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Chapter 14: Designing and Delivering Oral and Online Presentations

Speeches and oral presentations are much like any other messages in that
all require similar planning
When you prepare a speech or presentation, your first step involves
analyzing the situation
The two most common purposes of business presentations are to
inform and persuade
One of the steps in analyzing your audience is to
determine their likely emotional state
Selecting the right medium for your presentation
an important decision since technology offers a number of choices
When organizing a speech or presentation, your first step is to
define the main idea
The best way to clarify your main idea in a presentation is to
develop a single sentence that links your subject and purpose to your audience’s frame of reference
For business presentations, time restraints are usually
rigid, permitting little or no flexibility
When using conventional structured slides, try to average one slide for every _________ minutes(s) you speak
If you are not given a time limit for your presentation, you should
keep the presentation as short as possible while accomplishing your purpose
If you have 10 minutes or less to deliver a presentation, you should
organize your presentation as you would a brief written message
?Longer speeches and presentations are organized like
When organizing a speech, use the indirect approach if your purpose is to _______ and the audience is ________.
persuade, resistant
When preparing an outline for your speech, keep in mind that
it can include delivery cues, such as where you plan to pause for emphasis or use visuals
To reduce the formality of an oral presentation
deliver your remarks in a conversational tone
Formal presentations differ from informal ones in that
formal presentations are often delivered from a stage or platform
In the introduction to your presentation, it is important to
establish credibility
One effective way to arouse interest at the start of a speech is to
unite the audience around a common goal
As a speaker, how you go about establishing credibility depends in part on
whether or not you are known to the audience as an expert in the subject matter
“Now that we’ve reviewed the problem, let’s take a look at some solutions” is an example of
a good transition between major sections of a speech
To hold your audience’s attention during the body of your speech, you should
relate your subject to your audience’s needs
At the close of a business presentation
be clear about what you want the audience to do next
When you have covered all the main points in your speech, you should
make sure your concluding remarks are memorable and expressed in a tone that is appropriate to the situation
If there is a lack of consensus among the audience at the end of your presentation, you should
make the disagreement clear and be ready to suggest a method for resolving the differences
If your speech or presentation requires the audience to participate in an upcoming project, you should
close your speech by explaining who is responsible for doing what
You should always close your speech
on a memorable note
Disadvantage of delivering a presentation from memory include all of the following except
sounding too informal
Delivering your presentation by reading it word-for-word is usually a bad idea except when
you’re covering policy statements or legal documents that must be presented verbatim.
The most effective and easiest mode of delivering presentations in nearly all situations is
speaking from an outline or notes
Speaking from notes or an outline is often effective because
you can maintain a natural speaking flow
Rehearsing your presentation will
help you check your voice, timing, phrasing, and equipment
When checking the location of your presentation in advance, you should
think carefully about the seating of the audience
Which of the following is not a good way to deal with speaking anxiety?
Concentrate on your nervousness
In business presentations, the backchannel is
electronic communication among audience members during the presentation
Sending preview materials to the audience prior to an online presentation
can be helpful, especially if you do not include your entire slide set
An advantage of electronic presentation slides is
they are relatively easy to create and edit
The most popular type of visual aid for business presentations is
electronic slides
Overhead transparencies are
old-fashioned, but offer some advantages compared to electronic slides
Unlike structured slides, free-form slides
don’t follow a rigid structure, but are still unified by design elements such as color and font selection
A slideument is
an electronic slide that tries to function as both a presentation visual and a printed document
Four important design elements to consider when creating slides include all of the following except
writing content
When preparing a back ground design for slides,
be careful when using the design templates that come with your software
The slide master feature in presentation software
helps create a consistent design for your entire slide show
When using builds, you should
reveal information in a way that helps your audience better understand your message
Hyperlinks are useful in slide presentations for
doing all of the above
During the revision stage of preparing your slide presentation, you should
check for readability and conciseness
A title slide
is the equivalent of a report’s cover and title page
In an upcoming presentation, you plan to cover three important changes to your employees’ working hours. The proper place to list this plan would be the _______ slide.
________ slides indicate which material has been covered and which section you are about to begin
Which of the following would be an appropriate handout to accompany an oral presentation?
A list of relevant websites

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