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Chapter 14 Multiple Choice

The three dimensions of situational control are leader-member relations, the task structure and _____.
Positional power
Leadership is the ability to ______ employees to pursue organizational goals.
Managerial leadership is defined as the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and the process of _____.
Facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives
According to Kotter, management and leadership are considered to be ________
complementary to each other
_______ is about coping with complexity and ______ is about coping with change.
Management, leadership
According to Kotter, companies manage complexity in all the following ways except _____.
Of the following, which is the best way for leaders to cope with change?
aligning people
Which of the following is not one of the five sources of power?
The power that managers have resulting from their formal positions within organizations is called ______ power.
Anar congratulated her staff when the team received an industry award for their project, and also sent a companywide e-mail announcing it. Here, Anar is using her ______ power.
Karl was put on probation for a string of customer complaints about his poor service and professionalism. His supervisor was using ______ power.
______ power results from ones specialized knowledge
Power deriving from one’s personal attraction is called ______ power.
Trina is outgoing, warm, and truly inspirational when she talks about where she wants to lead her division. Her employees seem eager to do anything she asks. Because of her personality and not her position, Trina has ______ power.
In recent studies, the generic influence tactic that employees cite as most used in the workplace is _____.
rational persuasion
The three least used influence tactics, according to a recent survey of employees, are _____.
legitimating, coalition tactics, and pressure tactics
Acting humble or friendly or making someone feel good or important before making a request are influence tactics known as _____.
ingratiating tactics
Lamar brought his proposal to Lindsay before the meeting saying, “I’m sure you have some ideas on this and we could try to get them incorporated upfront.” Lamar is using which influence tactic?
Using threats or intimidation to persuade someone is which influence tactic?
When Nelson saw Betty in the stockroom stuffing her purse with expensive printer cartridges, Betty was quick to say, “We’ve been friends since first grade, so I’m sure you won’t say anything about this.” This is an example of using a(n) _____.
personal appeal
The influence tactic most likely to result in the enthusiastic commitment of employees is _____.
The ______ approach to leadership attempts to identify distinctive characteristics that account for the effectiveness of leaders.
Organizations may apply trait theory by _______
using personality assessments and management development programs
Which of the following would be considered a negative interpersonal trait often found in leaders?
According to a BusinessWeek summary of management studies, which of the following is characteristic of men in the workplace, compared with women?
Using a more autocratic style
______ leadership approaches attempt to determine the distinctive styles used by effective leaders.
Which of the following is not a behavioral leadership approach?
Research indicates that women tend to display more _____, while men tend to display more ______.
Social leadership; task leadership
James manages his employees by carefully monitoring their production, comparing what they do to predicted schedules and desired budgets. James can best be described as a ______ leader.
Increasing employee psychological empowerment requires four kinds of behaviors, including all of the following except _____.
Regina apologized to Clay for an e-mail that upset him. She said she had chosen an inconsiderate way of stating her idea, and that she’d be happy to discuss it further. Regina is _____.
expressing consideration behavior
Factors that can help participative management work include all the following except ________
relationships foster competition and defensiveness
The approach to leadership that suggests that effective leadership behavior depends on the situation at hand is the ______ approach.
The three dimensions of situational control include leader-member relations, position power, and _____.
task structure
Fiedler’s contingency leadership model determines if a leader’s style is _____.
task-oriented or relationship-oriented
The model that requires a manager to assess her own style and her situational control is _____.
Fiedler’s contingency model
_________ is the questionnaire used in Fiedler’s model to determine leadership orientation.
least preferred coworker scale
In Fiedler’s contingency leadership model, the amount of influence a leader has in his or her immediate work environment is called his or her _____.
situational control
David’s peers were surprised when he received a promotion and suddenly became their supervisor. They thought he was rather unreliable and weren’t sure he was up to the task. According to the contingency model, David has _____.
poor leader-member relations
One of three dimensions of situational control in the contingency leadership model, ______ is the extent to which tasks are routine, unambiguous, and easily understood.
task structure
Erin, a department manager, is struggling trying to lead a cross-functional team. Most members are other department managers at her level, and they see no reason to do what she asks. Here, Erin has _____.
weak position power
According to the contingency model, a relationship-oriented leadership style works best in ________ situations.
Jane leads a task force developing specifications for a new customer database to be used by several departments. Jane is an IT supervisor, but most of the others are directors of other departments. At the first meeting, a few of them asked questions that she couldn’t answer. According to the contingency model, Jane’s situational control is likely _____.
“Do my subordinates accept me as a leader?” This question reflects which of the following dimensions of situational control?
leader-member relations
Kim supervises a group of customer service representatives. Kim is respected and well liked by her staff, and she has worked hard to make sure each of them knows how to do their job well. She is responsible for all staffing and reward decisions in her department. In the contingency model, Kim has _____.
high situational control
Marcel supervises a group of paralegals serving the firm’s lawyers. He gets along well with his employees, and has created detailed procedures for all types of legal document they encounter. Marcel hires and fires, and gives work assignments, performance appraisals, and promotions. According to the contingency model, the optimal leadership style here is _____.
According to Fiedler’s contingency model, ______ situation control favors a leader who is ______-oriented.
moderate; relationship
____________ is the model in which an effective leader makes desirable rewards available, clarifies how employees can achieve objectives, and provides them support in doing so.
Hour’s path-goal model
According to House’s revised path-goal theory, a leader’s style should vary depending on which of the following?
employees characteristics and environmental factors
Which of the following is not an employee characteristic of relevance in path-goal theory?
position power
Which of the following is a characteristic of transformational leaders?
They encourage people to do exceptional things with trust, commitment, and loyalty to produce significant results and change
Charismatic leadership is now considered part of ______ leadership.
Which of the following is not positively associated with transformational leadership, according to research?
less group cohesion
______ model of leadership emphasizes that leaders have different sorts of relationships with different employees.
Leader-member exchange
In the leader-member exchange model, the relationship between leader and follower that is characterized by mutual trust, respect, and liking is known as a(n) ________ exchange.
A leader who focuses on providing increased service to others is called a _____.
Servant Leader
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has made sure his employees have health insurance and work in a positive environment. He could best be described as which type of leader?
______ have a global mind-set that recognizes that the Internet is opening new markets and recharging existing ones.
Leaders especially want ________ who are productive, reliable, honest, cooperative, proactive, and flexible.
“Do my subordinates perform unambiguous, easily understood tasks?” This question reflects the dimension of situational control called _____.
task structure

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