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The most important thing in issue identification is
A. selection of the proper sources to scan.
B. assigning the right person to scan the environment.
C. identification of stakeholders with power, legitimacy, and urgency.
D. getting the people who are confronted with new issues in touch with top managers.
Companies that adopt issues management processes typically develop
A. better reputations.
B. more expertise in identifying issues.
C. better relationships with internal stakeholders.
D. more ethical behavior among their employees.
Questions and dimensions can be used to rank or prioritize issues. Which of the following is not included?
A. likelihood of occurrence
B. impact on the organization
C. how much impact will it have
D. knowledge of the business
Planning aspects of the issues management process include all of the following except
A. identification.
B. analysis.
C. ranking.
D. monitoring.
The issues management process and crisis management process are both focused on
A. improving stakeholder management.
B. improving sustainability.
C. improving financial performance.
D. improving management development.
The implementation phase of the issues management process does not include
A. formulation of responses.
B. putting the plan into action.
C. evaluating the results of the response.
D. monitoring the results.
The next stage of formalization beyond having a single person managing issues is
A. hiring outside consultants to handle the process.
B. organizing a new and independent department specifically to manage issues.
C. appointing an assistant to help with the administrative details of categorizing issues and publishing the in-house newsletter.
D. assigning the issues management function to a team, usually within
The most dramatic growth in importance of issues has been in ____ issues.
A. financial
B. social, ethical, and political
C. practical
D. military
The case that is generally agreed to have “made” crisis management is the
A. Ford/Firestone tire tread separation case.
B. Johnson & Johnson/Tylenol case.
C. Enron scandal.
D. Exxon Valdez oil spill.
One of the benefits of the portfolio approach is that it helps
A. identify issues.
B. prioritize issues.
C. resolve issues.
D. spread authority among managers to deal with issues.
Key questions proposed to use in analyzing issues includes all of the following except
A. who is affected by the issue?
B. who is in a position to exert influence on the issue?
C. who can best afford to resolve the issue?
D. who ought to care about the issue?
The crisis resolution stage is
A. the first stage of managing a crisis
B. cannot overlap other stages
C. defined in duration
D. the goal of crisis management
The best stage at which to address a developing issue is at the:
A. felt need stage
B. media coverage stage
C. leading political jurisdictions adopt policies stage
D. regulation and litigation stage.
The ultimate objective of issues and crisis management is
A. prevention of harm to the firm.
B. avoidance of crises.
C. to increase the organization’s social responsiveness to stakeholders.
D. understanding of stakeholders’ interests.
The principal distinction between the conventional and strategic management approaches to issues management is
A. how broadly the idea of issues in conceived to be.
B. how broadly responsibility for issues management is spread.
C. how broadly the firm defines who its stakeholders are.
D. how many issues are being managed at one time.
Which of the following is not a stage in the issues development process?
A. felt need
B. resolution
C. media coverage
D. regulation
When managers consider issues that affect their firm, they often ignore
A. ethical considerations.
B. financial concerns.
C. personnel matters.
D. personal stakes.
The evaluation, monitoring, and control of issues involves
A. continual control of responses to ensure that they remain on track.
B. extensive cost/benefit analyses.
C. deciding what to do about the issues the firm faces.
D. appointing a separate team within the public affairs office to perform the control function.
Which of the following issues has always been part of the business process?
A. legislative
B. ecological
C. financial
D. social welfare
Which of the following is not a feature that distinguishes the conventional approach to issues management from the strategic management approach?
A. how broadly issues are defined
B. whether the function stands alone or is integrated with other functions
C. who within the firm implements the system
D. at what level of the firm issues identification takes place
The most rudimentary form of issue identification entails
A. subscribing to a news clipping service.
B. subscribing to a forecasting service.
C. assigning a member of the organization to continuously scan a variety of publications.
D. relying on the staff of the public affairs office to scan the environment.
The companies that stood out for their excellent handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis in 2005 were:
A. Ace Hardware and Pella Windows
B. WalMart and Home Depot
C. Lowe’s and Publix
D. McDonald’s and Burger King
All of the following are predictors of social change EXCEPT:
A. leading events.
B. leading authorities.
C. leading crises.
D. leading organizations.
Emerging issues have all of the following characteristics except
A. the terms of the debate are not clearly defined.
B. the issue deals with matters of conflicting values and interests.
C. trade-offs are not yet needed.
D. the issue does not lend itself to resolution by expert knowledge.
Which of the following is not one of the four stages of a crisis?
A. prodromal stage
B. acute crisis stage
C. chronic crisis stage
D. crisis regulation stage
Which of the following is not an assumption we make when we use issues management?
A. Issues can be identified earlier and more completely than in the past.
B. Early anticipation of issues gives the firm more options.
C. Issues are so complex that firms have little chance to resolve them favorably.
D. The firm will be able to identify stakeholders earlier than in the past.
Which of the following is not one of Molitor’s leading forces?
A. leading events
B. leading literature
C. leading economic indicators
D. leading political jurisdictions
The strategic management approach to issues management takes a ____ view of the process.
