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Chapters 9,10,11

Which policy regarding state employees is set by the legislature?
Which one of the following is not performed by the Texas Education Agency?
Creates attendance zones for all public elementary and secondary schools in Texas.
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board:
May order the closing or merging of a State-funded college or university if it has an insufficient student population.
Is the transferring of responsibility for government programs from the federal level to the state level.
The Lone Star Card is used by a recipient of public assistance:
To obtain food items in a grocery store.
The mission of the Texas Commissioner of Health and Human services is to:
Coordinate the work of the eleven health and human services agencies.
The welfare program that provides direct cash payments to poor children and their families is:
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
The state agency that administers programs to aid rural hospitals is the Texas:
Department of Health.
You are most likely to be infected with (HIV) through:
Sexual activity.
The governor of Texas can appoint the:
Secretary of State.
Adjutant general.
Commissioner of health and human services.
(All of the above)
The Texas “Iron Star” consists of the:
Governor, boards, commissions, and administrators.
Legislative standing committees, Lt. Gov, and Speaker.
(All of the above)
Not among the responsibilities of the Texas Workforce Commission is:
Providing labor gangs for state highways construction and maintenance projects.
If the City of Houston and its natural gas supplier disagree over retail gas rates set by the Houston City Council, who would resolve the dispute?
Texas Railroad Commission.
Probably the most important duty of the Texas Railroad Commission from the standpoint of the U.S. is:
Regulating the production of oil and natural gas.
Which insurance rates are set by the Texas commissioner of insurance?
Homeowners insurance.
The Commissioner of Agriculture duties do not include:
Managing state owned land.
Which of the following is an appointed state official?
Commissioner of Health and Human Services.
The state agency charged with insuring a supply of safe drinking water for colonias- predominately Hispanic settlements along the Rio-Grande is the:
Texas Water Development Board.
The Lt. Governor is the ex officio chair of the:
Legislature Budget Board.
Legislative Council.
Legislative Audit Board.
(All of the above)
Sunshine laws require that:
Most governmental meetings and records should be open to the public.
The mission of the Sunset Advisory Commission is to:
Recommend the merger, abolition, or continuation of state agencies.
Which one of the following is not included among the present trends in the politics of public administration in Texas?
Among the American states, Texas has the highest:
Prison population.
As a citizen, you are most likely to participate in the judicial process through:
Voting for a judicial candidate.
A case involving a business contract falls under which branch of law?
The term “jurisdiction” refers to:
The types of cases which a court is competent to hear and decide.
A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court with:
Appellate jurisdiction.
Law, made by judges, and which is based on custom and usage going back several centuries, is:
Common law.
Which of the following may explain the fact that Texas has higher crime than most states?
The state has a larger share of minorities.
The state has more poor persons than most other states.
The state is more urban, having more large cities than most other states.
(All of the above)
Adult correctional functions in Texas are the responsibility of the :
Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
In determining punishment for a capital felony defendant, jurors consider:
Whether the defendant would constitute a continuing threat to society.
Which statement regarding imposition of the death sentence is incorrect?
Execution is cheaper than imprisonment.
Which one of the following classes of courts are not mentioned in the Texas Constitution?
Municipal Courts.
The greatest proportion of cases heard in municipal court involve:
Traffic violations.
The term “court of record” means that:
A transcript of court proceedings is made by a stenographer.
The duty of a coroner is:
To determine the cause of death when a person dies the presence of competent witnesses, or when circumstances suggest that unlawful means might have been used to induce death.
Which one of the following does not fall under the probate jurisdiction of county courts?
Civil matters where the amount contested is between $500-5000.
A vacancy on a district court bench is filled by:
Gubernatorial appointment with Senate confirmation.
If an attorney behaves unethically while representing a client, that person should go to:
The state bar of Texas
The instrument that formally accuses a person of having committed a felony and orders that person to trial is a (n):
Which one of the following would be exempted from jury service in Texas?
An 18 year old high school dropout.
The size of juries in Texas is:
Grand juries 12, district court juries 12, local court juries 6.
The injured party in a civil trial is the:
In a Texas criminal case, what may not be appealed by the state?
An innocent verdict by the trial court.
The stated purposes for which Texas imprisons felons are to:
Punish and rehabilitate offenders, isolate them from society, and deter other from committing crimes.
The states’s response to prison overcrowding has been to:
Build new prisons.
What is the term applied to a group of persons from which juries are selected?
A Juvenile offender, released on parole or sentenced to probation, would most likely be required to:
Attend school.
The term “merit selection of judges” means:
Provisional gubernatorial selection based upon recommendation of a nominating commission, followed by a nonpartisan referendum for permanent selection.
Public intoxication is a class C misdemeanor. Such an offense occurs inside the city of Austin on 6th street. Where would it be tried?
The Austin Municipal Court.
An appeal in a Texas Court:
Is based upon improper procedure at trial.
The highest criminal court (appellate of otherwise) in Texas is the:
Court of Criminal Appeals.
It common for adults convicted for the first time of non-violent misdemeanors and lesser felonies to:
Be placed under community supervision.
The Texas court usually designated as a juvenile court is:
District Court.
What amendment to the U.S. Constitution is used to argue against capital punishment?
Texas ranks (blank) in the number of death penalties and executions:

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