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The entity relationship diagram (ERD) represents the ____database as viewed by the end user.
The _____notation of entity-relationship modelling can be used for both conceptual and implementation modelling.
A(n) ____ is the set of possible values for a given attribute.
Ideally, an entity identifier is composed of ___ attributes.
A ___ attribute can be further subdivided to yield additional attributes.
A ___ attribute is one that cannot be subdivided.
The conceptual model can handle ____ relationships and multivalued attributes.
A derived attribute is indicated in the Chen model by a ____ that connects the attribute and an entity.
dashed line
The decision to store ____ attributes in database tables depends on the processing requirements and the constraints placed on a particular application.
A relationship is an association between _____.
_____ expresses the minimum and maximum number of entity occurrences associated with one occurrence of the related entity.
In the ERD, cardinality is indicated using the ____ notation, where max is the maximum number of associated entities and min represents the minimum number of associated entities.
(min, max)
When the specific cardinalities are not included on the diagram in Crow’s Foot notation, cardinality is implied by the use of ____.
Knowing the minimum and maximum number of ____ occurrences is very helpful at the application software level.
An entity is said to be ____-dependent if it can exist in the database only when it is associated with another related entity occurrence.
If an entity can exist apart from all of its related entities, then it is existence-independent, and it is referred to as a(n) ____ entity.
A ____ entity has a primary key that is partially or totally derived from the parent entity in the relationship.
The existence of a(n) ____entity indicates that its minimum cardinality is zero.
The Crow’s foot symbol with two vertical parallel lines indicates ____ cardinality.
A ____ relationship exists when an association is maintained within a single entity.
A _____ relationship exists when three entities are associated.
If an employee within an EMPLOYEE entity has a relationship with itself, that relationship is known as a _____ relationship.
To simplify the conceptual design, most higher-order relationships are decomposed into appropriate equivalent ____ relationships whenever possible.
The entity relationship model uses the associative entity to represent a(n) ____ relationship between two or more entities.
When using the Crow’s Foot notation, the associative entity is indicated by _____ relationship lines between the parents and the associative entity.
If Tiny College has some departments that are classified as “research only” and do not offer courses, the COURSE entity of the college database would be _____ the DEPARTMENT entity.
optional to
In organizations that generate large number of transactions, ____ are often a top priority in database design.
high processing speeds
Complex _____ requirements may dictate data transformations, and they may not expand the number of entities and attributes within the design.
Normalization works through a series of stages called normal forms. For most purposes in business database design, ____ stages are as high as you need to …
From a structural point of view, 3NF is better than_____.
1NF, 2NF, and 3NF are _____.
normalization stages
From a structural point of view, 2NF is better than _____.
____ yields better performance.
An attribute that is part of a key is known as a(n) _____ attribute.
A table that displays data redundancies yields ______.
Data redundancy produces ____.
data integrity
Some very specialized applications may require normalization beyond the ______.
Of the following normal forms, _____ is mostly of theoretical interest.
A(n) ______ exists when there are functional dependencies such that Y is functionally dependent on X, Z is functionally dependent on Y, and X is the primary key.
transitive dependency
Attribute A _____ attribute B if all of the rows in the table that agree in value for attribute A also agree in value for attribute B.
A _____ derives its name from the fact that a collection of multiple entries of the same type can exist for any single key attribute occurrence.
repeating group
A relational table must not contain a(n) ______.
repeating group
Dependencies based on only a part of a composite primary key are known as ______ dependencies.
In a(n) _____ diagram, the arrows above the attributes indicate all desirable dependencies.
A table that has all key attributes defined, has no repeating groups, and all its attributes are dependent on the primary key is said to be in ______.
A table that is in 1NF and includes no partial dependencies is said to be in _____.
If you have three different transitive dependencies, _____different determinant(s) exist.
Before converting a table into 3NF, it is imperative that the table already be in _____.
A(n) _____ exists when there are functional dependencies such that XY is functionally dependent on WZ, X is functionally dependent on W, and XY is the primary key.
partial dependency
If a table has multiple candidate keys and one of those candidate keys is a composite key, the table can have ______ based on this composite candidate key even when the primary key changes…
partial dependencies
A table that is in 2NF and contains no transitive dependencies is said to be in _____.
Improving _____ leads to more flexible queries.
An atomic attribute ______.
cannot be further subdivided
The most likely data type for a surrogate key is _____.
Granularity refers to ______.
the level of detail represented by the values in a table’s row
From a system functionality point of view, _____ attribute values can be calculated when they are needed to write reports or invoices.
In a real-world environment, we must strike a balance between design integrity and _____.
For most business transactional databases, we should normalize relations into ______.
To generate a surrogate key, Microsoft Access uses a(n) _____ data type.
A table where every determinant is a candidate key is said to be in _____.
In a _____ situation, one key determines multiple values of two other attributes and those attributes are independent of each other.
multivalued dependency
BCNF can be violated only if the table contains more than one _____ key.
When a table contains only one candidate key, ______ are considered to be equivalent.
the 3NF and the BCNF
Most designers consider the BCNF as a special case of the _____.
A table where all attributes are dependent on the primary key but are independent of each other, and no row contains two or more multivalued facts about…
A table is in 4NF if it is in 3NF, and _____.
it has no multivalued dependencies.
When designing a database, you should ____.
make sure that entities are in normal form before table structures are created
Normalization represents a micro view of the _____ within the ERD.
An example of denormalization is using a ____ denormalized table to hold report data. This is required when creating a tabular report in which the columns represent data….
The conflicts between design efficiency, information requirements, and performance are often resolved through.
compromises that include denormalization
Data warehouse routinely uses ____ structures in its complex, multilevel, multisource data environment.
_____ databases reflect the ever-growing demand for greater scope and depth in the data on which decision support systems increasingly rely.
Data warehouse

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