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Communication at Work Essay

With overseas operations and new offices being opened finding out about the overall communications and how to observe the cultural issues concerning the new employees is very important. In order to find out the information necessary to provide proper communications with those who are in the new office, the current manager has asked that proper communications and cultural issues be researched in order to discuss how to best handle things. In order to find out information about opening overseas offices and the value of communications in these areas, many journal articles and online websites were read.

In order to investigate the issues of multiculturalism some further information would be needed as one would have to know the places that needed to be studied in order to be able to learn the new information as needed. In doing research on the topic of cultural diversity and communications in business much information was found. In this day and age when things are being done on an international basis the idea of cultural diversity is becoming “a way of life and a way of doing business” (Newman 1998). There are many things involved in the “cultural programming” of a person and these need to

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be considered when doing business.

These things include where a person is born, their childhood influences, and the way that they react to situations. This programming is nearly impossible to change and must be accepted as part of a person’s cultural influences in his/her life. “It is important that you understand your own cultural approach as it is to understand the approach of others” (Working Across Culture). One important thing in communication with those from other countries is to be able to speak the language “quite well” (Culture and Business).

It is very important to respect ones culture. As a manager one really needs to know about the management styles of the country from which the person is from, thus meaning that someone from one country could be used to a different management style than someone from another. This is especially important in learning how other cultures expect to be managed. As a manager there are some things that can be done in order to be able to better manage individuals from different cultures and to encourage them to work together.

These include: making sure that everyone is engaged in debate and discussion, team members understanding and agreeing on the decision making policies, clear communication of said process, everyone following the said process, and a review of the process on a regular basis (Culture and Business). With communication that cover various countries and international teams it is important to make sure that speakers speak various languages, that English can be used as a common language, and that various communication tools are used (Business Communications).

Overall this communication structure can greatly improve management’s ability to communicate with those from various cultures. When dealing with international communications there are many factors that need to be kept in mind as well as the importance of different communication styles. From the research and the article entitled International Communication (1), the differences between direct and diplomatic communication styles were looked. Direct cultures include: Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, and Australia. However some diplomatic cultures include Japan, India, Korea, UK, and Belgium.

It is especially important for those communicating between two different styles to be aware of the differences. There are also the ideas of liberal or coded language. The countries that use liberal language include Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, and Australia. The countries that use coded language include Japan, India, Korea, UK, and Belgium. Finally there are differences between people being reserved or emotional. Some reserved cultures include UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, and India. Some emotional cultures include Italy, Spain, Greece, USA, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

In International Communications (2) some more issues with communication are looked at. These include the difference between cultures being self promoting and self depreciating. The cultures that are self promoting include USA, Australia, France and Brazil. The cultures that are self depreciating include Japan, China, UK, Korea and Finland. Also some cultures are more fluent in written language while others prefer spoken. The cultures that are interested in written language include Germany, UK, USA, Sweden and Netherlands. The cultures that prefer spoken language are Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil.

Also the article points out that some things should be watched when using English in international business settings and to remember to slow down when speaking. When hosting international business meetings it is important to be well prepared and have things well planned. It is also important to take into perspective during the planning sessions the cultural styles of the various representation at the meeting in order to help all attendees to be able to get the same message across (International Meetings). It is also very important to remember the ten “golden rules” of business as stated in the article 10 Golden Rules.

These “golden rules” include (1) avoid making instant judgments, (2) researching the culture that you are working with, (3) understanding how one’s leadership styles could be viewed by others, (4) remembering that all problems are not the result of cultural diversity, (5) things that are done differently are not always the wrong approach, (6) a good idea can originate from anywhere, (7) not all ideas from the head office are good, (8) not all ideas from the head office are bad, (9) do not overestimate someone’s linguistic abilities for speaking a second language, and (10) the teams who are able to co-operate cross culturally are the ones who will prosper the most in the global economy. Through the findings it was obvious that it is very important to be able to respect other cultures. Through diversity there are many strengths including being able to prosper in an increasingly growing marketplace in the global economy which is especially important during our current failing economic times. In her article The Partnering Payoff, Laurie Brennen states “you don’t have to be a tech powerhouse to form strategic alliances.

” This is meaning that it is increasingly important to grow one’s business and to be able to manage new employees through a more culturally diverse work place. There are both positive and negative aspects in multiculturalism. The positive aspects are that there is a wider marketplace, a stronger background and more diverse approach to things which can give new views to plans and policies that could drastically improve business to just name a few. Some of the negative aspects are that there needs to be more money invested in training on cultural diversity and that there also needs to be a push for people to be bilingual or for them to have translators. The ways to deal with major issues is to have set policies for things and how they are to be treated.

These things would include religion, sexual discrimination, and discrimination for other reasons (race or culture) and to have a set of rules and punishments as well as adequate trainings for employees to be able to learn about others. At first when a company starts to integrate and have a more culturally diverse population it will need to be careful in how it handles and approaches certain topics. However over time the issues should mostly resolve themselves and through careful strategic planning it should eliminate the problems that could arise. Bibliography 10 Golden Rules n. d. , Global Business Media, U. K. , viewed April 8, 2009, <http://www. worldbusinessculture. com/cultural/issue/8/10-Golden-Rules. html>

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