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CIW IBA Prep Set 2

Which term is used to describe a password-protected, encrypted data file that verifies the identity of the sender of a message?
Digital certificate
Which term best describes a file of programming code that provides a temporary fix to a known bug?
Which statement best describes hash encryption?
An encryption method in which numbers generated by an algorithm from a text string are used to verify the integrity of transmitted messages
Which statement best describes symmetric-key encryption?
An encryption method in which the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt a message
Which statement is true regarding a virus attack on your system?
Most viruses can be halted after they commence an attack and can be removed without permanent damage to your system.
Which term best describes a collection of software tools that provide a permanent solution to known program bugs?
Which term is used to describe the process that converts data into an unreadable form of text?
What do encryption applications do to render text unreadable?
Scramble text using mathematical algorithms
Which term is used to describe a computer security program that is enabled when no keystrokes or mouse actions have occurred on the system for a specified duration?
Screen saver
You receive a text message on your cell phone from an unknown number. The message includes an attachment. You try to call the number but you get no answer. What is the best action for you to take next?
Delete the message without opening the attachment.
Your computer crashed, and you lost many personal and work-related files. You just got a new computer, but you are now much more concerned about viruses and other security threats. Which strategy can help you protect your computer against virus attacks?
Update the definitions on your anti-virus application frequently.
Computer viruses can cause damage ranging from relatively minor to debilitating. You can protect your system against viruses by using commercial virus-detection software to find and defeat viruses. Because new viruses are created so rapidly, what must you do to ensure that your anti-virus software can protect you?
nstall anti-virus software program updates to keep the signature profiles current.
Which of the following is the most common method for spreading viruses?
Opening attachments
You have registered for an e-learning course and are ready to begin. However, when you access the e-learning course page as directed, you find that you cannot log in because the authentication window will not launch. The most likely cause of this problem is that:
you have enabled pop-up blocking software in your browser.
Which term is used to describe a software application that is secretly placed on a user’s system to gather information and relay it to outside parties, usually for advertising purposes?
Which of the following Internet communication practices is unethical but not illegal?
Asking another user in a chatroom for personal information
Which of the following statements is true about Voice over IP (VoIP)?
VoIP is voice information delivered in digital form as packets of data using Internet Protocol (IP).
Some Internet practices are illegal (they violate laws and are punishable), whereas other practices may be legal but are still unethical and should be avoided. Which of the following practices is both legal and ethical?
Trying shareware for free and paying for it only after you decide to keep using it.
Unified communications (UC) is a business trend that seeks to:
simplify and integrate all forms of communication.
When you sign in to your instant messaging (IM) service, your online status is advertised (or published) to the people on your contacts list. What does this scenario represent?

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