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Chapters 1-6 quiz/test

The three primary steps involved in preparing a business message are
Plan, write and complete
Inexperienced communicators tend to
Dive directly into writing
An example of a specific purpose for a business message would be
to inform employees about the new vacation policy
Most messages should not be sent unless they will
Bring about change
In most cases, a message should be deferred or canceled if
Time is wrong
To inform coworkers that the project you’ve all worked on for months has been unexpectedly eliminated, you should use the indirect approach.
Poorly organized messages are unlikely to be effective, regardless of their content
Infographics refers to messages that combine powerful visuals with supporting text.
Face-to-face communication is the richest medium.
Messages can be unethical simply because certain details have not been included.
Communication is the process of
Transferring information and meeting between senders and receivers
When it comes to communication skills, employers express particular frustration with
Recent college graduates who haven’t learned how to adopt to a professional environment
Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective business messages?
They present the writer’s opinions as facts.
Uncomfortable meeting rooms, multitasking, and computer screens filled with popup messages are all examples of
Which of the following is not one of the five ways to get the audience to notice your messages?
Acknowledge the importance of the situation.
Business Communication 2.0″ refers to
A new approach to business communication emphasizing interaction conversation rather than one way publication
Whereas Business Communication 1.0 tends to emphasize ________, Business Communication 2.0 focuses more on ________.
Control and influence
Information overload is
A real problem that could lead to exhaustion and interface with personal relationships
Which of the following is the best solution to technology-related problems such as inappropriate use of the web and social media in the workplace?
Developing clear policies that are evenly enforced
A(n) ________ communication climate is one that promotes candor, honesty, and the sharing of negative information.
The main tasks in completing a business message consist of all except
Readers can understand descriptive headings without reading the rest of the document.
The subject and predicate of a sentence should be kept as close together as possible
Using a spell checker guarantees that your documents will be free of spelling errors
Using many different fonts in the same document will make it more appealing to your audience.
Which of the following is not discussed in the chapter as an important principle to follow in designing business documents?
For effective document design, you should
Balance a space developed text, artwork and whitespace
Environmental impact consultant study results” is an example of
A long noun sequence
Which of the following is an example of a hedging sentence?
Which of the following is an example of a hedging sentence?.
When it comes to paragraph length, you should
Use one sentence paragraph, only occasionally for emphasis
Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed?
Increase groupthink among members
You and several coworkers serve on a task force charged with updating the company personnel policy manual. To proceed effectively, you should concentrate on
ensuring that all members have a clear and shared sense of purpose
________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share.
Group norm
Group members who are motivated mainly to fulfill personal needs play a(n) ________ role
Self-oriented roles
The first phase that a new team typically goes through is
Groupthink refers to
A willingness of individual group members to withhold contrary or unpopular opinions, even when those objections are legitimate and to go along with majority opinions.
A hidden agenda refers to
Individuals private counterproductive models
The two most common reasons for unsuccessful teamwork are
Lack of trust and poor communication
When composing collaborative messages, the best strategy is to
Avoid composing as a group
Social networking technologies are designed to
None of the above
Select the sentence with the best “you” attitude:
You will have your merchandise by July 15 if you send us your check for $25 today
Select the sentence with the best “you” attitude:
Once your application is complete, you should receive a response within two weeks.
When delivering negative news,
It’s important to look for the positive points that will foster a good relationship with your audience.
Select the sentence with the most positive emphasis
We will complete the process audit by Friday
A euphemism is a word or phrase that is
A milder term for one negative connotation
Which of the following is not an example of pompous language?
Please let us know
Using humor in business messages is
Usually not affective and is always inappropriate for formal and interact cultural messages
Identify the voice in the following sentence: “Based on negative client feedback, the marketing department abandoned the campaign
Using the passive voice makes sense when you
Wants to be diplomatic in pointing out a problem or error
Software, database, and website are ________ words.
All the characteristics and experiences that define each of us as individuals” is the definition of
Diversity in the workplace can be based on differences in
Race, age, military, parental status, marital status
Which of the following sentences contains an idiomatic expression?
Making our monthly sales quota will be a piece of cake
Communication and culture
Are so closely related that separating the two virtually impossible
Cultural competency refers to
The ability to adjust one communication styles to accommodate cultural differences
Although U.S. business is becoming more international and more culturally diverse, intercultural skills are still low on the list of companies’ employee requirements.
Most people belong to only one culture.
Culture is inborn, not learned
When ethnocentric people stereotype an entire group of people, they are usually justified in doing so
Studies have shown that people often have cultural biases of which they’re not even consciously aware.

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