faire = Turns over control to employees
Democratic =Wants to share responsibilities
Bureaucratic-= Strictly by the book
Autocratic= Shows little concern about others opinions
Autocratic= Dictates task to be accomplished
Laissez-Faire= Style works well when employees are self motivated
Bureaucratic = Appropriate when employees are permitted no discretion
Democratic=Collaborates opinions when decision making
Laissez- Faire= Hands off approach
Democratic= Is a concerned coach of the team
Bureaucratic= Acts like he/she is a police officer.
Primary Sources of Power
Legitimate Power= As a supervisor you have this power

Reward Power= If you control what is valued by employees you have this power

Coercive Power= A supervisor who uses threats or punishments as a tool to gain compliance from employees

Expert Power = This power comes from respect earned

Horrible Bosses Article 5 suggestions a good leader should do.
1. Project a positive professional attitude

2. Face Up to problems take a pro-active approach to solve them and encourage employees to do the same.

3. Be discrete ,ethical and protect your employees privacy , company secrets and customer confidentiality.

4. Be a ” Can Do ” Leader who welcomes challenges

5. Challenge yourself and your employees while maintaining high standards

What did the New York State Wage Board Propose for Increase wages for Tipped workers
the hourly wage paid to restaurant servers and other tipped workers should be increased from $5 an hour to $7.50 an hour by the end of the year.

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