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Client Installation Chp. 5 & 6

File System
Allows the operating system to store and organize files on a hard disk
Hard disks store data on a ___________ basis
Cluster, clusters
File systems group sectors into units of storage called a _____. Then number after the FAT label indicates the number of binary bits used to address blocks of data, or ____, in the file allocation table.
FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32
The number after the ____ label indicates the number of binary bits used to address blocks of data, or clusters, in the file allocation table. The larger the number, the more distinct addresses are available for identifying blocks of file data, generally resulting in the ability to store more data
Was first introduced with Windows NT and is supported by Windows 7
256 Terabytes
The amount partitions are theoretically limited to but the practical limit is lower
The most important NTFS system file because it is a relational database that provides the starting point for accessing any file on the NTFS partition
Bad Cluster File
An NTFS system file that keeps a record of all the clusters that are considered unusable by the file system within that volume
Disk Quotas
Set using the Disk Management console
Volume Mount Points
Allow an empty folder in an NTFS formatted file system to point to another partition or volume in the local computer
Universal Disk Format
Developed as a standard to allow file interchange between different operating systems. This makes it ideal for storing files on portable CD-ROM and DVD media
Drive letters
Used by applications and users as a quick reference to locate files. Points to a partition or volume formatted with a file system
Disk Management
Used to change the drive letter, or assign a new one, to a partition or volume
Used to describe general information about a file or folder in the NTFS or FAT file system
Check box to indicate that the file has changed since the last backup
Access Control Entries
Used to identify a specific security identifier (that is, who) can perform a given action (that is, what) to a file or folder.
Root File
The first level of folder in an NTFS partition
Individual NTFS
Many _______ permissions exist to fine-tune access and control for files and folders
Previous Versions
Included in Windows 7 to restore an older file after it has been modified or deleted
Shadow Copies
A system in which the computer takes a snapshot of files at a specific point in time, and then tracks changes to those files
User Accounts
Required for individuals to logon to Windows 7 and use resources on the computer
SAM Database
Local user accounts are stored here (Security Accounts Manager)
Secure Login
Increases security on your computer by forcing you to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before logging on. This protects your computer from viruses and spyware that may attempt to steal your password
Fast User Switching
Allows multiple users to have applications running in the background on a Windows 7 computer at the same time
Shift Key
Hold down during boot process stops the automatic logon from occuring
Administrator Account
The most powerful local user account possible
Guest Account
One of the least privileged user accounts in Windows. This account has extremely limited access to resources and computer activities and is intended for occasional use by low-security users
Everyone Group
The Guest Account derives all of its privileges from being a member
Backup Operators
Members of this group can back up and restore all files and folders on the computer
Performance Log Users
Members of this group are able to monitor performance counters and access performance logs on the computer
Performance Monitor Users
Members of this group are able to monitor performance counters on the computer, but cannot access performance logs
Users Account
Applet in Control Panel is a simplified interface for user management
Default Profile
Used when new user profiles are created
The default profile is configured by using ______ and should be performed as part of preparing a system image for distribution to users
Mandatory Profile
A profile that cannot be modified
Roaming Profile
A profile that is stored in a network location rather than on the local hard drive
Public Profile
A profile that is different from other profiles because it is not a complete profile
A network that consists of multiple Windows computers that share information. No computer on the network serves as a central authoritative source of user information
Windows 7 includes this feature to simplify the configuration of peer-to-peer networks. This network removes the need to synchronize users and passwords on each computer by using a password for the group instead.
Time Limits
Control when a user is able to log on and use the computer
Parental Control tasks
– Configure time limits
– Control game playing
– Allow and block programs
Characteristics of Guest Account
– Cannot be deleted
– Cannot be locked out
– Disabled by default
– Has a blank password by default
– Can be renamed
– Is a member of the Guests Group by default
– Is a member of the Everyone Group
Characteristics of Administrator Account
– Is not visible on the logon screen
– Has a blank password by default
– Cannot be deleted
– Cannot be locked out due to incorrect logon attempts
– Cannot be removed from the local Administrators Group
– Can be disabled
– Can be renamed
Standard NTFS permissions
– Write
– Read
– List folder contents
– Read & Execute
– Modify
– Full Control
– Special
8.3 DOS Name
Contains a maximum of 8 characters followed by a period and a maximum of 3 characters that act as the file extension

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