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chapter 2 isys 363

THe most widely used collaboration software tool used by very large firms is
Lotus Note
The ________________ is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with existing data privacy laws.
CPO- chief privacy officer.
Which type of information system would an intranet be most easily adapted to
Interaction jobs are those jobs which:
In a business environment, the focus of collaboration is to:
accomplish the task at hand
The principal liaison between the inforamtion systems groups and the rest of the organization is a(n):
systems analyst
A __________ is a senior manager who oversees the use of IT in the firm.
Which type of system would you use to forecast the return on investment if you used new suppliers with better delivery track records?
THese systems are designed to support organization-wide process coordination and integration
Enterprise applications
ESS are specifically designed to serve the ___________ level of the organization.
Senior management.
Decision-support systems help managers make decision that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.
ESSs are designed to incorporate data about external events, but they also draw summarized information from internal MIS and DSS
The decision to grant credit to a customer is normally made by a senior manager.
False, it’s made by operational managers.
Deciding whether to introduce a new product line is the responsibility of an operational manager.
False, it’s made by senior manager.
Senior management is responsible for directing the day-to-day activities of the business.
You have been hired by Inspiration Inc, to help improve their profit margin. Inspiration Inc. is a business
communications consultancy that services many clients in different industries throughout the U.S. The
end products of the company are customized recommendations for the best use of a client’s existing
resources for improving internal communications, typically delivered via documentation in different
media. The company has approximately 100 consultants all of whom are located in their central
headquarters in Chicago. What system do you recommend to improve the company’s business
processes and increase their profit margin?
Extranet, to enable quick collaboration over the internet, minimize the time spent communicating with the client, and minimize the amount of paperwork needed.
Which type of system would you use to determine what trends in your supplier’s industry will affect your firm the most in five years?
___________system provide information to coordinate all of the business processes that deal with customers in sales, marketing, and service to optimize revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention
customer relationship management system (CRM)
Executive support system are information systems that support the:
long-range planning activities of senior management.
Buying or selling goods over the internet is called
____________systems often deliver information to senior executives through a portal
executive support
what analytical framework discussed in the chapter helps understand and evaluate the benefits and uses of collaboration tools?
time/space matrix.
Decision-support systems are also referred to as
Business intelligence systems
Enterprise systems do not utilize order transaction data.
ESSs are designed primarily to solve specific problems.
False, unspecific problems.
knowledge management systems are used to gather and distribute the firm’s essential operational data, such as sales reports.
False, used to collect all relevant knowledge and experience in the firm and sometime linked to external sources of knowledge.
A hotel reservation system is a typical example of a management information system.
False, it’s the transaction processing system (TPS)
A(n) __________ collects data from various key business processes and stores the data in a single comprehensive data repository, usable by other parts of the business.
a enterprise system.
A computerized system that performs and records the daily dealings necessary to conduct business is classified as a(n):
transaction-processing system.
A finance and accounting information system aids operational management with
accounts receivable
A relocation control system that reports summaries on the total moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs for employees in all company divisions would fall into the category of
a management information systems
A sales and marketing information system aids operational management in:
tracking sales
A wiki is a type of:
Web site designed for collaborative writing and editing.
Budgeting is typically a feature of an information system serving
middle management
Compensation analysis is an example of ___________ information systems
human resources.
Development and support services for a firm’s business systems are provided by:
Application software services.
Different firms can work collaboratively on product design, marketing, and production using a(n):
Employees that assist with paperwork at all levels of the firm are called
data worker
Equipment scheduling and facilities maintenance are functions of
manufacturing and production systems.
Key forces in a business’s immediate environment include
Management information systems support the
administrative activities of middle managers.
Policies that determine which information technology will be used, when, and how are provided by:
IT standards services
Pricing analysis is an example of a:
Sales and marketing information system serving middle management.
_______support making decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance:
Decision-support systems
__________ systems integrate and share information from supplier, manufacturer, distributor, and customer logistics processes
Supply-chain management
The five basic entities that make up any business are suppliers, customers, employees, products and services, and:
invoices and payments
THese systems are especially suited to situation in which the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be fully predefined in adcance.
Decision-support systems
These systems are typically a major source of data for other systems:
Transaction processing systems
The three principal levels of hierarchies within a business organization are:
senior management, middle management, and operational management
The use of digital technology and the internet to execute the major business processes in the enterprise is called
What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application?
Enabling business functions and departments to share information.
Which of the following is a cross-functional business process?
Fulfilling a customer order
You have been hired by a non-profit agency to implement a system to handle their donations. Event fund-raisers need to be able to quickly access a donor’s information and history. The marketing department needs to be able to create customized mailing lists, in order to send different messages to department needs to be able to create customized mailing lists, in order to send different messages ot different types of donors. What system(s) will best meet these needs?
a TPS with MIS
You manage the Information Systems department at a small startup internet advertiser. You need to setup an inexpensive system that allows customers to see real-time statistics such as views and click-throughs about their current banner ads. Which type of system will most efficiently provide a solution?
You work for a highly successful advertiser that is just about to expand nationally. Of utmost importance will be finding a ways to store and disseminate their client’s constantly updating branding and style guides, which include multiple image files and text documents, to all of their branches. What system will best serve these needs?
An extranet with KMS capabilities.
Cell phones today are a basic part of a firm’s telecommunications infrastructure
Enterprise systems typically od not include transactions with customers and vendors
Information supplied by an enterprise system is structured around cross-functional business processes.
Maintaining online directories of employees with special areas of expertise is one application of knowledge management systems
Management information systems primarily support nonroutine decision making
Most MISs use sophisticated mathematical models or statistical techniques.
Supply chain management systems are more externally oriented than enterprise systems.
TPS help managers monitor the firms’ relations with the external environment.
Transaction processing systems are most commonly encountered at the senior management level of an organization.
Which type of system would you use to change a production schedule if a key supplier was late in delivering goods?

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