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CIS Final

What represents information?
Data converted into a meaningful and useful context
What represents a variable?
Data characteristic that stands for a value that changes or varies over time
What represents business intelligence?
Information collected from multiple sources that analyzes patterns, trends, and relationships for strategic decision making
What represents knowledge?
Skills, experience, and expertise, coupled with information and intelligence, that creates a person’s intellectual resource
Successful companies operate _________, integrating the operations of all departments
Operating cross-functionally means integrating the operations of all _______
What is a way of monitoring an entire system by viewing multiple inputs being processed or transformed to produce outputs while continuously gathering feedback on each part?
Systems thinking
What is information that returns to its original transmitter and modifies the transmitter’s actions
What is one of Thomas Friedman’s 10 forces that flattened the world?
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Knowledge _____ are individuals valued for their ability to interpret and analyze information
A(n) ________ is a collection of parts that link to achieve a common purpose
Management _____ systems is a business function, like accounting or human resources, that moves information about people, products, and processes across the company to facilitate decision making and problem solving
What does a database maintain information on?
Inventory, Transactions, and Employees
Which database model is a type of database that stores information in the form of logically related two-dimensional tables?
Relational database model
What in the relational database model is a person, place, thing, transaction, or event about which information is stored?
Why do relational databases use primary and foreign keys?
To create logical relationships
What is not an advantage of database-stored information?
Increased information redundancy
What measures how quickly a system performs a certain process or transaction?
What are the rules that enforce basic and fundamental information-based constraints?
Relational integrity constraints
What is an interactive website that is kept constantly updated and relevant to the needs of its customers using a database?
Data-driven website
What allows separate systems to communicate directly with each other?
A foreign key in the relational database model is a ________ key of one table that appears as an attribute in another table
Information ______ is the duplication of information or storage of the same information in multiple places
What describes ETL?
A process that extracts information from internal and external databases, loads information into a data warehouse, and transforms information using common enterprise definitions
What is data mining?
The process of analyzing data to extract information not offered by the raw data alone
What does the Data Warehousing Institute estimate that low-quality information costs US businesses annually?
$600 billion
Which of the below represents a challenge facing many businesses?
Collecting information, discerning patterns and meaning in the information, and responding to the resultant information
A ____ is the common term for the representation of multidimensional information
Information _______ or scrubbing is the process that weeds out and fixes or discards inconsistent, incorrect, or incomplete information
Information ____ activities include removing redundant records, fixing erroneous relationships, and fixing inaccurate data
One hundred percent complete and accurate information is _____
The next generation of Internet use—a more mature, distinctive communications platform characterized by new qualities such as collaboration,
sharing, and free—is known as
Web 2.0
What is the system that consists of non proprietary hardware and software based on publicly known standards that allows third parties to create
add-on products to plug into or inter operate with the system?
Open system
What refers to any source code made available freely for any third party to review or modify?
Open source
Which of the below is not a characteristic associated with Mozilla Firefox?
Mozilla Firefox is a prime example of a reputation system.
What is the type of knowledge that consists of anything that can be documented, archived, and codified, often with the help of an MIS department?
Explicit knowledge
Which of the following is not an example of explicit knowledge?
Employee opinion
What are specific key words or phrases incorporated into website content for means of classification or taxonomy?
What is an online journal that allows users to post their comments, graphics, and video?
Which of the following is a key challenge associated with Business 2.0?
Information vandalism
What is the ability to purchase goods and service through a wireless Internet-enabled device?
Mobile business
Social _______describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content with key words or tags as a way to organize it for future navigation, filtering, or search.
__________bookmarking allows users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks.
a ________ is a type of collaborative web page that allows users to add, remove, and change content, which can be easily organized and
reorganized as required.
A(n) _______ is another term for an online journal that allows users to post their own comments, graphics, and video
What means a technology can travel with the user?
Mobile technologies
What is a telecommunications industry specification that describes how mobile phones, computers, and personal digital assistants can be easily interconnected using a short-range wireless connection?
What is wireless fidelity?
A means of linking computers using infrared or radio signals
What technology enables wireless networks to extend as far as 30 miles and transfer information, voice, and video at faster speeds than cable?
WiMAX wireless broadband
Which of the following is the correct definition of RFID?
Radio frequency identification
What is a geographic information system (GIS)?
Designed to work with information that can be shown on a map
Which of the following is a common use for GIS?
Finding what is nearby, routing information, information alerts
The terms ________ and wireless are often used synonymously but actually denote two different technologies
___________ refers to any type of operation accomplished without the use of a hard-wired connection.
A _________ area network provides communication over a short distance that is intended for use with devices that are owned and operated
by a single user.
