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One of the most important purposes of a visual aid in a business report is to make the report colorful and attractive.
An organization chart shows supervisory and direct reporting relationships within an organization.
The best location for a visual aid is on the same page as the text referring to it or the next page.
A stacked-bar chart shows comparison of variable values that fall above or below a reference point.
Illustrations that relate indirectly to the text should not be placed in the body of the report.
Pictures, SmartArt. or clip art would be shown as figures or illustrations using a traditional style manual (HOW 12}.
An effective visual aid in a written report should be easily understood without referring to the text material.
Organization charts should be used only when they show the entire organization.
A source note gives credit to the resource used for the illustration..
Every visual aid should have a title that, along with the contents, makes the meaning clear.
A legend should be shown on a multiple-line or multiple-bar graph to identify the lines or bars.
A positive-negative bar chart is the best illustration for showing elements within a quantitative variable.
Light and dark shadings are better than different colots for showing multiple item values on a bar chart unless all copies will be produced on a color printer or copier.
Two formatting styles used in business reports for illustrations are APA and traditional (HOW 12).
If more than one illustration appears in a written report, all visual aids within the report should be referred to in the text by number before they are shown; that is, the text reference to the visual should come before placement of the visual.
Up to ten areas can be compared in one multiple-bar graph.
A style manual is used by publishers to maintain consistency in writing and formatting their publications.
Tables are efficient for presenting detailed data in a small amount of space.
Word tables can present a comparison of ideas or characteristics of different items.
Flip charts and posters are economical, easy-to-use visual aids for large groups.
Which of the following is correct for the use of source notes for visual aids?
a. Acknowledging sources of visual aids is not as critical as acknowledging sources of the text material.
b. A source note should be used whenever content of an illustration is originated by the writer.
c. The source note goes below the illustration; however, APA uses the italicized word Note followed by a period before the resource information.
d. Traditional style for a source note uses the word Source (not italicized) followed by a semicolon.
In APA format, each table is numbered separately and referred to as a (an)
a. Table.
b. Chart.
c. Illustration.
d. Figure.
Which chart is best in demonstrating differences in values within variables by dividing each bar into its parts?
a. Broken-bar chart
b. Stacked-bar chart
c. Multiple-bar chart
d. Positive-negative bar chart
Which of the following statements is NOT true of visual aids in business reports?
a. Selecting either APA or traditional style to format illustrations and following it promotes consistency and a professional appearance in written reports.
b. Using visual aids helps communicate ideas and improve retention.
c. Placing visual aids in the appendix is preferred rather than the body of the report if they are indirectly related to the text or of interest to only a few readers.
d. Placing the number and title above a figure follows APA style.
The best visual aid to illustrate step-by-step progression of a complex procedure is a (an)
a. line graph.
b. flowchart.
c. organization chart.
d. stacked-bar graph.
Physical objects are sometimes passed around as part of a presentation. Which of the following statements is NOT true about their use?
a. Use of a physical object introduces the sensory dimension of touch.
b. Use of a physical object may be a distraction from listening.
c. Use of a physical object may involve a cutaway model to show parts.
d. Use of a physical object does not reinforce the message.
Slides or transparencies work well with groups of different sizes. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about their use for presentations.
a. The beginning, the ending, and the most important points of the presentation should be used as content for presentation slides or transparencies.
b. Type should be in uppercase letters to be easily read.
c. Font sizes should be 36 point for titles and 24 point for bulleted text.
d. As a general rule, keywords rather than complete sentences should be used on slides or transparencies.
Which of the following is NOT true of titles of illustrations for business reports?
a. For APA and traditional styles, titles are placed under a figure.
b. Traditional style centers the heading of a table or figure and uses all upper-case letters for the title.
c. Consistency in numbering, placement, and formatting visual aids within a report is important.
d. In APA style, the title of a table or a figure, along with the table or figure number, begins at the left margin.
Which two of the following charts does not begin with zero at the bottom, extreme left?
a. simple bar charts
b. Multiple-line charts
c. Positive-negative bar charts
d. Stacked-bar charts
Which visual aid is best to illustrate how the parts of a whole are distributed?
a. Pie chart
b. Flowchart
c. Bar chart
d. Line chart

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