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Chapter 3 review (multiple choice)

long reports and complex business problems
All of the following would probably require informal research methods except
use a single item under a major component.
All of the following are effective tips for creating an outline except
What is the recommended maximum number of words for a sentence?
To take advantage of the discounted pricing, place your order immediately.
Which of the following sentences uses modifiers correctly?
Poor organization
According to communication experts, what is the greatest failing of business writers?
Questionnaires and surveys of employees
Ahna is sending a persuasive memo to her staff asking them to participate in the new wellness program. Which of the following sources of information would be most appropriate to help Ahna shape an effective persuasive message for her staff?
Respects the feelings of the audience
Which of the following is an advantage of the indirect strategy?
ideas are linked; that is, one idea leads logically to the next.
Paragraphs are coherent when
scientific experiment that presents price choices with controlled variables.
Quality Building Materials Inc. has developed a new whole-house weather blanket and needs to determine the price point at which builders would switch to this new product. The best research method for this is a(n)
uses similar structures to express similar words.
Parallel writing
explain all background information first.
When you expect a reader of your message to be uninterested, unwilling, displeased, or hostile, you should
A broken-off part of a sentence
What is a sentence fragment?
Big business demands superior forecasting, reporting, and analyzing.
Which of the following uses parallel structure?
Although cash refunds are not offered, you can exchange resalable merchandise.
Which of the following sentences is most effective in de-emphasizing the bad news?
Topic sentence
What do most business writers use as the first sentence in a paragraph?
What is the receiver to do?
Before composing a business document, you should gather information that will answer which of these questions?
connect ideas
are coherent, include supporting sentences that expand and explain the main idea, usually present the main idea in the first sentence.
Effective paragraphs
place the subject of the sentence as the doer of the action.
Active-voice sentences
Consider adding a statement of qualifications section on your résumé; but, most important, include specific and relevant previous employment information.
Which of the following sentences emphasizes an idea through style?
comma splice
Technology has changed the working environments of employees, that is why employees are telecommuting more than ever is an example of a
Two independent clauses joined by a comma without a conjunction
What is a comma splice?
Saves the reader’s time
Which of the following is an advantage of the direct strategy?
The indirect strategy is appropriate for all answer choices.
The indirect strategy is most appropriate for what kind of messages?
Our new telecommuting program will begin on August 1.
Which of the following message openings is the most direct opening for an e-mail message announcing a new telecommuting plan?
Sensitive messages
Which of the following kinds of business messages typically use the indirect strategy?
A few unhappy customers criticized the company’s rigid return policy.
Which of the following uses only active voice in a complete sentence?
contain eight or fewer printed lines.
Paragraphs should
firsthand information.
As interns in human resource management, Brad and his team are administering a professionally developed employee questionnaire to collect information on workplace violence. This type of research produces data that is considered
record ideas without judging them.
When brainstorming to generate ideas, you should
Investigating primary sources
Which of the following is a formal research method?
Complex sentence
What kind of sentence contains an independent clause and a dependent clause?
repeat a key idea by using the same expression or a similar one, use pronouns to refer to previous nouns, show connections with transitional expressions.
To build paragraph coherence, a writer should
How many ideas should be developed in a paragraph?
When you want to conceal the doer of the action
When should passive voice be used in business writing?
must be placed close to the words they describe or limit.
Which formal research source is best to obtain firsthand information?
Two independent clauses run together without punctuation or a conjunction
What is a run-on sentence?
A letter to a customer denying his or her request for credit
Which of the following business messages would not use the direct strategy?
states the main idea of the paragraph.
A topic sentence
Compound sentence
What kind of sentence contains two independent clauses?
conducting a scientific experiment.
All of the following are informal research methods except
boldface, a different font style, italics.
To emphasize an idea through mechanics, place it in
Simple sentence
What kind of sentence contains only one independent clause?
researching the topic.
The second phase of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with
expecting the audience to be pleased, mildly interested, or neutral
The direct strategy would be most appropriate when
HMO and PPO insurance plans offer additional cost savings
Which of the following is a simple sentence?
Because of rising insurance premiums, many companies are offering employee-wellness incentives
Which of the following is a complex sentence?
time association
Transitional expressions such as next, first, and finally are useful to show
must relate to the topic sentence
A supporting sentence

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