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Chapter 1 & 2 – Management – Test Bank

Scientific Management is associateed with
Fredrick Taylor
A flex style of management means
adjusting decisions and actions to the needs of the situation
Human relations theory emphasizes
a fair day’s work
Human skills needed by a manager include
ability to advise workers on personal matters
Participative management
allows workers to take part in decisions affecting them
Management theory
must be adapted to the situation and the people involved
A supervisor has an obligation to customers to
see that their needs and desires are met, train workers in guest relations, represent the enterprise well
An organization chart shows
lines of authority and responsibility
An approach to management that blends standardization, concern with people, and participative techniques is called
humanistic management
A poor work climate can cause
low productivity and fewer customers
Why is it not uncommon for some hourly workers such as bartenders and serving personnel to take home more pay than their supervisors?
Supervisors are exempt employees and are not covered by wage and hour laws.
Total Quality Management (TQM) is a
participative process that empowers all level of employees to work in groups to establish guest service expectations
Boomerang management occurs when a
supervisor reverts from a management point of view to a worker’s point of view
Authority in hospitality management can be defined as
having the right to make the necessary decisions and take necessary actions to get the job done
Working supervisors
in close contact with the people they supervise, focus on work
The supervisors’ role is to
be responsible for the quantity and quality of the products and services, meet employee needs, be responsible for the output of the people supervised
The supervisor’s authority comes from
power to hire and fire, reward and punish, consistent disciplinary action, acceptance of authority by workers
Management by example refers to
setting a good example for your workers
When an employee has much commitment but little competence to do a job, the best leadership style according to situational leadership theories is
Leadership style refers to
the manner of interaction the supervisor uses with employees in directing and controlling the work
A fear-and-punishment leadership style
breeds resentment, low morale, and personnel problems
The Theory X view of workers holds that
people dislike work and must be coerced and threatened with punishment to get the work done
The Theory Y view of workers holds that
work is as natural as play, and people will work of their own accord toward objectives that fill personal needs
The leadership style that delegates all authority and power to the employees is called
Situational leadership theory holds that
the degree of worker participation should depend on the work, the people, the leader, and time pressures—the total situation
Which of the following statements is true concerning the development of leaders?
Which of the following statements is true concerning the development of leaders?
A Formal Leader is one who is
according to the organizational chart “in charge”
Over ________% of the hospitality industry is women
A transformational leader
none of the above
A transactional leader(s)
motivates through appealing to the workers self- interest (rewards)
According to the theory of Situational Leadership the types of behaviors are
a. directive and supportive
The hotel and restaurant industry depends on large numbers of people to fill_________, __________ jobs that have little interest and no perceived future
entry level, low wage
In your typical full service restaurant you will lose _______ of your hourly employees in _________ year(s)
all, 1
Being a leader means
being someone that people follow voluntarily
According to McGregor, the autocratic style is typical of which theory?
Theory X
Which of the following is not one of the four styles of leading?

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