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Chapter 11 Management

Which of the following characteristics is included in leading people?
___________ is the tendency to attribute to an individual the characteristics one believes are typical of the group to which that individual belongs.
___________ is the extent to which you feel positively or negatively about various aspects of your work.
Job Satisfaction
____________ is defined as a learned predisposition toward a given object.
___________ are abstract ideals that guide one’s thinking and behavior across all situations.
Burnout can be expressed by employees in various ways. Which are common ways that burnout is expressed?
-Taking longer lunch breaks
-Showing indifference to performance
-Missed deadlines
True/False: The Big Five personality dimensions are extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience.
According to the text, behaviors are defined as people’s:
True/False: Attitudes are composed of affective, cognitive, and behavioral components.
What are the five personality traits that managers need to be aware of to understand workplace behavior?
-Locus of control
-Emotional intelligence
___________ reflects the extent to which an employee identifies with an organization and is committed to its goals.
Organizational commitment
True/False: Job involvement is the extent to which an individual is immersed in his or her present job.
Which of the following are characteristics of a Type A behavior pattern?
-Increased performance
_________ is the tension people feel when they are facing or enduring extraordinary demands, constraints, or opportunities and are uncertain about their ability to handle them effectively.
Which of the following is an interdisciplinary field that is dedicated to better understanding and management of people at work?
Organizational behavior
which are generally considered counterproductive work behaviors?
-Alcohol abuse
-Being late to work
-Sexual harassment
True/False: Turnover is when an employee doesn’t show up for work because they are sick.
True/False: The four important types of workplace behaviors managers should know are evaluating employees when they are working, when they are not working, when they exceed work roles, and when those behaviors are counterproductive.
You can reduce cognitive dissonance by:
-Reducing the importance of the inconsistent behavior
-Changing your attitude and/or behavior
-Finding positive elements that outweigh the dissonant ones
True/False: Organizational citizenship behaviors are those behaviors are those behaviors not directly part of the employees’ job descriptions that exceed their work-role requirements.
Which is a benefit of positive stress?
-Increased creativity
-Increased effort
-Increased performance
Someone who takes initiative and perseveres to influence the environment:
has a proactive personality
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in perceptual process?
Reducing dissonance
What are some steps in perceptual process?
-Retrieving from memory
-Storing in memory
-Selective attention
Which are considered types of distortion in perception?
-Halo effect
-Selective perception
-Casual attribution
Roles are sets of behaviors that people expect of occupants of a position. Stress may come from which of the following role characteristics?
-Role ambiguity
-Role overload
-Role conflict
True/False: People with a Type A behavior pattern are involved in a chronic, determined struggle to accomplish more in less time.
Someone with __________ is able to cope, to empathize with others, and to be self-motivated.
emotional intelligence
In what ways does workplace stress affect job performance?
-Moderate levels of stress lead to optimal performance
-High levels of stress lead to low performance
-Low levels of stress lead to low performance
___________ is important for managers to understand because it has considerable bearing on the manager’s judgement and job and can lead to mistakes that can be damaging to yourself, other people, and your organization.
Managers can create stress for employees by:
-Exhibiting inconsistent behavior
-Providing inadequate directions
-Showing a lack of concern
-Failing to provide support
________ consists of the stable and enduring psychological traits and behavioral attributes that defines a person’s unique identity.
____________ is when employees leave their jobs either voluntarily or involuntarily.
____________ is defined as an individual’s involvement, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for work.
Employee enagement
Making inferences about the causes for observed behavior is referred to as ___________.
casual attribution
Sally is rushing to get to the annual budget meeting when Joe stops her in the hall. Sally glances at her watch anxiously. Joe notices Sally looking at her watch and says “Sorry, I see you’re busy. Catch you later.” Joe is a __________.
high self-monitor
The degree to which people have positive feelings about themselves is called:
The Big Five personality dimensions of extroversion, agreeableness, and consciousness all have a positive relationship to job performance; however, of those ______________ has the strongest positive correlation.
Administrative changes that managers can make to reduce the stressors that lead to employee burnout.
Emotional intelligence is characterized by which of the following traits?
-Social awareness
-Relationship management
Forming a positive impression of an individual based on a single trait is called:
the halo effect
Alcoholism is associated with what?
-Is potentially fatal
-Is chronic
-Becomes progressively worse
True/False: The three types of attitudes managers are particularly interested in are employee engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.
True/False: The measure of how much people believe they are in charge of their fate through their own efforts is called locus of control.
______________ distorts managers’ problem solving as shown in a classic study where human resource managers said a problem was a people issue, marketing executives said it was a sales issue, and production people said it was a manufacturing issue.
Selective perception
Which of the following characteristics would be included in openness to experience?
-Broad minded

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