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chapter 7 hr management

which of the following is true of informal learning
it is motivated by a personal intent to develop
which of the following is usually conducted first when performing a needs assessment in training process
organizational analysis
? outcomes are used to measure the aquisition of knowledge
? is the process of identifying the knowledge, skills, jobs, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in behavior
task analysis
to enhance the employee conscientiousness factor that influences the motivation to learn, an organization should
communicate the need for learning
Which of the following is true of a support network in training?
It is the support that trainees give one another to discuss their progress.
The last stage in the training design process is ensuring the transfer of training.
The last step in an effective onboarding process is _____.
Which of the following types of skills is best improved by behavior-modeling training?
Which of the following is an example of effective onboarding?
Avoiding debasing new employees
Which of the following is true of instructor-led classroom instruction?
This is one of the least time consuming ways to present information.
Adventure learning focuses on developing creativity through the use of simulations and video games.
_____ involves development programs, courses, and events that are developed and organized by the company.
formal training
In the context of factors that influence the motivation to learn, which of the following management actions is likely to increase employees’ self-efficacy?
Emphasizing that learning is under the employees’ personal control
Which of the following is true of an action plan for training?
It is a written document that ensures training transfers to the job.
Simulations can be used to teach production and process skills; however, they cannot be used to teach management and interpersonal skills.
The first step in choosing a training method is to consider the extent to which the method facilitates learning and transfer of training.
Which of the following is true about simulations as a training technique?
They are methods used to represent real-life situations.
Action plans are developed to facilitate _____.
transfer of training
In the training process, _____ analysis involves identifying the conditions such as equipment, environment, and time constraints.
An individual who works in a country other than his or her country of origin is called a(n) _____.
If a training program focuses primarily on ensuring that employees have product or service knowledge, it is taking the strategic initiative to _____.
improve customer service
The first step in task analysis is to
identify the jobs to be examined
_____ analysis involves determining the business appropriateness of training, given the company’s business strategy.
Which of the following factors that influence motivation deals with an employee’s tendency to be reliable, hardworking, self-disciplined, and persistent?
in the onboarding process, the clarification step involves understanding company policies and rules.
A disadvantage of distance learning is the high travel costs incurred during training.
In the first step of the training process, person analysis and task analysis are often conducted at the same time.
In the context of factors that influence the motivation to learn, when an organization seeks to convince employees that they can successfully learn the content of a training program, the organization is primarily focusing on improving
the self-efficacy of the employees.
The first stage in the training design process involves ensuring that employees are ready for training.
A firm focuses on organizational and person analysis during the _____ stage in the training design process.
needs assessment
Pairing up expatriates and their families with an employee from the host country is likely to occur in the _____.
on-site phase

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