A. narrow
B. broad
C. futuristic
D. historical
Issues management today can be considered a subset of the activities of
A. public affairs departments.
B. strategic planning staffs.
C. public relations departments.
D. various ad hoc committees.
The immediate result of environmental scanning is often
A. identification of emerging issues.
B. publication of an in-house newsletter that is distributed throughout the company.
C. publication of a list of emerging issues for internal and external stakeholders.
D. resolution of some issues.
According to research done by David Callahan, all of the following are reasons why cheating is on the rise except
declining wages.
Which of the following is not a level at which ethics may be addressed?
small group
The personal level of ethical challenges include situations we face in our personal lives
outside of the work context.
Ethical issues at the organizational level
confront people in their roles as managers or employees.
Which of the following is not an act of misconduct commonly observed in the workplace?
industrial espionage
Ethical issues at the industry level
can also be related to a specific profession.
Which of the following is the most basic assumption we make in discussing personal and managerial ethics?
people want to behave ethically
Decisions about ethical situations often present a(n)
conflict of interest
An ethical concept or rule that helps the decision maker take an ethical course is called a(n)
ethical principle
Teleological theories focus on
Ethical theories that focus on duties are called
The ethical principle that states, “we should always act so as to produce the greatest ratio of good to evil for
everyone” is
Kant’s categorical imperative argues that one’s sense of duty is derived from
Which of the following is not a formulation of Kant’s categorical imperative?
Act only according to that maxim by which you increase the overall happiness of everyone affected by your
Kant’s categorical imperative emphasizes all of the following concepts except
Moral rights
are important, justifiable claims.
The basic idea that underlies the principle of rights is that
they cannot be overridden by utility.
Which of the following is not a type of justice mentioned in the textbook?
utilitarian justice
The ethics of care may help managers utilize
the stakeholder perspective
Unlike other ethical principles, virtue ethics focuses on
the individual becoming virtuous.
The key to the Golden Rule is
Reasons to use the Golden Rule as an ethical principle include all of the following except
it is a uniquely Christian principle.
The Rawls Principle of Justice indicates that we need a fair method by which we may choose the principles through which conflicts will be resolved. Which of the following is not a principle of justice underlying his theory?
public policy should raise as high as possible the social and economic well-being of society’s best-off individuals.
The test of one’s best self relies on one’s
self concept
One of the most powerful ethical tests is the test of
making something public
The top factor in managers’ unethical behaviors is consistently cited as
behaviors of superiors
Based on surveys of managers, the society’s moral climate appears to
serve as a background factor in managers’ decisions.
The moral tone of an organization is set by
top management
The pressure to compromise one’s personal ethical standards is felt most by
lower level managers
The most important factor in ethical leadership is
what leaders do
Ethical leadership is founded on two pillars. These are
the manager as a moral person and a moral manager.
The three attributes of being a moral person include all of the following except
Being a moral manager involves all of the following activities except
delegating effectively
Being forthright, sincere, and honest in communicating with others is referred to as
refers to a quality, characteristics, or state in which activities, processes, practices, and decisions in companies become open or visible to the outside world.
Corporate Transparency
A growing school of thought argues that should be made part of management training, executive development programs, and business school education.
Each of the following are characteristics of servant leaders except:
An ethics screen is
a set of select standards against which the proposed action is compared.
The critical factor in the success of codes of conduct is
whether or not the codes become “living documents.”
Moral organizations are
fully populated by moral managers making moral decisions.
Which of the following is not an element of effective ethics programs?
delegation of authority
Which of the following is NOT a way of perceiving ethical codes?
as a compass
The Enron Era brought about a broad range of legal and ethic charges that included all the following except
building company assets
The Wall Street fmancial scandals involved all the following except
ethical lending
At the macro level, big business is being questioned for its:
An NBES Survey concluded that ethical misconduct
at work was down slightly
There is no doubt that the media are
reporting ethical problems more frequently and fervently.
Public opinion polls regarding business ethics are
difficult to assess because the media keeps ethics scandals in the public eye.
The former CEO of Bendix Corporation blames the apparent decline in business’s ethical behavior on
the contexts in which corporate decisions are made.
One of the functions of corporate governance is
oversight of senior managers
The discipline that deals with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation is
A doctrine or system of moral conduct is called
Business ethics is
concerned with right and wrong behavior within a business context.
Concepts of right and wrong are increasingly being interpreted today to include all of the following except
The area of ethics that is concerned with supplying and justifying a coherent moral system of thinking and judging is called
normative ethics
Which of the following is not one of the major approaches to thinking about business ethics?
rights and duties approach
The focus of descriptive ethics is on
learning what is occurring in the realm of moral behaviors and practices.
The approach to business ethics in which we compare a decision or practice to prevailing norms of acceptability is the
conventional approach
The minimum standard of ethical behavior can be thought of as
adhering to the law
Which of the following is not an element of making ethical judgments?
awareness of the moral implications of a situation
The most serious danger of using the conventional approach to business ethics is
lapsing into ethical relativism.
