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COM/BUS 115 Chapter 6

“To make 40% pf to buyers aware of the product’s #1 Consumer reports rating” is an example of a(n):
_____ facts asks the question “what are recent industry trends?”
A ____ is the broad primary outcome of a campaign.
A budget is often divided into two categories:
Staff Time, Out-of-Pocket Expenses
A budget is usually divided into two categories What is one of them?
staff time
A stated objective should be evaluated by asking all of the following questions EXCEPT
Is it profitable or bottom-line oriented?
A useful way to organize the timing of a campaign is
tactics by media category
Approximately how much of a public relations budget should be allocated toward contingencies or unexpected costs?
10 percent
Define objective:
What is the purpose of the communication and how does it promote or achieve the objectives of the organization
Define strategy:
How and why campaign components will achieve objectives. Provides guidelines, key messages and themes and offers rationale.
How long should you take to plan an event?
1 year
Reinforcement refers to the notion of
ongoing effort to preserve reputation
The first part of planning is always
developing a clear understanding of the situation
What are the three questions to be used when evaluating an objective?
Does it address the situation? Is it realistic and achievable? Can success be measured in meaningful terms.
What does MBO stand for?
Management by objective
Which of the following is a technique of “paid” media?
Purchase ads
Which of these is not one of the 8 basic elements of a PR plan?
____ = the nuts and bolts of a plan that describes specific activities
A ____ describes how and why campaign components will achieve objectives.
A Gantt chart is essentially a
A strategy is basically:
how objectives are met/achieved
A tactic is:
the most visible part of a campaign
An agency planning model likely contains which of the following?
An integral part planning and compiling a calendar is
advance planning
Evaluation must be
Staff and administration usually take what percentage of a campaign’s budget?
The acronym MBO stands for management by
The best approach to planning in public relations is
strategic and systematic
The evaluation element of a plan relates directly back to
stated objectives
Timing a public relations program to when a crop comes to market, or around a specific holiday, would indicate a
seasonal approach
What describes the specific activities that put each strategy into operation and help to achieve the stated objective?
What is the definition of a strategy?
How and why campaign components will achieve objectives
What is the first step in within the elements of a plan?
Which is an example of a motivational objective?
Drive product trial
Which is NOT considered an out-of-pocket budget expense?
Which of these is not a category of media that can be used:
Which of these is not one of the 8 basic elements of a PR plan?
Which one of these is an example of “earned media”?
Pitch news stories to traditional media
_____ is not an element of a program plan.
______ is not an element of a good plan.
A ____ describes how and why campaign components will achieve objectives.
All of these are reasons why planning is important except:
it is not important
Which is not likely to be a part of a checklist for basic strategic planning?
determining what photographs to take
Which of these is not an element of a good plan?
Who is not an audience a PR practitioner might try to attract?
the general public
The first element in a PR plan is …
What does it mean to use a “tactic”?
The specific activities to help reach the main objective
Which is NOT considered an appropriate audience?
all residents of the town in which the concert will be held
Define Goals:
Longer term, broad, more global – a future statement of being
(T/F) Systematic planning can prevent haphazard, ineffective communication
Chapter 6
(T/F) Planning should be the first step in any public relations process
Chapter 6
(T/F) MBO is a fundamental approach to planning
Chapter 6
(T/F) Objectives aren’t the end result of a campaign, but the means to achieve a result
Chapter 6
(T/F) Informational objectives are bottom-line oriented, and based on clearly measurable results
Chapter 6
(T/F) An approach that organizations and public relations forms take is to infer that awareness occurred because many media placements were obtained
Chapter 6
(T/F) A Gantt chart is often used in compiling timetables for campaigns
Chapter 6
(T/F) The lion’s share of any public relations budget is earmarked for staff and administrative time
Chapter 6
(T/F) Motivational objectives are often measured and evaluated by increases in sales or market share
Chapter 6
_____ is not an element of a PR plan.
There are _____ basic elements to a PR plan.
A good planner is not _____.
The 8 basic parts of a PR plan are_____.
Situation, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, calendar/timetable, budget evaluation
A strategy: _____
The way you approach a goal
What is the purpose of a tactic?
Define a strategy in depth
____ is used to describe how and why campaign components will achieve objectives.

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