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Communication and Leadership Essay



            In today’s highly competitive global world, leadership plays a major role in shaping the organizational behavior of an organization. Human resource is a key towards a business’s success and thus managing people through effective leadership is very necessary.

Leadership can shape managerial successes and minimize the risks and failures for the business. Leadership mainly deals with five major roles which are to have a vision to motivate people, secondly empowerment of employees in the business, then sharing of internal information with others, collecting and implementing external information and lastly taking challenges to achieve goals as well as encouraging creativity (Goleman,Boyatzis & McKee,2004).The most important types of charismatic leadership styles are envision, energize and enable that enhance the communication between people in the organization (Goleman,Boyatzis & McKee,2004).


            This means to create a clear picture of the future in the minds of the employees and that is toward the achievement of goals in the future. When an organization is vision oriented, it leads to success as all employees work hard to achieve the goals of an organization (Goleman,Boyatzis & McKee,2004).Here, an effective leader will communicate the vision of the business to its employees to increase their performance to achieve effective

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and efficient results.


 This includes motivating and creating a positive attitude in employees so that their behavior and performance becomes positive and effective as well. The leader can show his personal excitement and confidence in the company so that his employees carry that attitude too and their morale is increased by looking towards their leader (Goleman,Boyatzis & McKee,2004).


             Here an affective leader plays the role of psychologically helping and supporting people to perform well to achieve goals. This is an effective way of communicating with employees to boost their morale and lead to higher performance. Empathizing and providing support creates better understanding between the leader and his team members and thus resulting in success (Maxwell, 2002).

             Therefore, effective leadership occurs when there is effective flow of two way communication in the organization. Leaders must be able to communicate clearly and affectively as it leads to ultimate success of an organization. Communicating leadership today in organizations is very necessary to achieve shared and overall goals of an organization (Maxwell, 2002). We can understand this by defining communication and its styles that affect the behavior and performance of employees, hence leading to the achievement of organizational goals.


            Communication is one of the most important dynamics in the field of management and organizational behavior, because effective communication in an organizations creates better understanding of the company’s vision and goals and leads to the achievement of these goals effectively (Maxwell, 2002). Therefore, the relationship between leadership and communication leads to the success of an organization and hence all the managers of an organization must focus upon effective leadership integrated with communication styles.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Leadership and Communication Style

            The UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, symbolizes the major impact of his great leadership on Dubai’s advancement and success in the past many years. He has been an effective leader by giving most importance towards building positive and effective communication channels between people. Even before becoming the Ruler of Dubai, he has been greatly successful in increasing the economic growth and diversification in the country by managing the growing private sector industry. This requires effective leadership qualities to influence, guide and manage the people as well as resources to achieve productive results. Hence, Sheikh Mohammad has been a great leader and his communication styles and leadership qualities are exemplary for all of us.
Sheikh Mohammad quoted:
“The relationship between the leaders and the people of the UAE is one of the secrets behind the nation’s success.”
Sheikh Mohammad has been a great leader with vision towards country’s economic success. Hence, he developed a vision into his nation to achieve success. His effective communication styles and leadership has resulted in the development of Dubai as an exemplary centre for education, health, real estate, tourism, and business (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, n.d). Through his leadership, we can see the advancements in Dubai that become a financial centre and hub in the Middle East since the 1990s .His leadership qualities mainly included a vision and will power to achieve goals in the future. This requires managing the people and resources in order to get the results. Hence, management requires effective communication channels so that at all levels, people clearly understand the objectives and aim to achieve goals efficiently and effectively. The dramatic growth of UAE signifies the impact of great leadership and effective communication styles of their Ruler .This shows the importance of leadership and communication to achieve success. Therefore, not only countries but even small or large organizations should give emphasis towards building vision oriented and effective managers and leaders who can bring success to the organization.
Moreover, Sheikh Mohammad has showed serious concern for his people with deep understanding of their problems and aspirations (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, n.d.). This is one of the most important aspects towards being successful. Leadership and communication becomes effective only when the leader gives most emphasis to its people’s needs and wants, and develops mutual understanding and cooperation between them. A successful team or country is one where all people are vision oriented and there are no communication gaps.
Therefore, Sheikh Mohammad provided two way communication in all of its government departments as well as his direct communication with citizens. Hence, this led to better understanding of people and issues, and thus minimizing them effectively.
Sheikh Mohammad has also written a new book named as “My Vision – Challenges in the Race for Excellence” which provides a detailed analysis of the vision and leadership that led to Dubai’s success and transformation of the UAE as an international hub for business (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, n.d).

            Sheikh Mohammad has been his country by his great leadership, effective management, and decision making. Therefore, managing a country and making it possible to achieve economic growth and success is a difficult job but through leadership and communication, it becomes an easier path. All individuals should give importance to leadership and how to develop communication styles to inspire and influence people in order to achieve goals (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, n.d).A leader is one who can bring a positive change in its workplace by influencing others to work harder as well as giving rights direction to people to reach the future goals. Every person and organizations aims at achieving goals but due to ineffective leadership and ineffective communication in the organization leads to failures. Sheikh Mohammed has given the right direction to its nation and country through his effective communication styles combined with leadership qualities (Northouse, 2006).

            Sheikh Mohammad has adopted an assertive communication style while dealing with people. Assertive communication style is where you respect your own rights as well main others rights when achieving objectives. This is mutual understanding and effective communication that leads to the success without harming and exploiting any one’s rights and capabilities. Being logical and assertive are key elements of effective leadership that leads to positive results in developing good relations with people and managing them effectively (Northouse, 2006).


Communication plays a vital role in determining the success of effective leadership. Leadership is one of the major key factors towards the achievement of goals whether they are for an organization or the government of a country. The example for great leadership qualities and communication styles of the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum has been summarized in this paper. Sheikh Mohammad has led to the unbelievable success of Dubai in the past couple of decades through his leadership qualities of being vision oriented and communicating effectively with people. Hence, this great leader of UAE has showed us how to focus upon the leadership and communication styles in our personality as well developing it in the managers of an organization to achieve successful results in terms of performance and profits.


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