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Chapter 6: Public Opinion

The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place
outside, in the cornfields and town squares of Illinois.
T/F: Interest groups often spend time and money trying to shape public opinion.
Liberalism and conservatism are good examples of
political ideologies.
The practice of push polling involves
the procedure of asking loaded questions in order to subtly shape the respondent’s opinion.
Which of the following statements about political opinions is not true?
The poor are generally less supportive of economic and social programs than the wealthy.
______ are used by researchers to measure public opinion on sensitive issues without letting respondents know what information is being sought.
List experiments
Pollsters use random digit dialing to gather national samples for surveys because
There is not a complete list of all Americans that can be used to identify the population.
Which of the following statements about agencies of socialization is incorrect?
An individual’s religion has no impact on their political views.
The process by which underlying political values are formed is known as
political socialization.
A socialist is someone who believes that
government should be very active in many spheres in order to reduce economic and social inequality.
The median voter theorem states that
the most reliable strategy for a politician to take in winning reelection is to adopt policies that are consistent with the preferences of centrist voters.
T/F: During the formation of an individual’s initial political orientation, the influence of family counts for very little.
Conservatives are more likely than liberals to support
school prayer.
The complex set of beliefs and values that, as a whole, form a general philosophy about the government is called
political ideology.
The term gender gap refers to
differences in political opinions between men and women.
The term public opinion is used to describe
beliefs and attitudes toward different issues, events, and people.
Which of the following statements about the relationship between public opinion and government policy is most accurate?
Although there is no one-to-one correlation between public opinion and government policy, shifts in public opinion on particular issues frequently lead to changes in government policy.
Which of following phenomena is not an illustration of the gender gap?
Men are more likely to join political parties and other social organizations.
A wealthy businessperson who is very liberal is an example of
the fact that group memberships never fully explain all of an individual’s political views.
A political ideology is best defined as
a cohesive set of beliefs that form a general philosophy about the government.
Based on recent polling data, what percentage of Americans disagreed with the statement “Any group should be allowed to hold a rally for a cause”?
31 percent
Why does the marketplace of ideas often have a moderating effect on people’s opinions?
Given constant exposure to other people’s ideas, it is almost impossible for one not to modify one’s own viewpoints.
T/F: Political ideologies do not always provide us with a clear opinion on particular policies.
Which of the following was not part of the Bush administration’s effort to maintain support for its war on terror?
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