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Chapter 6: Revising Business Messages

Revising Tips
-Eliminate flabby expressions
-Limit long lead-ins (unnecessary introductory words)
-Drop unnecessary opening fillers
-Replace redundancies (expressions that repeat meaning or include unnecessary words)
-Purge empty words
-Keep it simple by avoiding indirect, pompous language
-Dump trite “business” phrases (worn-out expressions)
-Drop cliches
-Drop Slang
-Unbury verbs that are needlessly converted to wordy noun expressions
-Control exuberance
Designing documents for readability
-Enhance white space by
**Adding headlines
**Including bulleted or numbered lists
**Using short sentences
**Writing short paragraph
**Setting effective margins
-Use 1 to 1 1/2 inch margins
-Setting for ragged-right margins
-Choose appropriate typefaces
-Use 10-12 pt font
-Use vertical lists or enumerated items within sentences within sentences to improve comprehension
-Use parallel construction by expressing similar ideas in balanced, matching constuctions
-Use numbered lists to show a sequence
-Use bulleted lists to highlight without necessarily showing a sequence
-Add headings for quick comprehension
-Types of headings to consider
**Main headings
**Category headings
What to watch for in proofreading
-Names and Numbers
How to proofread routine documents
-For reading messages on screen
**Use the down arrow to reveal one line at a time
**Read from a printed copy, to be safer
-In general
**Look for typos, misspellings, and easily confused words
**Study the document for inconsistencies and ambiguous expressions
**Look for factual errors
How to proofread complex documents
_Print a copy, preferably double spaced
-set it aside and take a breather
– allow adequate time for careful proofing
-expect errors and congratulate yourself when you can find them
-read the message at least time- once for meaning and once for grammar and mechanics
-reduce your reading and focus on the individual words
Evaluating a Business Message

Did you encourage feedback so that you will know its success? -> How successful will this communication be? -> Does the message say what you want it to say?

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