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Chapter 11 (notes 1)

A ________ is a collection of related data that can be stored, sorted, organized, and queried.
If a business keeps two lists, one for employee payroll and one for employee benefits information, both containing name and address information, this is an example of data ________.
Data ________ means that the data contained in a database is accurate and reliable.
Data centralization
helps to ensure data integrity by maintaining information in only one
Database information cannot be changed once it is entered.
Which of the following is NOT a typical disadvantage associated with databases?
individual trained in the design and building of databases is called a database ________.
Implementing data mining
Which of the following is NOT a main operation of a database management system (DBMS)?
Data management system
What does the acronym DBMS stand for?
Microsoft ________ is a database management system.
In a database, a ________ is synonymous with a category of information.
In a database, a ________ is a group of related fields.
In a database, a group of related records is called a(n) ________.
In a database, ________ fields store numbers used to perform calculations.
In a database, a chart is stored in a(n) ________ field.
A Web address is stored as a(n) ________ field in a database.
If a numeric field has a size of 5, which is the highest number it can hold?
Data dictionary
A database schema is also called a(n) ________.
Prior to entering data into a database, you must create a data ________ entry for each field in the database.
________ size defines the maximum number of characters or digits that a particular field can hold.
Default value
A ________ is automatically displayed in a field unless the user enters something different.
Street address
Which of the following is NOT a likely primary key?
________ is the process of reducing data redundancy by recording data only once.
Primary key
Each record must have a unique field called a(n) ________ field.
____ databases have the largest market share among the primary types of electronic
A link between tables that defines how the data are related
In a relational database, what is a relationship?
A ________ relationship indicates that for each record in a table, there is only a single corresponding record in a related table.
Referential integrity
________ means that for each value in the foreign key of one table, there is a corresponding value in the primary key of another table.
Nontraditional data such as audio clips, video clips, pictures, and very large documents are called ________ data.
binary large objects (BLOBs
Unstructured data such as video clips and pictures are known as ________ because of the way they are encoded.
They store data in table format
Which of the following statements about object-oriented databases is FALSE?
Data in a multidimensional database is organized in a ________ format.
A ________ check allows you to set credits allowed for students during one quarter from 0
to 21.
A(N) ________ check determines whether all required fields were filled in.
A ________ check compares the values of data in two or more fields to see whether those values are reasonable.
A ________ temporarily displays records that match the specified criteria.
A(n) ________is a way of retrieving information from one or more tables that defines a
particular subset of data.
Select query
A ________ displays a subset of data from a table (or tables) based on the criteria specified.
relational algebra
SQL uses ________ to extract records from a database by using English-like expressions that have variables and operations.
When you want to extract data from two or more tables, you use a(n) ________ query.
________ involves putting data into an electronic file in a format that another
application can understand.
A data ________ is a large-scale electronic repository of data that contains and organizes all of an organization’s data in one place.
Data mine
Which of the following is NOT a data source for a data warehouse?
Mining of data
Data staging consists of all of the following steps, EXCEPT ________.
Office support system
A(n) ________ is designed to improve communications and assist employees in accomplishing their daily tasks.
Real time
In a transaction-processing system (TPS), if the TPS database is queried and updated while the transaction is taking place, this is called ________ processing.
In a transaction-processing system, if transaction data are accumulated until a certain point and then many transactions are processed all at once, this is called ________ processing.
Which of the following is NOT a type of management information system (MIS) report?
exception reports
Management information systems (MIS) provide reports called ________, which show conditions that are unusual or need attention from users of the system.
natural language processing (NLP) system
The Siri speech-recognition feature on Apple’s iPhone 4s is an example of a ________.
Artificial intelligence
________ is the branch of computer science that deals with the attempt to create computers that think like humans.
External data
An example of ________ is customer demographic data purchased from third parties or statistics compiled by the federal government.
Internal data
In a data warehouse, data gathered from sales, billing, and inventory departments are examples of ________ sources.
Knowledge base system
An expert system and a natural language processing system are both _.
Data mining
Classification, affinity grouping, and estimation are ________ methods used by
managers to make their data more meaningful.

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