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Chapter 6: Business Comm

The main tasks in completing a business message consist of all except
should be revised, even if it involves nothing more than a quick review before sending
Messages sent via IM, text messaging, email and blogging
first read through it to evaluate its overall effectiveness
When revising a document, you should
is often helpful, especially with more complex messages
Putting your first draft aside for a day or two before you begin the revision process
the accuracy and relevance of the information
When reviewing your document for content, you should be concerned with
make sure you understand the writer’s intent before you begin suggesting or making changes
When evaluating the work of others, you should
still revise it since there may be other factors you need to address
If a message draft scores well on a readability index, you should
you should not assume that it is well-written
As a general rule, if a document you have written scores well on a readability index,
keeping all sentences the same length
Which of the following is not a technique for helping readers who skim your document?
vary the length of their sentences to maintain reader interest and convey information effectively
Skilled business writers
helps you control the emphasis given to major and minor points
In business messages, varying the length of your sentences
use one-sentence paragraphs only occasionally, for emphasis
When it comes to paragraph length, you should
be sure to introduce it clearly
When creating a list for a business document
guide readers to think a certain way about the topics covered
Informative headings and subheadings
Redesigning material flow to cut production costs
Which of the following is an informative heading?
an overly long sentence
“If the figures are in by the end of the month we will hopefully be able to begin planning for the upcoming year’s budget, but if they are not then the planning process will most definitely have to wait until later” is an example of
The employee’s performance appears to be less than satisfactory
Which of the following is an example of a hedging sentence?
similar ideas are not parallel
What is wrong with the following sentence? “To waste time and missing deadlines are bad habits.”
It contains a dangling modifier
What is wrong with the following sentence? “Having sat on them for two days, the figures Marcy provided were already too late to help.”
a long noun sequence
“Environmental impact consultant study results” is an example of
The recommendation of the committee is to proceed as planned.
Which of the following sentences contains a camouflaged verb?
an awkward reference
“The above-mentioned book” is potentially an example of
helpful to readers, and can make them more likely to read your documents
Editing for conciseness is
Before the project begins, the engineers need the revised specifications from the project manager
Which of the following sentences is the most concisely worded?
“Visible to the eye” is an example of
usually a sign that the sentence could be shorter and more active
Starting a sentence with “It is” or “There are” is
is characterized by all of the above
The “replace all” feature in word-processing programs
highlights words it doesn’t recognize
A spell checker
can help you find just the right word for a given situation
A computer thesaurus
should be careful to use only those words that convey your intended meaning
When using a computer thesaurus, you
style checker
In revising an important report, you want to make sure all numbers are written with numerals rather than being spelled out. Which of the following tools can help with this task?
Which of the following is not discussed in the chapter as an important principle to follow in designing business documents?
balance the space devoted to text, artwork, and white space
For effective document design, you should
provides visual contrast and important resting points for your readers
Using white space in a document
flush-left, ragged
The default margin setting for most word processing software is _________, with the left margin aligned vertically and a ________ margin on the right.
set flush on the left and flush on the right
Justified type is type that is
make messages look more formal
Justified margins
rarely used for text but commonly used for headings
Centered type in business documents is
the physical design of letters, numbers, and other text characters
Typeface refers to
regular paragraph text
Serif typefaces are generally preferable to sans serif fonts for (times new roman)
generally avoid using more than two typefaces on a page
When selecting typefaces for most business documents, you should
type styles
Boldface, italic, underlining, and color are all examples of
generally slows your audience’s progress through the message
Using a variety of type styles in a document
can allow recipients to personalize the communication process to their own needs
Multimedia documents
it is vital to make sure you can legally use them
When using graphics, photos, video clips and other online content in multimedia documents
the freedom readers have to take multiple, individualized paths through your material
One challenge of creating multimedia documents is
offer more advanced and precise layout capabilities
Compared to word processing software, desktop publishing applications
read each page backward, from the bottom to the top
Which of the following techniques can help you proofread more effectively?
consider using recordable media such as DVDs or a file-hosting site
If you’re sending extremely large files, you should
is usually a waste of money unless the audience truly needs to receive it right away
Using overnight delivery for a business message

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