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Chapters 1,2 & 4 Business Communications

As a new supervisor, you need to introduce yourself to your team of ten employees. The best medium for this type of non-routine message would be
a face-to-face meeting.
Which of the following is an example of an ethical lapse?
Sharing confidential information with a new employer about your previous (competing) employer’s major clients
With collaborative writing, the usual outcome is a document that is inferior to one that would have been produced by a single individual. true or false ?
false, its superior
Which of the following media would be best for sending a brief message (requiring no response from your audience) about an upcoming software update?
Workforce diversity includes differences not only in race but also in gender, education, and other areas.
VoIP is a
technology for making telephone calls via the Internet.
According to the theory of nonverbal communication, touch
is governed by cultural customs that establish who can touch whom and when.
The final step in the communication process is
giving feedback to the sender
Cross-functional teams perform several roles, but contain employees from the same department or division.
Conflict between persons or groups in an organization is always destructive and must be avoided at all costs.
Messages can be unethical simply because certain details have not been included.
Open corporate cultures benefit from free-flowing information and employee input.
The primary audience for your message should always include
the key decision makers in the audience
Which of the following is the best example of an ethical dilemma?
Deciding whether or not to promote the employee who has the better performance record or the employee who seems to be the better leader
Most messages should not be sent unless they will
do all of the above
When it comes to personal appearance in the workplace, it’s best to match your style to the expectations of your organization.
A message that is intended to mislead or manipulate the audience is unethical, even if its content is true.
Use of parliamentary procedure
helps meetings run more smoothly.
Messages can be blocked or distorted by filters, any human or technological interventions between the sender and the receiver.
Group members who play task-facilitating roles are motivated to fulfill personal needs, so they tend to be less productive than other members.
One major difference between traditional communication and the 2.0 approach to business communication is that in the 2.0 approach audiences are encouraged to be
passive recipients of the information the sender shares.
Multitasking generally enhances the quality of employees’ communication.
Group members who play team-maintenance roles help everyone to work better together.
The three general purposes of business messages are to inform, to persuade, and to collaborate.
Social networking technologies can help a company create communities of practice that
link employees to others with similar professional interests throughout the organization.
Poorly organized messages are unlikely to be effective, regardless of their content.
A hidden agenda refers to
individuals harboring motives that are concealed from the rest of the group
In most organizations, the rumor mill tends to be particularly active when
the formal communication network is not providing the information employees want
Which of the following is not a general category common to business communication?
to negotiate
No matter how you feel personally about a situation, your communication should reflect your organization’s objectives.
During the ________ of the group-development process, the members of a problem-solving team would begin to discuss their positions and become more assertive in establishing their roles.
conflict phase
To resolve conflict successfully, it helps to get feelings out in the open before dealing with the main issues.
Despite the advantages of teamwork, the costs can be high.
When composing collaborative messages, the best strategy is to
avoid composing as a group
“Latest Investment Performance” is an example of a message topic, whereas “Poor Investment Performance Continues” is an example of a main idea.
Which one of the following is not a dysfunctional team role?
Which media would be best for keeping in touch with a sales team whose members live in several different states?
electronic media
________ communication flows between departments to help employees share information, coordinate tasks, and solve complex problems.
All of the following except ________ are elements of the group development process.
Successful organizations usually avoid the need for feedback.
Knowledge workers specialize in acquiring, processing, and communicating information.
Communication is the process of
transferring information and meaning.
If you are engaging in critical listening, your goal is to
evaluate the logic and validity of the message.
After sending project cost estimates to a longtime client, you realize you failed to include information on some discount options. The best thing to do is
contact the primary audience immediately and correct the error.
Improving your communication skills will enhance your career because
all of the above
A key advantage of oral communication is
the oppertunity to get immediate feedback
Use the ________ to organize a message if you believe your audience will be receptive to what you have to say.
As long as your message is clear and interesting, the medium you choose doesn’t really matter.
The primary goal of empathic listening is to solve the speaker’s problem.
According to the concept of media richness, the richness of a medium does not depend on its ability to
convey a sense of affluence and exclusivity.
Emotional intelligence involves the ability to relate to the needs of others.
Which of the following is the best solution to technology-related problems such as inappropriate use of the web and social media in the workplace?
developing clear policies that are evenly enforced
Ethics can be defined as not doing anything illegal.
To actually receive a message, a person needs to do all of the following except
comprehend the message
Which of the following meeting technologies would be most effective for negotiations, collaborative problem solving, and other complex discussions?
When introducing yourself to someone in a business context, you should always include a brief description of
your role in the company
If your audience will be skeptical of or resistant to your message
. start with the evidence and build your case before presenting your main idea
Which of the following is not an important consideration related to etiquette in the workplace?
your height and weight
An example of horizontal communication is
an email message about sick leave sent from one department secretary to a secretary in a different department.
Planning is essential when writing business messages because
all of the above
Only one sales representative can go to the conference in Hawaii, but both Susan and Sean want to go. After much discussion and arguing, they draw straws and Susan gets the trip. This is an example of
a win lose situation
A manager hears the part of a message that supports his agenda, but doesn’t seem to notice evidence that contradicts his point of view. The manager is engaging in
selective perception
For a formal meeting, appoint one person to record a ________ to summarize the important highlights of the meeting.
set of meeting minutes
In a virtual organization, a software company may partner with a manufacturing firm to make the DVDs that contain the software that it offers.
