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In electioneering, an interest group would be unlikely to
allow favored candidates to speak
Texas Law prohibits a speaker candidate from giving money to
fellow house members
An interest group would be in a good position to achieve its goals if.
It was well represented within government
Political races are most likely to be altered at the last minute as a result of
last minute contributions from interest groups
Which Constitutional right is the foundation of the right to form and participate in interest groups?
freedom of association
In recent years, registered lobbyists in Texas have
Increased to over 1800
Which organization would most likely mount a vigorous campaign to oppose a reduction in the staffing levels of the Texas Rehab Commission?
Texas Public Employees Association
The United States achieves a decentralized governing structure through
Federalism and separation of powers
Most political interest groups represent
Professional and managerial occupations
Common Cause of Texas is an example of
A public interest group
An individual seeking a favorable decision from government is most likely to succeed if
Works with a group having similar goals
What occupational group is least likely to have large representation in an interest group:
The definition of a lobbyist is an individual who
Attempts to influence the decision-making of lawmakers
In Texas, corporations and labor unions may provide campaign contributions.
through Political Action Committees
An interest group technique that is unethical would be
utilizing bribery
Studies of lobbying in Texas indicate that the most commonly employed strategy of influencing legislation is.
Providing the legislator with relevant information
The decentralized structure of Texas policies and governance_____ the ability of interest groups to influence public policy
An organization that works with government officials for the purpose of influencing public policy is referred to as
An interest group
Which of the following goals would a business organization be least likely to pursue?
Increased safety and environmental standards
The Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce is an example of
An umbrella organization
Which of the following would a government employee interest group be least likely to pursue
Decreased levels of government spending
Which Texas House speaker was not the subject of an inquiry about potentially improper practices with regard to interest groups?
Pete Laney
The system of politics in Texas can be described as one with
Weak parties and strong interest groups
Texas is among a group of states that has strong____ and weak _____.
interest groups/political parties.
An interest group with substantial financial resources, sizable membership, unity and a competent leadership
should have success in getting its policy preferences honored
Which of the following statements best explains campaign finance laws for candidates running for a seat in the Texas legislature
There is no limit on how much a PAC may contribute directly to a campaign.
Who would be most supportive of the Texas right to work law?
Illegal immigrants

Ethnic groups

Business groups

The Texas Ethics Act of 1991 prohibited
Lobbyists from spending more than $500 in entertainment expenses per legislator
An interest group has as its primary objective the
influencing of government to respond to the group’s objectives
An organization of individuals with similar views that tries to influence government to respond favorable to its views is called
An interest group
In 1999, Texas became the first state to allow
Doctors to collectively bargain with health maintenance organizations
The political term grassroots refers to activity that
Begins locally and spreaders to broader areas
Following the Sharpstown Bank scandal, the Texas legislature
Prohibited speaker candidates from giving anything of value to supporters in the House
Ethnic minorities have found that their most successful political strategy has been to.
Organize into political interest groups
In the case of NAACP vs. Alabama (1958), the Supreme Court.
Recognized the right of association as part of the First Amendment
Which of the following interest groups would be an example of a professional group in Texas?
Texas Trial Lawyers Association
Which of the following techniques do interest groups use to influence policy decisions
All of the above
The principal purpose of political party activity is to
Gain control of government by winning elections and thus achieve party goals
Typically, in order to get people to the polls, what is employed?
Mail-outs, telephone calls, door to door solicitation, and transportation to the polls
An interest group technique that is unethical would be.
utilizing bribery
Among state government employee interest groups, which is the largest?
Texas Public Employees Association
Ethics laws prohibit a candidate or official from receiving a contribution inside.
the Texas capitol building
A social interest group would not be involved in an issue concerning
Highway Funding
The primary objective of an interest group is to promote
The particular interests of its own members
A major result of grassroots activity by interest groups is that is
Creates the appearance of public support for the group’s program
An interest group with substantial financial resources, sizable membership, unity and a competent leader
should have success in getting its policy preferences honored
Social interest groups exist to address which of the following issues
All of the Above
Texas Law prohibits a speaker candidate from giving money to.
fellow house members
In which of the following activities are interest groups most involved
In response to big spending by lobbyists, Texas voters in 1991 approved a constitutional amendment to create the eight member
Texas Ethics Commission
Members of the Texas Ethics commission are selected by
Texas Governor
Interest groups try to influence public policy by
Lobbying government officials regardless of political affiliation
Any organization is considered an interest group when it
Seeks to influence a governmental policy decision
Our federal system encourages interest groups to be
be more inclined to form coalitions with other groups.

have a decentralized organizational structure.

have a single national office and staff.

