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Chapter 10 History

White business leaders forced what King to change Hawaii’s constitution to grant voting rights only to wealthy landowner?
King K
U.S. military and economic leaders pressure Hawaii to allow the United States to build a naval base where?
Pearl Harbor
What U.S. Navy Admiral urged the United States to construct many new battleships, transforming the nation into the world’s third largest naval power?
Alfred T. Manan
What tariff causes a crisis by threatening Hawaiian sugar growers with economic disaster?
McKinley Tariff
She becomes Hawaii’s queen and proposes a new constitution and deifies American intervention in her country?
Queen Lil
With the aid of the U.S. ambassador, white business groups overthrow the Hawaiian government and establish a provisional government with whom as president?
Sanford B. Dole
What president formally recognizes the Republic of Hawaii.
What president, who favors the annexation of Hawaii, takes over the presidency from Cleveland?
Who actually proclaims Hawaii an American territory?
Why was Hawaii of value to the U.S.?
Great for growing plants, mainly pineapple and sugar cane.
Why was Alaska of value to the U.S.?
They found oil, timber, and minerals.
A sensational style of writing that exaggerated the news to lure readers.
Yellow Journalism
Volunteer calvary unit fought in a famous land battle near Santiago, Cuba.
Rough Riders.
This Cuban poet and journalist launched a Cuban revolution in 1895.
José Martí
Soon after this was destroyed the U.S. declared war on Spain.
U.S.S. Maine
This nation gained its independence in the Spanish-American war.
Its criticism of the American president caused American resentment toward Spain to turn to outrage.
De Lôme Letter
General that forced cubans to relocate to concentration camps where thousands of them died.
After the war, the U.S. paid 20 million dollars to Spain for the annexation of this land.
Roosevelt was declared the hero of this, even though he and his units played only a minor role in its capture.
San Juan Hill
Was the naval commander who led the American forces that steamed into Manila Bay and destroyed the Spanish Fleet.
George Dewey
What events increased the tension between the U.S. and Spain?
Headline wars; The De Lome letter; the U.S.S. Maine explodes
What were the unstated editorial policies of yellow journalism?
To create headlines that would attract the most viewers even if the information was true or not
In which nation did the Boxer Rebellion take place?
Which nation was directly affected by the Foraker Act?
Puerto Rico
What was the purpose of the Foraker Act?
To end military rule and set up civil government in Puerto Rico.
For which nation was the focus of John Hay’s “Open Door Notes”?
For which nation’s independence did Emiio Aguinaldo fight?
To which nation did the Treaty of Paris of 1898 guarantee independence from Spain?
Which nation did the Platt Amendment make a U.S. protectorate?
Which nation was not affected by the Spanish-American War?
Which nation attempted to achieve its independence by going to war against the United States?
In which nation did the United states use the same sort of concentration camp practices that it had condemned Spain for using in Cuba?
At the turn of the century, which of these nations could be best described an as independent, though bullied trading partner in the United States?
By the turn of the century, what were the three main beliefs that guided American foreign policy?
1. Americans believed that the growth of the U.S. economy depended on exports. 2. they felt the United States had a right to intervene abroad to keep foreign markets open. 3. They feared the close of an area to American products, citizens, or ideas threatened U.S. survival.
Why was Puerto Rico important to the United States?
It was a base for warships.
Panama Canal was built during his presidency.
The United States and Mexico came close to war during his presidency.
Woodrow Wilson
He led American forces in Mexico in pursuit of a Mexican Revolutionary War.
John J. Pershins
American troops were sent into Mexico to try to capture this Mexican revolutionary leader.
Pancho Villa
Term that refers to the policy of using the U.S. government to guarantee loans made to foreign countries by American business-people.
Dollar Diplomacy
Its construction ranks as one of the world’s greatest engineering feats.
Panama Canal
Term that refers to the policy of denying recognition of Latin American governments that the United States viewed as oppressive, undemocratic, or hostile to U.S. interests.
Missionary Diplomacy
“Big Stick” Diplomacy.
Roosevelt Corollary
What 3 things stimulated U.S. imperialism?
1. Thirst for new economic markets. 2. Desire for military strength. 3. A belief in the cultural superiority or the anglo saxton culture.
What country’s citizens became american citizens in 1917?
Puerto Rico
“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”
William Randolph Hearst
Why did Roosevelt win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?
Mediating a treaty to end the war between Japan and Russia.
List 3 conflicts during this time in which U.S. military troops were involved?
Russian/Japanese war,
Hawaiian Revolution, Cuba’s 2nd War.
What amendment did the United States insist Cuba include in its constitution?
Platt Amendment
What war ended with the Treaty of Paris 1898?
Spanish-American War.

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