All of the following are questions that capture the central meaning of ethics except
what happened?
Questions about business ethics can be asked at any of the following levels except
The normative question of ethics is
what ought to be?
The ethics question “how do we get from what is to what ought to be?” is
The challenge in all managerial situations is take what can be done and what should be done and find
a balance
Which of the following is not a model of ethical management provided in the textbook?
semi-moral management
The model of ethical management that implies a positive and active opposition to what is right is called
immoral management
The ethical management model that conforms to high standards of behavior or professional standards of conduct is
moral management
The model of ethical management in which managers fail to take morality into account when making decisions is
amoral management
The key operating question of immoral management is
can we make money with this action, regardless of what it takes?
The key operating question of moral management is
will this action be fair to all stakeholders?
The key operating question of amoral management is
can we make money with this action?
The “integrity strategy” espoused by Lynn Sharp Paine is similar to the
moral management model
Managers who believe that business decisions are not subject to moral constraints tend to utilize the
intentional amoral management model.
Managers who simply fail to consider moral questions when making business decisions use the
unintentional amoral management model.
Which of the following is not a structural aspect of unconscious accounting bias?
The population hypothesis regarding ethical management models is
the three models approximate a normal, bell-shaped curve.
The individual hypothesis regarding ethical management models is
that individuals managers utilize all three of the models at different times and situations.
Lawrence Kohlberg’s model of moral development includes all of the following levels except
law and order morality.
Which of the following is not a source of a manager’s values that is external to the firm?
The sense that concern for fairness, justice, and due process to people, groups, and communities should be woven into managerial decision-making is called
moral obligation.
Moral imagination is:
being able to see economic and moral relationships
An element of moral judgment is all the following except
managerial competence
International markets must be pursued if firms want to remain
Peter Drucker has labeled the expanded global marketplace the
transnational economy
Which of the following is not a feature of the global economy?
international laws governing fair trade
The process by which firms increase their awareness of the influence of international activities on their future and establish and conduct transactions with firms from other countries is known as
Economic integration of many formerly national economies into one worldwide economy is called
The criticism of their use of sweatshops has led MNCs to do all of these things except::
create the Fair Labor Association (FLA).
Moving jobs that have historically resided in the home country to a lower-cost host country is called
The FCPA differentiates between:
bribes and grease payments
The most challenging situation for an MNC to face is
operating in less-developed countries.
The philosophy of Western industrialized nations and their MNCs includes all of these factors except:
The advantages of offshoring to developing countries have been:
In the 1970s, because of the differing safety standards around the world, American firms:
took all of these actions
Which of the following is not one the broad issues facing MNCs in their relationships with host countries?
religious and other traditional holidays
Ethical issues in the global envirornnent include all of these except:
production efficiency
Major strategies MNCs may use to conduct global business, but still maintain an ethical sensitivity include all of these
modify or redesign products.
Regarding the infant formula controversy, Nestle was criticized for all of these actions except:
providing purified water with the formula.
All of the following groups have criticized MNC labor practices except
church groups.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of sweatshops?
forced prostitution
Which of the following is not an SA8000 standard proposed to improve sweatshop conditions?
provision of educational opportunities for workers
All of the following are proposed standards for the SA8000 program, to improve sweatshop conditions, except
providing retirement benefits
The Alien Tort Claims Act applies to:
actions that occur on U.S. soil.
U.S. based MNCs are increasingly interested in cases brought under the Alien Tort Claims Act because
they are increasingly being named as defendants in tort cases for doing business in countries with repressive governments.
Which of the following is not an example of corruption?
negotiating for the lowest price on a contract
All of the following are arguments in support of bribery except
it is a way of providing needy foreigners with money they need.
Which of the following is not an argument commonly used against bribery?
Bribes are unfair because foreigners can get them, while U.S. citizens cannot.
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
makes it illegal for the representative of an American corporation to offer or pay officials offoreigu governments for the purpose of getting or maintaining business.
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act allows
grease payments.
Payment of a bribe implies some type of
quid pro quo.
Which of the following is not part of the anticorruption movement?
World Trade Organization
In 2012, the United States’ rank in the Corruption Perception Index was:
in the top 20.
Global trade is:
slowing down.
The position that advocates that an MNC should continue to follow its home country’s ethical standards even while operating in another country is known as
ethical imperialism.
The position that advocates that an MNC follow the host country’s ethical standards is called
ethical relativism
Which of the following is not one of home/host stakeholder pressures?
economic system
Current standards for SA800 include all the following except
Arguments against bribery include all the following except
managers can deal with corrupt governments
Which of the following is not a strategy for improving global business ethics?
imposing the home country’s ethical standards on the host country
The ethics and global strategy plan for improving global business ethics has as its central idea
utilizing ethical standards as significant inputs into top-level strategy formulation and implementation.
An attempt to assess the underlying moral justifications for corporate actions and the consequent results of those
actions are contained in
ethical impact statements.
Arguments in favor of bribery include
necessary for profit
Multinational corporations are all of the following except
financial powerhouses
Grease payments are all of following except
monies given to high ranking officials

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