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chapter 13 business

information manager
the manager responsible for the activities needed to generate, analyze, and disseminate info that a company needs to make good decisions
information management
an internal operation that arranges the firm’s info resources to support business performance and outcomes
raw facts and figures
a meaningful, useful interpretation of data
information system (IS)
an organized method of transforming data into info that can be used for decision making
transaction processing system (TPS)
applications of info processing for basic day-to-day business transactions
system operations personnel
ppl who run the company’s computer equipment
computer-aided design (CAD)
computer analysis and graphics programs that are used to create new products
computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
computer systems used to design and control all the equipment and tools for producing goods
management information systems (MIS)
systems that support an organization’s managers by providing reports, schedules, plans, and budgets
decision support system (DSS)
an interactive system that locates and presents info needed to support the decision-making process.
executive support system (ESS)
a quick-reference, easy-access application of info systems specially designed for upper-level managers
artificial intelligence (AI)
the development of computer systems to imitate human thought and behaviour
expert system
a form of artificial intelligence in which a program draws on the rules an expert in a given field has laid out to arrive at a solution for a problem
information technology (IT)
the various devices for creating, storing, exchanging, and using info in diverse modes, including visual images, voice, multimedia, and business data.
producing larger volumes of products or services, but giving customers the choice of features and options they want
the gigantic network of networks that serves millions of computers; offers info ab business, science, and government; and provides communication flows among more than 170 000 separate networks around the world
world wide web
a standardized code for accessing info and transmitting data over the internet, which provides the common language that allows info sharing on the internet
a company’s private network that is accessible only to employees via entry through electronic firewalls
a network that allows outsiders limited access to a firm’s internal info system
electronic conferencing
allows ppl to communicate simultaneously from diff locations via telephone, video, or mail group software
VSAT satellite communications
a transmitter-receiver (transceiver) that sits outdoors with a direct line of sight to a satellite. The hub-a ground station computer at the company’s headquarters- sends signals to and receives signals from the satellite, exchanging voice, video, and data transmissions.
computer network
a group of two or more computers linked together by some form of cable (fiber-optic, coaxial, or twisted wire) or by wireless technology to share data or resources
client-serve network
a network composed of both clients (users) and servers that allows the clients to access various services without costly and unnecessary duplication
wide area networks (WANs)
computers that are linked over long distances-province-wide or even nationwide-through telephone lines, microwave signals, or satellite communicates.
local area networks (LANs)
computers that are linked in a smaller area, such as all of a firm’s computers within a single building
wireless wide area networks (WWANs)
networks that use airborne electronic signals instead of wires to link computers and electronic devices over long distances
Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)
an access point in a specific location, such as a coffee shop, hotel, or airport terminal, that provides wireless internet connections for ppl on the go
wireless local area network (wireless LAN or WLAN)
the individual network that provides Wi-Fi
the physical components, such as keyboards, monitors, system units, and printers.
programs that tell the computer how to function
computer graphic programs
programs that convert numeric and character data into pictorial info like charts and graphs
software that connects group members for email distribution, electronic meetings, message storing, appointments and schedules, and group writing.
electronic spreadsheets
arrange data across and down the page in rows and columns
cyber-criminals who gain unauthorized access to a computer or network, either to steal info, money, or property or to tamper with data.
software piracy
the unauthorized use of software such as word processing and spreadsheets
identity theft
the unauthorized stealing of personal info (such as social insurance numbers and addresses) to get loans, credit cards, or other monetary benefits by impersonating the victim.
intellectual property
a product of the mind-something produced by the intellect, with great expenditure of human effort-that has commercial value
software masquerading as a friendly file available as a “giveaway” or shared among individual users on their PCs that monitors the host computer’s activities
junk email sent to a mailing list or a newsgroup
security system with special software or hardware devices designed to keep computers safe from hackers
anti-virus software
products that protect systems by searching incoming email and data files for “signatures” of known viruses and for virus-like characteristics
encryption system
the use of a secret numerical code to scramble characters in a msg, so that the msg is not understandable during transmission
internet service providers (ISPs)
commercial firms that maintain a permanent connection to the internet and sell temporary connections to subscribers

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