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comm 387 telecom management

defining management
process of accomplishing organizational goals through the coordinated and efficient use of scarce human and material resources
Planning, Organizing, Motivating Controlling
Management skills
basic competencies needed by managers
management functions
tasks performed by managers
management roles
“personas”assumed by managers as they interact with different internal and external constituencies
3 Roles
Interpersonal- Figurehead, Leader, Liaison
Decisional- Entrepreneur, trouble shooter, resource allocator, negotiator
Information chain production chain
Aggregation, Distribution Transmission, Distribution
defining a “market”
-Geographic Region
-Mode of delivery or platform
dual product markets
advertising funded markets produced two “products”, content and audiences
one producer, local cable and phone companies (often)
few producers, Major tv Networks, major film studios.
pure competition
many producers, products are not perfect substitutes.
monopolistic competition
many producers, not subs.
-music industry and artists.
ways of measuring monopoly power
CR4, CR8, Hirschman- Hirfindahl index
Market share
firm revenue divided by industry revenue
calculations for CR4 and CR8
top 4 and top 8 just add up numbers or market share,
hirschman hirfandel index sum of the squared products of market share. so 25=625, 15=225, if a market share exceeds 1350 it is considered oligopolistic
price fixing
pure competition
requires no product differentiation and no barriers to entry otherwise monopoly or oligopoly may result
monopsony vs oligopsony
only one buyer for a product, and only a few buyers for a product
fixed=initial startup costs that does not change level of output
variable= costs that increase directly as output increases
total=sum of fixed and variable costs
marginal costs= additional costs to increase output by the smallest possible increment
average costs=total cost divided by number of units by output
media products
have high first copy costs and low reproduction costs.
-producers have an incentive to repurpose media to other forms like dvd’s and tv called windows
strategic alliances
– formal mergers and informal alliances.
selling the right to air something on broadcast television
scientific management
frederick w taylor
administrative management
henri fayol
management as a process; which follows rules
fayols 14 principles
Organizational structure
-division of work, unity of command, centralization
Treatment of workers
– equity, initiative, fair renumeration
Obligations of workers
– discipline, subordination of personal interest
bureaucratic management
max weber
hierarchy, control, seniority, policies and procedures, merit based
HR school
elton mayo
-attention from managers improves morale and productivity
maslows hierarchy
physiological, safety, social, self esteem, self actualization
herzbergs hygiene and motivation factors
Hygiene- (External) salary, labor conditions, company policy
Motivators- (internal) what employees get out of work, achievement, recognition, advancement
theory x and y
Doug McGregor
-X emhpasis on authority and control
-Y integrating needs of worker and firm
Theory Z
William Ouchi
-employees take an active approach to work
operations management
emphasis on math and stats
forecasting, inventory controls, beakeven analysis
management and MBO management by others
putting together multifunctional teams customized solutions for clients
classical school
focus on the structure and process
based on engineering, sociology
behavioral school
focus on people
based on psychology
management sciences school
focus on computers and process control
modern management school
focus on outcome based on systems theory and organizations
cannot broadcast, with some exceptions like state sponsored lotteries and non profits
unreported payment of money for broadcasting a program
undisclosed on air promotion of activity in which station or employee has an interest
code of ethics
-for professional bodies such as journalists, lawyers, and doctors
-could be enforced through membership requirements, example american medical association,
but has no legal standing
mission statements
-for any business, example psu
-may include business objectives and service targets in addition to ethical guidelines
-has no legal standing, but can be enforced internally.
the golden mean
no extremes
categorical imperative
what if everyone did the same?
the greatest good of the greatest number
choose actions that even the worst off would accept
the individual decides
social responsibility
be aware of the impact of your actions

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