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CIS Chapter 5

Remove unwanted files
Your computer is running very slowly and you can no longer run your favorite program on your computer.
Change the batteries
Your wireless mouse is unresponsive, and the pointer is not moving.
Clean the device
The keys on your keyboard are sticky.
Call a technician
Your desktop computer won’t work at all even though it’s plugged in and has been turned on.
Plug in power cord
Your wireless mouse is unresponsive, and the pointer is not moving.
Programs that can track and steal your personal information and change the settings on your browser without your permission are called _____.
virus protection
You should set your _____ software to scan any incoming messages and programs to protect your computer.
You can typically go to the ______ Web site to download the latest versions of device drivers for your computer’s peripherals.
Disc cleanup
A _____ utility removes unused files like temporary Internet files from your hard drive so the computer doesn’t search through unneeded files.
device driver
A _____ is software that helps peripheral devices communicate with a computer.
hard drive failure
Warning signs include frequent slowdowns or freezes and a screeching, grinding, or repetitive clicking sound.
This is the crime of hacking and attacking networks.
This is the premeditated disruption of computers and networks, with attacks centered on areas that will affect the most people.
the cloud
Storing data on Internet servers is commonly referred to as storage on this.
back up
This is the most important action you can take to protect your data.
A processing technique an operating system uses to process many parts of a single program
parallel processing
A processing technique an operating system uses to divide one task among many processors
A processing technique an operating system can use if the computer has many processors
memory management
A key task that operating systems perform to use RAM efficiently
virtual memory
Part of the hard drive that the operating system uses as additional RAM
Type of application software that automates common or repetitive tasks
Type of program that includes device drivers
vertical market
Productivity software that is customized for specific industries
Software that runs on household appliances and consumer electronic devices
Type of software that is categorized as operating system (OS) software and utility programs
utility software
The type of software that performs a specific, limited task, usually related to managing or maintaining a computer system
file management software
The type of software that lets you copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders
application software
The type of software you use most directly to perform tasks such as writing a screenplay
service pack
A collection of major operating system updates
system software
The software that runs a computer
Application software includes the operating system and utility programs.
operating system
What collection of programs manages and coordinates the activities taking place within a computer system?
device drivers
What small programs communicate with peripheral devices (such as monitors, printers, portable storage devices, and keyboards)?
To access a file, you generally navigate to the folder containing that file by opening the appropriate drive, folder, and subfolders. Alternatively, you can specify the file’s _____.
swap file
What term refers to the virtual memory area of the hard drive?
In general, the operating system serves as an intermediary between the user and the computer, as well as between application programs and the computer system’s _____.
During the boot process, the essential portion, or core, of the operating system is loaded into _____.
What process places items in a buffer so that they can be retrieved by the appropriate device when needed?
scheduling routines
The order in which jobs (such as documents to be printed or files to be retrieved from a hard drive) are carried out is determined by the operating system’s _____.
Multiprocessing uses a single CPU or core and processes tasks sequentially (by rotating through tasks).
Windows 7
Which version of Windows introduced jump lists, live thumbnails of open programs, Libraries, and a HomeGroup feature?
open source software
What type of program makes its source code available to the public so that it can be improved or customized to a particular application?
It can support a variety of devices from different manufacturers
What characteristic is an advantage of the UNIX operating system?
DOS (Disk Operating System) uses a command line interface.
The iOS operating system is designed for BlackBerry devices.
Which type of computer system is associated with IBM’s z/OS?
It is good practice to make a duplicate copy of important files so that when a problem occurs, you can restore those files to avoid data loss. This is known as creating a ____.
File Explorer
What file management program is incorporated into recent versions of Windows?
uninstall utility
When programs are removed from a computer’s hard drive, temporary data and other remnants of that program could be left behind on the hard drive or in system files unless you use a(n) ____.
Desktop and mobile operating systems will likely continue to converge into a single operating system as those devices continue to converge.

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