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Comm 109 chapter 3

Which of the following statements most accurately summarizes the relationship among self-image, selfesteem, and self-concept?
Self-concept consists of our self-image and self-esteem.
If you introduce yourself as a mother, part-time student, or cashier at a local grocery store, you are giving some indication of your
Our self-concept is determined by
our experiences and communication with others
Suggestions for improving your self-concept include which of the following statements
commit to improve or change
Which statement best describes the relationship between attitudes and beliefs?
Attitudes include an evaluation of whether something is good or bad, whereas beliefs reflect the perception of whether something is true or false
Self-esteem is defined as
our feelings and attitudes about ourselves.
The commonly held idea that competent communicators should be ethical communicators best illustrates a(n)
According to your text, which model developed by John Kinch correctly illustrates the connection between self-concept and communication?
perception of others’ responses, self-concept, behavior, actual responses of others
Joshua gets up to give his business presentation and begins to sweat profusely. As he delivers his speech, his hands tremble and his voice begins to quiver. Joshua’s reactions to giving his presentation reflect symptoms of
communication apprehension
According to the text, our “social self-concept” is derived from
interpersonal relationships
Michelle is very caught up in material objects. She develops her own self-concept primarily by figuring out “what she has” and “what she doesn’t have.” This focus on materialism is an example of a(n)
Beth continues to tell herself “I’m going to pass this exam . . . I’m going to pass this exam” as she prepares for her final exam in mathematics. Her expectations that eventually led to her passing her mathematics exam illustrate a(n)
self-fulfilling prophecy
Research about gender and self-concept has found that
women talk more than men about their relationships
According to your textbook, males and females, in terms of gender, are relatively similar. As a result, male and female psychological differences are mainly
the result of cultural influences
According to the text, self-concepts are often affected by
our interactions with others and our past experiences.
“Honesty is the best policy” is an example of a(n) ________, whereas “People should be honest with one another” is an example of a(n) ________.
belief, value
Self-enhancement (efforts to boost your own image) and other-enhancement (efforts to boost a target person’s image) are forms of
impression management
When you use impression management to try and boost the image of a target person, you are engaging in
According to research on gender expectations by Deborah Tannen, male communication styles are best characterized as
a contest to preserve independence and avoid failure
Regarding your understanding of “facework,” which of the following tactics would be the most useful?
Brent has convinced himself that he is poor at math. When he registers for his required math class, he is convinced that he will earn a poor grade. As a result, he rarely studies, and receives a “D” in the class. This example most clearly demonstrates
self-fulfilling prophecy.
Impression management strategies designed to boost your own self-image are referred to as
Which of the following is an example of a value?
Individuals should be more healthy
Which of the following is an example of an attitude?
Smoking is harmful.
According to Erving Goffman, facework refers to the tactics we use
to present ourselves to others
Which of the following is an example of a belief?
Tobacco companies intentionally target youths in advertising
Which statement is true about the effects of self-concept on communication?
How others see us may relate to our communication style, which in turn is a reflection of our selfconcept
Which of the following most accurately reflects the percentage of individuals who experience some form of communication apprehension?
95 percent
A culture with an individualistic orientation would tend to stress
According to your text, during what age period do individuals develop a consistent gender identity?
Self-image consists of our feelings and attitudes toward ourselves as we evaluate ourselves
A person’s self-concept consists of a number of images that can be placed on a continuum ranging from positive to negative
Men and women are equally concerned about body image, especially regarding weight.
A person’s general self-concept is well established and relatively difficult to modify
There is a reciprocal connection between communication and self-concept.
Communication apprehension is defined as the fear a person has of public speaking
Personality theorists, such as Carl Rogers, believe that our self-esteem is the single most important aspect of our personality
“People should love one another” is an example of a belief.
Our self-concept is primarily formed through communication with others
Our perceived self is the person that we believe ourselves to be at any given moment of self-examination

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