A new co-worker from Russia asks you about North American greeting customs. You explain that in most business contexts
a firm handshake is expected when two people meet
Even if nothing will change as a result of your message, you should send it if you believe it is important.
Messages should contain supporting detail and background information when
c. you and your audience do not share the same general background.
A ________ usually has a long life span and typically deals with regularly recurring tasks.
The term corporate culture refers to
the mixture of values, traditions, and habits that give a company its atmosphere and personality.
The primary goal of empathic listening is to solve the speaker’s problem.
Once you have established your purpose, it’s best to consider whether it is worth pursuing at this time.
A flatter organizational structure
helps make communication flow more effectively
When receiving business-related phone calls,
you should use frequent verbal responses (such as, “I see”) to show that you are listening.
Telephone calls are
capable of conveying quite a few nonverbal signals.
As long as your message is clear, the size of your audience should not influence the approach you choose to take.
You’re writing a proposal to give permission to some employees at your company to telecommute. You know management will be skeptical, so you should
build your case carefully, stating clear reasons for each conclusion you draw and recommendation you make.
In general, for internal communication, the higher up your message goes, the
the fewer details people want to see
The indirect approach is best when your audience is likely to be skeptical.
At the last staff meeting, someone suggested that using parliamentary procedure would help make the meetings more efficient. To learn more about parliamentary procedure, which of the following should you consult?
Robert’s Rules of Order
Face-to-face communication is the richest medium.
Of the following media, which is the richest?
An interactive website enabling audiences to participate in the communication process
A real drawback of most visual media is that it requires skill to create effective images.
Which of the following statements about nonverbal communication is false?
Mastering nonverbal signals will allow you to “read someone like a book.”
Most companies that embrace Business Communication 2.0
adopt a hybrid approach to communication, in which some messages follow the traditional model and others follow the 2.0 approach.
Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed?
Increase groupthink among members
Most messages should not be sent unless they will
bring about a change
Despite the advantages of electronic media, the growth of electronic communication options has caused great frustration for many audiences.
According to the theory of nonverbal communication, touch
is governed by cultural customs that establish who can touch whom and when.
Selective listening refers to
letting one’s mind wander until something personally relevant is said.
According to the concept of emotional intelligence, if you’ll be speaking to people you don’t know and you can’t find out more about them
use common sense and imagination to relate to their needs.
Using mobile phones during meetings is
. now restricted or prohibited in many organizations.
The rumor mill tends to be most active when employees receive too much information about their company.
Informal techniques for gathering insights and focusing your research efforts do not include
distributing questionnaires and surveys.
As a contemporary approach to business communication, the ________ is interactive, conversational, and usually open to all who wish to participate.
social communication model
The first step in the basic listening process is
physically receiving the message
Because external communication is carefully orchestrated, almost none of it occurs informally.
In general, audiences are likely to
draw inaccurate conclusions from poorly organized messages.
In which of the following organizational structures do employees report to two managers at the same time?
matrix structure
The nature of business communication hasn’t changed much in the past decade.
Selective listening is an important skill for professionals, since it helps them filter out information that is not relevant to their jobs.
You and several coworkers serve on a task force charged with updating the company’s personnel-policy manual. To proceed effectively, you should concentrate on
ensuring that all members have a clear and shared sense of purpose.
If you devote sufficient time to planning a business message before you begin writing it, you can expect all of the following outcomes except
experiencing extra work and stress in the writing and completing stages
Which one of the following is the “leanest” communication medium?
posters and signs
In high-context cultures, ________ media are often more effective than ________ ones.
oral, written
“Business Communication 2.0” refers to
a new approach to business communication, emphasizing interaction and conversation rather than one-way publication.
Whenever you’re representing your company online, all of the following except ________ will help you maintain a high standard of business etiquette.
assuming that people are available to discuss work-related issues around the clock
If you’re the designated leader of a meeting,
none of the above
If you are listening mainly to understand the speaker’s message, you are engaging in
content listening
Upward communication generally helps executives solve problems and make intelligent decisions.
When it comes to business research, online sources generally require more careful evaluation than other types.
To resolve conflicts successfully, it is helpful to get opponents to fight together against an “outside force” (such as increased competition) instead of against each other.
Some people use ________ to tune out anything that doesn’t conform to their beliefs or their self images.
defensive listening
________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share.
group norms
In order to optimize your writing time, reserve about ________ of that time for revising, producing, proofreading, and distributing your message.
25 percent
Groupthink refers to
the willingness of individual group members to withhold contrary or unpopular opinions, even when those objections are legitimate, and to favor majority opinion.
In ________, communication breakdowns and delays can occur as messages are passed up and down through multiple layers of management.
tall organizational structures
Flatter organizational structures generally create more open internal communication.
The basic communication process consists of two steps: sending and receiving messages.
Every organization has ________, which encompasses all communication that occurs outside the lines of command in the company’s organization structure.
an informal
In participative management
employees are involved
In today’s fast-paced environment, traditional business messages rely primarily on graphical elements, with occasional support from text.
When meeting your audience’s informational needs, you should emphasize ideas
of greatest interest to the audience.
Which of the following is not one of the five ways to get the audience to notice your messages?
Acknowledge the importance of the situation.
When conducting business over a meal, you should wait to bring out business papers until after the entrée plates have been removed.

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