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Chapter 3: Communicating in a World of Diversity

“All the characteristics and experiences that define each of us as individuals” is the definition of
Diversity in the workplace can be based on differences in
all of the above
Applied to nonwhite U.S. residents, the term minority is
increasingly inaccurate
Culture influences a person’s understanding of
all of the above
Many difficulties in intercultural communication occur because people in different cultures have different
assumptions about how people should think, behave, and communicate
When you react ethnocentrically, you
assume that your culture is superior to others
Xenophobia is the fear of
strangers and foreigners
The practice of accepting multiple cultures on their own terms is known as
cultural pluralism
Ethnocentrism can be overcome in part by
avoiding assumptions
Cultural differences appear in a number of important areas, including
all of the above
In high-context cultures
people rely more on nonverbal circumstances and cues to convey meaning
To convey meaning in a low-context culture such as the one existing in Germany, people rely more on
explicit verbal communication
When it comes to decision-making customs, North American executives
tend to focus on the results of the decisions they face
Compared to low-context cultures, high-context cultures tend to take a(n)__________ approach regarding the meaning of business contracts.
more flexible
People in the United States generally
view hard-earned material comfort as a worthy goal
Women executives who travel abroad
may not be taken seriously as business people, depending on the culture
Asking a colleague “How was your weekend?” is
accepted in the U.S., but considered intrusive in some cultures
Meeting a deadline is generally less important than building a relationship for business people in
high-context cultures
When it comes to planning for the future,
some societies tend to view it as a waste of time
Associating youth with strength and age with declining powers is
common in the U.S., but not in many Asian societies
When adapting to other cultures, the “Golden Rule” is
less effective than treating others the way they want to be treated
Learning about an unfamiliar culture
is a worthy undertaking—-even if you learn only a small amount.
If you will be living in another country where English is not the official language but you will be doing business in English, you
will show respect by making an effort to learn the language
Letters from Japanese businesspeople tend to be ________ than those written in the United States
less direct
In general, business correspondence in other countries is often ________ _______ than that written by U.S. businesspeople
more formal
When writing for multicultural audiences, it is often helpful to
use simple sentences and short paragraphs
When writing letters to businesspeople in other countries, you should
make generous use of transitional words and phrases
When preparing a message to someone from another culture, you should
be careful to express numbers and dates in the format used in that person’s culture
When writing to audiences whose first language is not English, using humor is generally
a bad idea since jokes usually depend on culture-specific information
Which of the following sentences contains an idiomatic expression?
Making our monthly sales quota will be a piece of cake
To English-speaking U.S. listeners, Arabic speech may sound
excited or angry
When speaking in English to people who use English as a second language, the best approach is to
speak slowly and clearly
During conversations with non-native English speakers, you should
do none of the above
When speaking with someone from another culture, avoid
talking down to the other person
If you translate a message from English into another language, it is a good idea to
have it back-translated
Communication and culture
are so closely related that separating the two is virtually impossible
Cultural competency refers to
the ability to adjust one’s communication style to accommodate cultural differences
Most people belong to
several different cultures
When it comes to core values
many cultures have very little (or nothing) in common with others
Openness and inclusiveness
are not characteristics of many cultures, whose members display a general unwillingness to accommodate outsiders.
Which of the following is not a common nonverbal difference among various cultures?
tone of voice
Compared to younger employees, older workers
can offer broader experience and high degrees of “practical intelligence”
Companies concerned that religious differences may cause friction among employees
have, in many cases, forbidden employees from engaging in religious activities at work
Ability differences among employees and customers
have led many companies to make websites more accommodating to persons with disabilities
When adapting to business cultures, a sense of humor
can help people move past awkward and embarrassing moments.
If you are preparing to conduct business with others from a different culture,
even a small amount of research and practice will help you get through most business situations
when writing to audiences who first language is not English, using plenty of transitions
helps readers follow your train of thought
Citing numbers and dates
Should be done carefully when communicating with audiences from other cultures
In conversations with others whose first language is not English, you should
not interrupt, even if you do not understand or need to correct a misconception
In conversations with a nonnative English speaker with whom you have a longstanding business relationship, you notice that he consistently makes language mistakes that could hurt his credibility. In response, you should
politely offer advice on the appropriate words and phrases to use

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