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Chapter 6 GEB

Which of the following messages is not considered routine?
Top management officials announcing a decision to close a factory
The direct organizational plan
Lets the reader quickly see the purpose of the message
What is an advantage of the direct organizational approach?
The major news receives the most attention
Which situation does not normally involve a routine request?
A college student organization wants free soda to give away to students who stop by its fund-raising booth
A request is not routine if you
Believe that the reader will not object to granting your request
You should start a routine request
with the request, which is the main idea
You should use the direct organizational plan when you
are conveying routine information in which the reader is interested
Whens ending a routine message, you should not
telephone with details
Identify an example of a polite request.
A suggestion for communicating with someone from another culture is to
adapt to the reader’s style
Additional explanation or details about your initial request are necessary to
stress how you will benefit if the reader complies with your request
When asking several specific questions in a direct request letters do not
use the indirect organizational plan
To increase the probability that your routine request will be
explain how the reader will benefit by doing what you ask
The final paragraph of a routine request should
do all of these
Which of the following is the most effective closing statement in a request letter?
I trust that, if you want me to order merchandise from your company, you will respond by June 30
Promptness in responding to a routine request is important because
What is the most important guideline to follow when preparing a routine reply?
Answer the request promptly
Which of the following is not appropriate when preparing a routine reply?
Use the indirect organizational plan
A routine reply is
If you wait to respond to a routine request that you are granting, you
may lose the goodwill of the person making the request
Which of the following is the most effective way to refer to an enclosure?
Enclosed is a booklet for your reference
Which of the following is the most appropriate opening sentence in a routine reply?
We are happy to provide the information you requested
Which of the following would be the most appropriate closing statement in a routine reply?
I hope this information is of use to you
Sales promotion appeals should do all of the following except
be subtle
A customer who is dissatisfied with a product and wants a refund or replacement should write ____ letter
a claim
When writing a routine claim letter
be specific when describing the problem
Which sentence is the most acceptable for a claim letter?
I delivered my clothes to the Spiffy laundry by noon. Although your store charged me the extra $5.35 for the same-day pickup, you failed to have my clothes ready until the next evening.
What type of letter is written to inform a customer that the customer’s request regarding a defective product has been
You should provide all of the following background information for a claim letter except
a friend’s testimony verifying the problem
Which of the following is not one of the three sections of the claim letter?
none of these
Which is not true about writing claim letters?
Be emotional to inspire action
You can make your claim letter sound more reasonable by
saying something positive about the company, if it is true.
Which of the following is not true about the adjacent letters?
Showing a grudging tone lets the customer know he or she really didn’t get away with anything.
You should use a gracious, trusting tone in a routine
to avoid losing the customer’s goodwill and confidence
Apologizing in an adjustment letter is appropriate
when the customer has been severely inconvenienced
When writing an adjustment letter, what should you do to explain why a problem occurred
Minimize the amount of resale in your letter
A routine adjustment letter should be organized in this order:
1. good news 2. apology, if necessary 3. explanation 4. courteous closing
Which of the following statements about resale in an adjustment letter is not true?
Promise the problem will never happen again
The following are true about adjustment letters except
grant the claim immediately after the explanation
If you include sales promotion in a routine reply, you should
make it brief as well as subtle
Which of the following would be the least appropriate closing for the adjustment letter?
I am truly sorry for any inconvenience our product may have caused you
An adjustment letter should not end with
an apology for the problem that prompted the claim letter

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