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Com S 106X Final

A ______ determines the capability of the mobile device, such as screen resolution, and directs browsers to CSS.
media query
A benefit of using the CSS Sprites technique is to decrease the number of HTTP request calls to the web server.
A hyperlink with the phone: scheme may cause a web browser on a mobile device to initiate a phone call without the users to click the hyperlink.
How would you define a fragment identifier at the top of a page, called “top”?
Include the keyword _____ in a media query to cause older, non-supporting browsers to ignore the media query.
The ________ meta tag configures scale and dimension on mobile web page display.
The __________ attribute of the anchor tag can cause the new web page to open in its own browser window.
Use the _______ property in the HTML link tag to associate a web page with a style sheet for printing.
What is the term used to describe image file that contains multiple small graphics?
Select the item below that lists elements used in an HTML table:
table, tr, td
The CSS vertical-align property can be used to configure the vertical alignment of the contents of a table cell.
The purpose of the _______ element is to describe the contents of a table.
To configure the table cells to share a common border and eliminate the default space between table cells configure ___________.
border-spacing: 0;
Use _______ element to indicate table column headings or table row headings.
Use the CSS ______ property to configure the cellpadding of a table.
Use the _____ tag pair to begin and end a table row.
Use the ______ attribute to configure the width of a table border.
Use the headers attribute on the ___ tag to correspond to the id attribute on a

Which of the following CSS3 pseudo-elements could be used to apply styles to the last row of a table?
Select the HTML tag below that configures a textbox with the name “email” and a width of 40 characters.
Select the HTML tag below that configures a button that, when clicked, will automatically reset form fields to their default values.
Select the attribute used to limit the number of characters that a text box will accept.
Select the form control below that would be appropriate to accept comments about your web site.
scrolling text box
Select the form control from the choices below that may be used to submit a form
Select the statement below that is true about forms.
A form can be used to pass information to a program or script on the web server
Select the tag used to visually group a number of form controls.
Select the type of form control that “disguises” the characters that are typed.
The purpose of the __________ is to configure a label for a

You would like to conduct a survey and ask your web page visitors to indicate the computer operating systems that they use. Each visitor could select more than one computer operating system on the list. Select the form control that is best to use for this purpose. (The users don’t need to type in the text information on the box. )
check box
A _______________ involves the exclusive use of a rented computer and connection to the Internet that is housed in the web hosting company’s premises.
dedicated web server
An alternative to creating all or part of a website within your organization is to use:
Before selecting a web host provider, it is a good idea to
both ‘Try to contact their technical support’ and ‘Carefully read their service level agreement’ are the correct answers
In the _____ Phase a prototype of the website will often be created.
Design Phase
Select an activity of the Evaluation Phase
determine if the goals for the website have been met
Select an activity of the Production Phase:
both ‘a web authoring tool is often used’ and ‘the web pages are individually tested’ are the correct answers.
Select the tasks that should be performed when a website is tested.
all of them
The Analysis Phase of a web site project determines
all of them
The type of testing that observes how actual web page visitors use a website is called:
Usability testing
______________ is appropriate for the initial web presence of an organization:
Virtual Hosting
JavaScript can be described as:
an object-based scripting language
Select recommended usability and accessibility practices:
supply text descriptions of audio and video files that appear in your web pages
Select the term below which names an HTML5 API that allows web page visitors to share their geographic location.
Select the true statement from those listed below.
Java applets may be contained in files with the .class extension
Select the true statement from those listed below.
You should obtain permission before using files created by others.
Select the void element that can configure a Flash .swf on a web page:
The _______ defines every object and element on a web page.
Document Object Model
The _______________ element configures dynamic graphics.
The file extensions .wav, .mp3, and .ogg are used for:
audio files
Use the _______ attribute on a
A _______ is a form of an asymmetric key that also contains additional information about the entity holding the certificate.
Digital Certificate
A merchant account is a type of business bank account that allows a business to accept credit card payments.
Choose the option below that best describes how a website owner can obtain a digital certificate.
Visit a certificate authority and apply for a digital certificate
Identify a potential risk for businesses using E-Commerce.
the possibility of fraudulent transactions
Select a major function of E-Commerce.
the buying and selling of goods
Select a reason why a business would use E-Commerce.
reduced costs
Select an encryption method that uses a single shared, private key.
Symmetric Encryption
Select the term below that describes an electronic payment for goods or services using a mobile device such as a smartphone.
mobile payment
Select the term below that describes communication that uses a radio frequency to share information between electronic devices in close proximity.
Near Field Communication (NFC)
The transfer of business data between different companies using networks is called ____.
A rating determined by a search engine based on the number of links to a particular site and the qualities of those links is called ________.
link popularity
A two-dimensional barcode in a square pattern that is readable by a smartphone camera scan application.
QR code
Click thru rate (CTR) is the
ratio of the number of times an ad is clicked to the number of times it is viewed.
Other parts of a web page that a search engine robot may examine include:
all of them
Select the components of a search engine.
all of them
The _________ element provides for nested browsing.
The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage is called _________________.
web analytics
The price you are charged if you sign up for a paid sponsor or ad program and a visitor clicks on a link to your website.
The term _________________ refers to configuring a web page so that it can be easily linked to from social bookmarking and social networking sites.
social media optimization
Website promotion methods include:
all of them

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