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COM/BUS 115 Chapter 10

Conflict Management: The ___ phase includes activities and thought processes that can prevent a conflict from arising or getting out of hand.
What stage of the conflict management lifecycle occurs when the crisis actually begins?
Proactive phase, strategic phase, reactive phase, and the recovery phase are all part of the ____.
Conflict management life cycle
Muscular public relations is primarily associated with
Fair play and competition.
What are two types of crisis situations?
Violent and nonviolent
Which of the following is NOT part of evading responsibility in image restoration?
Shift the blame
According to Professor Martha Lauzen, effective issues management requires:
Active sense-making strategies.
The issues management process includes which of the following steps?
Strategy options
Minimizing a crisis with a statement that there is “no serious damage or injuries” is known as which type of strategy?
Actions taken to appease publics involved, such as free coupons or charitable donations, are referred to as
Which is NOT a strategy (from Benoit) for image restoration?
What is the order in the conflict management life cycle?
Proactive, Strategic, Reactive, Recovery
Litigation PR usually occurs at what stage in the conflict management life cycle?
Which of the following is part of the proactive phase of conflict management?
Environmental scanning
Reputation is defined as:
The collective reputation of past performance
This image restoration strategy distinguishes an act from similar, but more offensive, acts.
Thirty-nine percent of business crises are
Which of the following is a way to reduce offensiveness in a conflict?
____ is not a phase in conflict management.
To respond to a crisis, integration:
Means that actions are taken to appease the publics involved
What is an option of how to communicate in a crisis?
This technique should be used when conflict has emerged but is not careening out of control.
Conflict resolution
Bolstering and reparation are synonymous with which phase of the conflict management life cycle?
The notion of conflict management depends on many factors (requiring adaptation or change) when assessing a threat is known as
Contingency theory.
The daily clipping of news stories best describes the notion of
Issues tracking.
How an organization responds in the first ____hour(s) often determines whether or not the situation remains an incident or becomes a crisis
The image restoration strategy that an organization chooses:
Depends a great deal on the situation
A recent study found three “top triggers” for a crisis situation; which is NOT one of these triggers?
Unscrupulous media
What is the definition of reputation?
Collective representation of an organizations past performance
Oftentimes, apologizing after a crisis isn’t effective because of the
Hypocrisy factor.
(T/F) The basic idea behind issues management is reactive planning.
(T/F) Justification tactics attempt to appease the public involved.
(T/F) Setting up a central information center is not necessary during a crisis.
(T/F) Environmental scanning is the first phase of proactive conflict management.
(T/F) Once a specific policy or stance has been decided on, communication to all interested parties can begin.
(T/F) Image restoration specifically can alleviate problems within reputation management.
(T/F) The more complex a situation, the higher the perception of risk.
(T/F) Perception of risk increases when the messages of experts conflict.
(T/F) Product recalls require doing the “right thing.”
ESSAY: Respond to this scenario using the five steps of issues management 1. Issue identification, 2. Issue analysis, 3. Strategy options, 4. An action plan, and 5. Evaluation of results: You work for the local hospital system in public relations. This morning you got to your office and your boss placed an article on your desk that was clipped from today’s edition of the USA Today. The headline reads, “Something’s Wrong Here…Unhealthy Hospital Food.” You read on to find the article accusing hospitals of supporting fast-food chains in their cafeterias and as a result, not offering healthy food meal options for patients and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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