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Communication and Personalities in the Work Environment Essay

Communication and Personalities in the Work Environment

People are born with diverse personalities and different communication skills. The workplace is a clear manifestation of a world where identity and talk style clashes. Everyday is a struggle to deal with people from all walks of life. Being a manager is never easy to handle a large group of people who possess different character traits. Change is inevitable and it is a strong component for a company to grow. There are moments of distress when crisis is at hand because of miscommunication and misunderstood personality. It obliviously hinders work productivity and makes employees unmotivated.

(Insert name of the person that you want here) is an outstanding manager of (insert name of company here). He is considered as one of the company’s best asset. He manages to close deals with client and always wish the best for his employees. There are tough times that co-workers envy him for his position. Despite all problems that he handles everyday, there comes a point that he cannot handle good communication with people. Born as an introvert, stage fright is a major pitfall for him. Talking in a crowd makes him shiver and cold all over. For a person

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who is in an administrative position like him, this is a minus factor because he should be the primary person to gage the gap between management and the employees. Leadership does not only require good credentials. It goes along with good communication skills and people handling.

People often think that communication is not that important in a work environment. The company will go on as long as employees fulfill their duties without mingling with each other. This is not the right mindset. People in every company should work as a team. Being a friend and a subordinate to (insert name of the person here), it is my responsibility of reminding him of the skills that he needs to know in order to perform his duties. In times that anxiety attacks, I manage to motivate him to lead and never mind the monsters in his head. Being pessimist will bring you nowhere. It is a greater chance for the company’s advancement if people in the leadership position works out in terms of communication skills. Communication is not valid without active listening. In return, the person who I am pertaining to manages to put what I preach into his practice. We manage to survive every crisis mode because the load is lighter when two people are carrying it. An overwhelming feeling is present when people who works and understand together survive the crisis mode.             One of the greatest critical situations is having no power to handle change. When an employee resigns and anew one applies to be in the company, it is difficult for a manager to catch up with the different personality that newbie possess. A new employee may cause interference in workloads especially when both parties do not have proper communication. There will come a point that one or the other may felt hat the business is just running you and you do not have the power to take charge of anything. It is of great importance to recognize the fact that one person alone cannot change everyone else’s personality and communication skills. The work environment is present to gather different people to grow in harmonious communication and work relationship. Flexibility is the main solution to problems concerning communication and personality differences.

Every assignment given to you has an equivalent goal at hand. In order to accomplish it, people must manage to relate with the truth that you cannot please everybody. The best thing to do is understand and be flexible in relating with differences. In communicating, it is essential to work with people who understands you and vice versa. Crisis mode is at hand when all you wanted was change and you are too busy putting out the fire but still the problem was not caught. It is also a problem when concerns are raised but on a temporary basis. Short term solutions will not work out on a large setting. It is better if everyone has a strategic success focusing, an attitude that is focused on the goal as well as solutions.

The aforementioned scenario about communication and personality difficulty will result in crisis mode if not given immediate action. The best thing to do is work collaboratively with superiors and subordinates. Since diversity is everywhere, the best thing to do is create a system that handles change. This allows people to focus on the priorities instead of the flaws of each other. People should also understand that people are not born of the same kind. Every person is unique. Developments in the company and new sets of rules and regulations may not be easy to perform. Individuals have their own way of reacting to your requests. It has nothing to do with the anxiety attack of (insert name of person here) since he feels that he is blamed when one of the employees did not participate to what he requested. It is not the manager’s fault that other employees are against him. It has something to do with personality traits. Some are blinded by pride while others are dedicated to their duty. The work world is filled with all kinds of people. Some are strong enough to stay focus amidst workloads while other easily give up in a glance when too much pressure is at hand. It’s all a matter of choice.

Communication also goes hand in hand with the choices that people make. When dealing with not so friendly employees, the best thing to do is approach them in a relaxed manner. It would be better if you put not too much pressure on them. Demanding too much on employees will result in rebelliousness, anger and resentfulness. The opposite of this type of people are the too relaxed employees. They are too relaxed that they need a strong push before they act out on something. The solution to this is by giving them a moral boost and gets them working with more energy.

Above all, regardless of the different personalities of people that you deal with, it is vital to make a firm decision and impose it in a well timed manner. Never let your people expect of many things and giving them nothing in the end. Speak direct to the point and with a sincere and honest heart.

Communication is a broad topic. In order to achieve an open and honest communication, the listener and the speaker must end up with the same conclusion. Leaders like (insert name of person here) should keep his mind open for ideas from his employees. Paying attention to the one talking and putting it at the back of your mind for future application will surely help. A win-win situation is then achieved when open communication is present. A good business among staffs and members is established when people feel comfortable with each other. Communication also settles personality issues because you are guided not only by your emotions but also by your own words.

Employees will be happier when their feelings and ideas are taken into consideration. Crisis mode is eliminated when higher quality and productivity is seen. No one will feel unsecured and unwelcome in the work environment when the leader possess the necessary skills of flexibility and being a good communication mediator. No matter how difficult the task is or how lenient the new sets of policies by the management is given, the employees can adapt to the situation as long as the mentor is there to guide, support and explain to them everything.

Talking is not enough. Listening to employees can bring out advancement and change in every business. Considering employees as the best asset will bring success. Teambuilding and getting to know events will surely pave way for diverse personalities to be discovered. After the said discovery, the next step is flexibility in dealing with the behavior of the person that you have just discovered. It’s not all about one person. Communication and personalities in the work environment is all about the people inside. It’s not about me or you but the “us” that will eventually lift the business to the top.

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