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Repeating the same idea in the opening and closing paragraphs of a direct plan message stresses the main idea.
A claim is a request for action written by someone who believes he or she has been wronged.
Most messages written in business may be described as being positive or neutral news.
The purpose of a message must be decided before the direct plan can be implemented.
When using the direct plan, a writer presents the explanation from his or her point of view.
When using the direct plan, you may place the main idea either in a subject line or in the first paragraph.
Personalizing the sales appeal in a message organized by the direct plan will encourage the reader to act positively on the appeal.
If used as part of the direct plan, a sales appeal may be presented as a separate paragraph or combined with the friendly close.
Unsolicited positive or neutral news messages occur only in internal communication.
The opening paragraph of a request for information should provide background about the situation that prompts the writer to make the request.
Setting the date by which a receiver should respond to a request or claim is rude and pushy.
When requesting information about an individual, the writer should be sure to ask only specific, relevant questions
Claim adjustments and request approvals help organizations generate goodwill.
Because a request made via e-mail will be responded to via e-mail, the request writer doesn’t have to include personal contact information.
Although claims are written using the direct plan, a writer should not ask for a specific remedy until after he or she has provided a detailed explanation of the circumstances of the claim.
Threatening not to do business with the receiver’s organization in the future will increase the chances of having your claim approved.
A claim adjustment should include an apology only when the writer’s analysis suggests the receiver expects it.
A social business message is sent to communicate your interest and concern.
It is appropriate to send congratulatory messages to both organizations and individuals.
Congratulatory messages are appropriate for business-related accomplishments but not for personal achievements.
A condolence message should begin and end with a statement of sympathy.
Because it conveys a more professional image, a letter is a better choice for a condolence message than a handwritten message on a card.
The expression of gratitude should be given in the first paragraph of an appreciation message.
A letter or card of appreciation is appropriate for a longstanding record of thoughtfulness, but an oral thank you is sufficient for a one-time effort.
Jack Murphy wants to invite the five people he supervises to a picnic at his home. Because the group is small and the event is informal, Jack could handwrite his invitation, photocopy it, and hand it to the receivers.
When thanking an individual for doing something related to his or her job, sending a copy of the letter of appreciation to the individual’s supervisor is intrusive and violates the principles of human resource management.
A holiday greeting may be sent before or during any festive season
To celebrate the new year, Hathaway Insurance sent each of its clients a calendar. Because the calendar contained the name, logo, and slogan of the insurance agency, this message must be considered a sales message, not a social business message.
A letter welcoming the receiver as a new credit card customer should not contain coupons or sales offers.
Sending an e-mail followed by a personal note or card will create a more positive impressing than sending only an e-mail.
Which of the following message should NOT be written using the direct plan?
a. An announcement about a new product
b. A letter approving a $45 adjustment on a utility bill.
c. An e-mail asking whether a colleague could represent you at a meeting.
d. A memo announcing that the company day care center will be closed for five weeks during remodeling.
The direct plan is used for positive and neutral business messages because

a. a direct plan message can be adapted to letters, memos, and e-mail.
b. direct plan messages are brief.
c. placing the main idea early in the message attracts the reader’s attention.
d. this plan is best for building goodwill with the receiver.

Sara Garrett is requesting information about Hugh Rolle, a candidate for a sales position at Better Beverages. Sara will improve her chances of getting a thorough reply if she
a. asks relevant questions and assures the reader responses will be kept confidential.
b. encloses a copy of her company’s hiring policy.
c. formats her questions as a vertical list.
d. praises the receivers judgment.
The claim letter differs from other positive and neutral messages using the direct plan because it may
a. contain negative information.
b. include a sales appeal.
c. place blame on the receiver.
d. stress writer benefits.
George Karim’s current department store credit card statement includes a charge for merchandise he returned, so he is writing to ask that the charge be removed. To give his claim credibility, George should
a. enclose a copy of the receipt he was given when he returned the merchandise.
b. explain that he is disappointed in the company.
c. ask for $25 for pain and suffering.
d. say he will quit shopping at the store unless his account is corrected within two weeks.
When setting the date by which you want your receiver to reply to your request or claim, you should
a. be flexible; use general time reference such as within the next two weeks.
b. express the date in standard month, day, year format.
c. show urgency by saying as soon as possible.
d. tell the receiver why meeting your timeline is important.
Andrea Swank is responding to a complaint from a customer who claimed he received poor service at her store. Which of the following statements represents the best close for her message?
a. Again, let me apologize for not giving you the high-quality service you deserve.
b. We look forward to showing you that your experience was a unique incident.
c. Use the enclosed coupon on our next visit to Swanks, where customer satisfaction is our goal.
d. We appreciate your business and hope you will visit us again soon.
In the explanation section of a claim adjustment message, the sender should:
a. apologize for any inconvenience the receiver experienced.
b. focus on what has been done to solve or correct the problem.
c. prove the writer (sender) wasn’t at fault.
d. thoroughly describe why the problem occurred.
The key elements in a social business message are:
a. brevity and clarity.
b. honesty and completeness.
c. familiarity with the receiver and goodwill.
d. sincerity and timeliness.
While reading the October issue of her college alumni newsletter, Elise Black learned that Elliot Mumbor, one of her classmates, had received an award the previous March. Elise should:
a. ignore the event because it occurred so long ago.
b. phone Elliot to convey congratulations.
c. send her classmate a greeting card on which she writes a personal message.
d. write her alumni office and complain that news items are not current.
Todd Pritchert is writing a letter to thank those who volunteered at this year’s Downtown Youth Center fundraising event. Which of the following represents the best opening paragraph for his message?
a. Volunteers are the key piece in DYC’s fundraising puzzle, and no one appreciates them more than we do!
b. Time is a precious commodity. By donating your time to this year’s DYC fundraiser, you demonstrated your commitment to the youth of Pueblo. We and they are grateful for your efforts.
c. Thank you!. The youth of Pueblo and the staff at DYC are pleased to announce that this year’s fundraising event was the most successful in our 12-year history.
d. The smile on your face told us you enjoyed volunteering at this year’s DYC fundraising event. So, mark your calendar now and sign up to help again next year!
Which of the following closings would be best in a letter to a friend and co-worker whose fiance died in an auto accident?
a. Be patient. Time heals, and you’ll be back to normal soon.
b. Again, please accept my sympathy for your loss.
c. Terry was a good friend; I don’t know how I’ll fill the gap.
d. Let’s get together for dinner later this month and talk about the good times you, Terry, and I shared.
Party Palace has relocated and plans to hold an open house to showcase it’s new facility. Which of the following openings best reflects appropriate use of the direct plan for the invitation to this event?
a. Party Palace is open in its new location, and we’re celebrating!
b. Date: October 11
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM
Dress: Casual–party hats provided on site
c. Please join us as we celebrate the opening of Party Palace’s new store!
d. Please complete and return the enclosed card saying you’ll attend our open house.
What type of social business message is most likely to use an RSVP?
a. Appreciation
b. Holiday greeting
c. Invitation
d. Welcome
Which of the following should be considered when determining the formality of a goodwill message?
a. Cost
b. Timeliness in sending the message
c. Length of message
d. Familiarity with the receiver

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