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Chapter 01

In launching a new information system, the greatest risk occurs when a company ____.
tries to decide how the system will be implemented before determining what the system is supposed to do
____ software controls the flow of data, provides data security, and manages network operations.
Examples of company-wide applications, called ____, include order processing systems, payroll systems, and company communications networks.
enterprise applications
Over 40 years ago, a concept called Moore’s Law accurately predicted that computer processing power would double about every ____.
24 months
When planning an information system, a company must consider how a new system will interface with older systems, which are called ____.
legacy systems
For complex operations, analysts apply computer-based modeling tools that use a standard language called ____.
business process modeling notation (BPMN)
Systems analysts use a process called ____ to represent company operations and information needs.
business process modeling
A business ____ is an overview that describes a company’s overall functions, processes, organization, products, services, customers, suppliers, competitors, constraints, and future direction.
Which of the following is one of the main sectors of e-commerce?
____ enabled computer-to-computer transfer of data between companies, usually over private telecommunications networks.
Transaction processing (TP) systems ____.
process data generated by day-to-day business operations
Business support systems ____.
provide job-related information support to users at all levels of a company
Knowledge management systems are called expert systems because they ____.
simulate human reasoning by combining a knowledge base and inference rules that determine how the knowledge is applied
User productivity systems ____.
include e-mail, voice mail, fax, video and Web conferencing, word processing, automated calendars, database management, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentation graphics, company intranets, and high-speed Internet access
In a typical company organizational model, top managers ____.
develop long-range plans, called strategic plans, which define the company’s overall mission and goals
In a typical company organizational model, middle managers ____.
provide direction, necessary resources, and performance feedback to supervisors and team leaders
A ____, or requirements model, describes the information that a system must provide.
business model
A(n) ____ describes the logic that programmers use to write code modules.
process model
____ is a systems development technique that produces a graphical representation of a concept or process that systems developers can analyze, test, and modify.
____ methods include the latest trends in software development.
The ____ method of developing systems is well-suited to project management tools and techniques.
structured analysis
The ____ method of developing systems produces code that is modular and reusable.
object-oriented analysis
The ____ method of developing systems stresses team interaction and reflects a set of community-based values.
Structured analysis is a traditional systems development technique that uses a series of phases, called the ____, to plan, analyze, design, implement, and support an information system.
Because it focuses on processes that transform data into useful information, structured analysis is called a(n) ____ technique.
In the ____, like that shown in the accompanying figure, the result of each phase, which is called a deliverable or end product, flows sequentially into the next phase in the SDLC.
waterfall model
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, the ____ usually begins with a formal request to the IT department, called a systems request, which describes problems or desired changes in an information system or a business process.
systems planning phase
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, the purpose of the ____ is to build a logical model of the new system.
systems analysis phase
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, the purpose of the ____ is to create a physical model that will satisfy all documented requirements for the system.
systems design phase
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, during ____, the new system is constructed.
systems implementation
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, during ____, the IT staff maintains, enhances, and protects the system.
systems support and security
Whereas structured analysis treats processes and data as separate components, ____ combines data and the processes that act on the data into things called objects.
In object-oriented programming, an object is a member of a(n) ____, which is a collection of similar objects.
In object-oriented design, built-in processes called ____ can change an object’s properties.
Agile methods typically use a(n) ____model, which represents a series of iterations based on user feedback.
When building an information system, all of the following basic guidelines should be considered except ____.
ensure that users are not involved in the development process
The ____ group typically provides leadership and overall guidance, but the systems themselves are developed by teams consisting of users, managers, and IT staff members.
application development
____ provides vital protection and maintenance services for system software and hardware, including enterprise computing systems, networks, transaction processing systems, and corporate IT infrastructure.
Systems support and security
A systems analyst needs ____.
all of the above

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