WiMAX is a ________ technology aimed at providing wireless data over long distances in a variety of ways from point-to-point
links to full mobile cellular-type access.
A global ________ system is a device that determines current latitude and longitude, speed, and direction of movement.
What is the systems development life cycle?
The overall process for developing information systems, from planning and analysis through implementation and maintenance
Which of the following is not a phase in the systems development life cycle?
Which of the following is a phase in the SDLC?
What is the implementation phase in the SDLC?
Involves placing the system into production so users can begin to perform actual business operations with the system
The _________ phase involves analyzing end-user business requirements and refining project goals into defined functions and operations of
the intended system.
The _____ phase involves placing the system into production so users can begin to perform actual business operations with the system.
The ________ phase involves performing changes, corrections, additions, and upgrades to ensure the system continues to meet the business goals.
Which of the following is a fundamental of the RAD methodology?
Focus initially on creating a prototype that looks and acts like the desired system, accelerate collecting the business requirements through an interactive and iterative construction approach, actively involve system users in the analysis, design, and development phases.
What breaks a project into tiny phases, and developers cannot continue on to the next phase until the first phase is complete?
Extreme programming
A(n) _______is a set of policies, procedures, standards, processes, practices, tools, techniques, and tasks that people apply to
technical and management challenges.
Which organization develops procedures and concepts necessary to support the profession of project management?
Project Management Institute
What is the science of making intelligent trade-offs between time, cost, and scope?
Project management
Which of the below represents the three elements in the triple constraints of project management?
Time, resources, scope
What is an arrangement by which one organization provides a service or services for another organization that chooses not to perform them in-house?
What is it called when you engage another company within the same country for services?
Onshore outsourcing
What is using organizations from developing countries to write code and develop systems?
Offshore outsourcing
Which of the following is not a form of outsourcing?
Inshore outsourcing
What is the outsourcing option that includes the closest location and direct customer control?
Onshore outsourcing
Which of the following is a benefit an organization can receive from outsourcing?
Increase technical abilities, financial savings, market agility
Which of the following is a challenge of outsourcing?
Length of contract, threat to competitive advantage, loss of confidentiality
A project ___________ is an individual who is an expert in project planning and management, defines and develops the project plan, and tracks the plan to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.
Project ___________ are any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that is produced to complete a project or part of a project.
___________ is an arrangement by which one organization provides a service or services for another organization that chooses not to perform
them in-house.
What is an example of accessibility?
A logon ID
What is an example of availability?
What is an example of maintainability?
Multiple currencies
What is an example of portability?
iPad, iPhone
What is an example of reliability?
99% accuracy
What is an example of scalability?
Customer growth
What is an example of usability?
Easy to learn
What best describes an information MSI infrastructure?
Identifies where and how important information, such as customer records, is maintained
A sustainable MIS Infrastructure ______
Identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of computing resources while simultaneously becoming less dependent on hardware and energy consumption
____ includes the plans for how a firm will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and MIS assets
MIS infrastructure
Of the following infrastructures, which one focuses on backup, recovery, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning?
Information MIS infrastructure
____ focuses on accessibility, availability, maintainability, portability, reliability, scalability, and usability.
Agile MIS infrastructure
Of the following infrastructures, which one focuses on grid computing, cloud computing, and virtualization?
Sustainable MIS infrastructure
In computer security, what action would be seen as prevention and resistance?
Data: Stops access to intellectual property
In computer security, what action would be seen as authentication and authorization?
People: Confirming user identities and providing permission
In computer security, what action would be seen as detection and response?
Attack: Mitigate damage from a security breach
Which is not one of the three primary information security areas?
Detection and Resistance
Who breaks into other people’s computer systems and just looks around or steals and destroys information?
Black-hat hacker
What is encryption?
It scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or password to decrypt the information
Who finds hacking codes on the internet and clicks-and-points their way into systems to cause damage or spread viruses?
Script Kiddies
What does not demonstrate unethical behavior?
Employees create proprietary organization information such as schematics, sketches, and customer lists.
What clause is part of a typical email privacy policy?
It describes the legitimate grounds for reading someone’s email
What term represents the right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your personal possessions, and not to be observed without your consent?
______ is the assurance that messages and information remain available only to those authorized to view them.
Unsolicited email that plagues employees at all levels within an organization, from receptionist to CEO, and clogs email systems and siphons management information systems (MIS) resources away from legitimate business projects is called ____

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