the details of political contributions and expenditures of candidates must be filed with the texas ethics commission
between two and seven times each year
a major benefit of interest groups to political officeholders is that they
provide informatin and expertise.??
Actively campaigning in support of candidates to office by an interest group is called
Overriding a veto has occurred only once since the administration of W. Lee O’Daniel (1939-1941). In 1979, the Texas House and Senate overrode a veto by
William Clements
Through 2005, which governor had vetoed the largest number of bills?
Rick Perry
The state’s current executive structure shows the influence of anti-Reconstruction forces that opposed the policies of
E. J. Davis
Rendering opinions on law and serving as the state’s representative in civil cases is the
Texas Attorney General.
The term weak executive refers to the fact that the governor
has no direct control over most of the agencies in the state government.
A direct law-enforcement power that may be exercised by the governor is
taking actual command of the Texas Rangers.
An officeholder who lacks qualifications for office may be removed through a procedure known as
quo warranto.
The only Texas governor to be constitutionally removed from office was
James E. Ferguson
The constitutional qualifications for Texas governor include all the following, except being
a member of a political party.
Which of the following is not a role of the Texas Agriculture Commissioner?
Leasing public lands for mineral exploitation
A Texas governor can use “executive orders” to accomplish all the following, except
punish elected officeholders.
The governor can avoid senate confirmation of an appointee by
making a recess appointment.
The Texas Veteran’s Land Board and state veterans cemeteries fall under the office of the
Texas Land Commissioner.
Promoting consistency in accounting across state agencies is the job of the Texas
Comptroller of Public Accounts.
What distinguishes a full pardon from a conditional pardon?
Restores civil rights
Regarding the constitutional language relating to the removal of the governor, which statement is incorrect?
A governor may be removed by legislative “address.”
The strongest legislative power of the governor is his
veto authority
Which body is responsible for ensuring that the scales upon which commodities are weighed are accurate?
U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationX
The Texas governor’s effectiveness relies on all the following, except his/her
formal constitutional powers.
Probably the factor that had most to do with the removal of Governor Ferguson was
an unsolvable conflict with the University of Texas.
Should the governor and lieutenant governor both be out of the state at the same time,
the presidents pro tempore of the Senate becomes acting governor.
The Texas governor’s power to remove an official from office includes all the following, except
his personal staff and some agency heads.

Elected officials??

When the governor promises not to deny funding for a legislator’s pet project, in exchange for support of a governor’s bill, it is referred to as
pork-barrel politics.
The governor may make a judicial appointment to a state court, except when the judge
fails to win re-election.
The status of the Texas governorship created by the 1876 constitution is a reaction to
The first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction was
William Clements
By law, gubernatorial appointees to a compensated office must
be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Texas Senate.
An official public announcement that can be used by the governor is called
a proclamation
The term “plural executive” refers to the fact that in Texas
most top executive officials are elected.
Several of Texas’s political traditions and institutions stem from the state’s experiences after the Civil War,
an era known as Reconstruction.
The governor of Texas is constitutionally allowed to serve
unlimited terms
A Texas governor who lacks significant constitutional powers must rely on
a combination of all the above.
The comptroller of public accounts is constitutionally required to
certify all spending bills passed by the legislature.
Who in Texas government is the receiver and custodian of the state’s revenue?
Comptroller of public accounts
Unlike the President, the Texas governor may influence state spending by use of their
line-item veto.
When the governor consults with a senator from an appointee’s home district to obtain support for a nomination, the governor is respecting the tradition of
senatorial courtesy.
Which of the following executives is not appointed by the governor?
Texas Attorney General
If a member of the Texas Transportation Commission has a question concerning the legal responsibilities of his or her office, to whom would he or she turn for advice?
The Texas Attorney General
Which of the following is not a role of the Texas Land Commissioner?
Administering the state’s severance taxes.
If an oil company wants to drill on public land, from whom would it secure the drilling lease?
Commissioner of the General Land Office
The governor, and other top elected officials in Texas are elected
in “off-year” (non-presidential) elections.
Administering the state’s tax system, and acting as its treasurer is the job of the Texas
Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Those officials who are in the line of succession to the governorship include the
lieutenant governor, president pro tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House, attorney general, chief justices of the fourteen courts of appeals.
Failure of the Senate to confirm a gubernatorial recess appointment prevents the governor from
reappointing that person to the same position
Limitations to the governor’s appointment powers includes all the following, except
a lack of recess appointment power.
Which of the following officials primarily serves legislative functions?
Lieutenant Governor
In matters of law, the governor of Texas may independently
grant one 30-day stay of execution of a death sentence.
The governor’s only significant constitutional budget power is
vetoing all or part of the biennial legislative appropriations act.
The state official for elections and voter registration is the
Secretary of State.
The governor of Texas may be removed from office through a procedure known as
The Texas governor’s power over judges extends to
filling vacancies arising in state district and appellate courts.
Prior to assuming office, all of the governor’s appointments must constitutionally
be confirmed by the Texas Senate
In Texas, the primary responsibility for enforcing the law rests with the
municipal police and county sheriff’s departments.
The governor’s success in dealing with lobbyists, legislators, and the media depends primarily on
input and support staff
The governor’s “military power” extends to all the following organizations, except the
Texas Maritime Commission.
In political terms, the principal function of the governor’s staff is to
protect their boss from adverse situations
Which is a true statement regarding the Texas governor’s removal power?
It is limited to the governor’s own agency board appointees.
The size of the Texas governor’s staff has recently
been shrunk by Governor Perry to 266 persons.
The governor of Texas, in his role as “commander-in-chief” may use forces of the Texas National Guard and State Guard to do all the following, except
deploy military forces overseas.
The governor’s legislative powers include all the following, except
appointing the chairs of legislative committees.
The governor may not make a vacancy appointment to which position?
Member of the Texas legislature
The __________ appoints the Public Safety Commission’s five members, subject to Senate approval.
Governor of Texas
In legislative matters, the governor of Texas
has absolute veto power once the legislature has adjourned.
Should the governorship of Texas become vacant (through death, resignation, or removal), the official first in line to succeed to the position would be the
Lieutenant governor.
Should a hurricane strike Texas, causing loss of life, property damage, and a breakdown of public order, what would be the governor’s most likely immediate response?
Call up the National Guard to restore civil authority and assist with the cleanup.
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