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CIS461 Chapter 8

Dell Computer’s use of information systems to improve efficiency and implement “mass customization” techniques to maintain consistent profitability and an industry lead illustrates which business objective?
competitive advantage
The move of retail banking to use ATMs after Citibank unveiled its first ATMs illustrates the use of information systems to achieve which business objective?
Which of the following objectives best describes the business strategy behind the development of smart grid initiatives by power companies, as discussed in the chapter case?
operational excellence
Order data for baseball tickets and bar code data are examples of
raw input
Converting raw data into a more meaningful form is called
Operational management is responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of the business and therefore needs transaction-level information.
Transaction processing systems are most commonly used by the senior management level of an organization
A transaction processing system is a computerized system that performs and records the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct business.
Decision-support systems help managers make decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.
ESSs are designed to incorporate data about external events, but they also draw summarized information from internal MIS and DSS.
Producing bills of materials is a business process within the ________ function.
manufacturing and production
In green computing, reducing computer power consumption is a top priority.
An application server may reside on the same computer as a Web server or on its own dedicated computer.
Enterprise integration requires software that can link disparate applications and enable data to flow freely among different parts of the business.
The operating system is used to manage the computer’s activities.
SANs create large central pools of storage that can be rapidly accessed and shared by multiple servers.
Hypertext markup language specifies how text, graphics, video, and sound are placed on a Web page document.
The Domain Name System (DNS) converts IP addresses to domain names.
A DBMS makes the
physical database available for different logical views
A DBMS reduces data redundancy and inconsistency by
minimizing isolated files with repeated data.
A DBMS separates the logical and physical views of data.
is an encrypted private network configured within a public network
A data warehouse is composed of
historic and current internal data
A data warehouse may be updated by a legacy system.
A field identified in a record as holding the unique identifier for that record is called the
key field.
A field identified in a table as holding the unique identifier of the table’s records is called the
primary key.
A network that covers broad geographical regions is most commonly referred to as a(n)
wide area network
A protocol is a standard set of rules and procedures for the control of communications in a network.
Data mining is a tool for allowing users to
find hidden relationships in data
Increasingly, voice, video, and data communications are all based on Internet technology
In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol is
a standard set of rules and procedures for control of communications in a network.
In a relational database, complex groupings of data must be streamlined to eliminate awkward many-to-many relationships.
IPv6 is being developed in order to
create more IP addresses
Fiber-optic cable is more expensive and harder to install than wire media.
Every record in a file should contain at least one key field.
Each characteristic or quality describing a particular entity is called an attribute.
Duplicate data in multiple data files is called data ________.
Digital subscriber lines
operate over existing telephone lines to carry voice, data, and video
One or more access points positioned on a ceiling, wall, or other strategic spot in a public place to provide maximum wireless coverage for a specific area are referred to as
The process of streamlining data to minimize redundancy and awkward many-to-many relationships is called
The most prominent data manipulation language today is
The logical view
presents data as they would be perceived by end users.
________ refers to policies, procedures, and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alternation, theft, or physical damage to information systems.
Tricking employees to reveal their passwords by pretending to be a legitimate member of a company is called
social engineering
Unauthorized access is a security challenge that is most likely to occur in which of the following points of a corporate network?
client computer
Sniffers enable hackers to steal proprietary information from anywhere on a network, including e-mail messages, company files, and confidential reports.
Wal-mart’s strategy of continuous replenishment of inventory based on actual customer purchases is an example a pull-based SCM model.
A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a competitor in order to drive the competitor’s advertising costs up. This is an example of
click fraud
A suite of integrated software modules for finance and accounting, human resources, manufacturing and production, and sales and marketing that allows data to be used by multiple functions and business processes best describes
ERP systems.
Supply chain inefficiencies can waste as much as 25 percent of a company’s operating costs.
Sniffing is a security challenge that is most likely to occur in which of the following points of a corporate network?
communications lines
To minimize the expense of implementing an enterprise system, businesses can opt to curtail the customization of an enterprise package and instead change business processes to match the software.
Viruses can be spread through e-mail.
Customer relationship management systems typically provide software and online tools for sales, customer service, and
A firewall allows the organization to
prevent unauthorized communication both into and out of the network
Zero defects cannot be achieved in larger software programs because fully testing programs that contain thousands of choices and millions of paths would require thousands of years
A distortion of information about the demand for a product as it passes from one entity to the next across the supply chain is called the ________ effect.
Implementing an enterprise application typically requires organizational change as well as adjustments to existing business processes.
One form of spoofing involves forging the return address on an e-mail so that the e-mail message appears to come from someone other than the sender.
In addition to e-mail, instant messages and P2P file-sharing can also pose security threats to computer systems and networks
NAT conceals the IP addresses of the organization’s internal host computers to deter sniffer programs.
Enterprise software is built around thousands of predefined business processes that reflect
best practices
The most common type of electronic evidence is
Why is overstocking warehouses not an effective solution for a problem of low availability?
It increases inventory costs
Redirecting a Web link to a different address is a form of
Enterprise systems require fundamental changes in the way the business operates.
Wireless networks are vulnerable to penetration because radio frequency bands are easy to scan.
In a phenomenon called ________, some argue that large numbers of people can make better decisions about a wide range of topics or products than a single person or even a small committee of experts.
the wisdom of crowds
In general, for digital goods, the marginal cost of producing another unit is about zero.
The act of engaging consumers in a dialog that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?
The integration of video, audio, and text marketing messages into a single marketing message and consumer experience describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?
Amazon.com uses Web personalization as a major marketing tool.
EBay is an example of
C2C e-commerce
Disintermediation provides major benefits to the distributor
Digital goods are goods that are
delivered digitally.
In which of the following revenue models does a Web site charge a fee for access to some or all of its offerings on a continual, regular basis?
Reducing the business process layers in a distribution channel is called
Selling products and services directly to individual consumers via the Internet best describes
B2C e-commerce
The effort required to locate a suitable product is called
search costs
The process of sourcing goods and materials, negotiating with suppliers, paying for goods, and making delivery arrangements is called
The quality of ubiquity, as it relates to e-commerce, is illustrated by
the availability of the Internet everywhere and anytime.
What type of knowledge management system did Canadian Tire implement in order to improve the communications with dealers?
content management system
Which of the following is not a Web 2.0 tool firms are using to foster collaboration?
Which of the following was the leading marketing format in 2010?
search engine
An example of the service provider business model is Netflix, an online video store and streaming media outlet.
A third-party Net marketplace that connects many buyers and suppliers for spot purchasing is called a(n)
An example of the content provider business model is Salon.com, an online magazine
An information system project’s scope is directly related to its business requirements
An information systems plan contains a statement of corporate goals and specifies how information technology will support the attainment of those goals.
Between 30 and 40 percent of all software projects are “runaway” projects that far exceed original schedule and budget projections.
Counterimplementation refers to a deliberate strategy to thwart the implementation of an information system or an innovation in an organization.
Mandatory use of a system is one effective way of overcoming user resistance to an information system.
The ________ consists of systems analysts, specialists from the relevant end-user business areas, application programmers, and perhaps database specialists.
project team
The ________ reviews and approves plans for systems in all divisions.
IS steering committee
The larger the systems project, the more risk the project runs in terms of being completed on time, within budget, and according to project requirements.
The level of a project’s risk is influenced primarily by
project size, project structure, and the level of technical expertise.
The most widely used project management software today is
Microsoft Project.

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